Thursday, 19 July 2012

Swallow and Lyme

Hello all,

I lost my ability to swallow food and liquids a few years ago now.
When this happened at the time many thought I was just trying it on and "making it up" or it was "a psychological problem" or "wanting attention".
I was told by doctors they had never experiencied a M.S patient loosing their swallow ever.
Now since doing my own research that it is not at all and it is actually quite a common complaint of M.S sufferers and of course Lyme patients.
But as I have said before I do believe M.S is actually a spirochete infection so it is not surprising both M.S and Lyme patients would suffer from a loss of swallow and for all I know maybe other conditions have the same symptom.
When i lost my swallow they really did not know what to do with me except put me on a drip for fluids and puree all solid food, this did not help as i could not swallow it and I would choke.
Then I was fed by a nose tube to bypass the throat altogether.
If only I had of had access to raw milk then I would not of had to go through this..

On this occasion I was in hospital for 3 months it was while I was in hospital my then future husband and I got closer together and about a month of leaving hospital was when he proposed to me and we were married a year later. But I am sidetracking.

I was thinking back over the years and my swallow and now I come to think about it I have always had a swallow problem.
I had to really cast my memory back and yes I realised the swallow problem started after the bite not before.
I remember i would choke if I had to swallow tablets, I could not tolerate spicy food anymore if i ate spicy food my throat would just close up.
Then there is what I call "the Lyme cough". and the "Lyme choke" and the "Lyme dry throat".
 I of course have only been able to put 2 and 2 together.
At the time of course none of my family or friends or myself thought any throat problems were connected to the same illness.
Well all the throat problems manifested themselves in different ways.
I used to find not only food would sometimes make me choke but i would choke when I spoke.
It's like Lyme has a stranglehold on the throat area.
I do remember I had a terrible throat infection before I was diagnosed with M.S  and after i recovered from that my throat was never the same.
I found that my choking episodes were becoming more frequent, the dry throat was all the time and of course the cough or rather coughing fits.

My question is why the throat and the swallow?
I do now know Lyme and spirochete infection does live in the mouth so yes this is obviously why the throat does get affected.
Even our lovely pets were affected in the throat area and unfortunately yes they were infected I do not know if I passed it on to them which we can do if we are infected and so the viscious cycle goes on.
This is why it is imperative to treat the mouth and throat area as well as taking antibiotics or MMS.
I do not personally know how one can treat the mouth and the throat as well as taking antibiotics you will have to do your own research in that.
With MMS you can at least brush your teeth with MMS and do the breathing protocol I for one have found that the MMS
Here is the link for the MMS teeth and mouth protocol
It is beneficial to do this for a least a week. Then about twice a week as well as drinking the MMS.

As I have been treating for a 1 year now my Lyme cough, Lyme dry throat , Lyme choke has now all but gone i cannot remember the last time I did choke actually and sometimes I do get the dry throat but I watch out for the warning signs and I treat my mouth the breathing and teeth protocol for a week solid as I see that as the Lyme dies off and can start attacking the mouth as it dies or the mouth could have a problem because of the die off toxins bit like when I had swelling in my ankle this was obviously die off or the Lymes final swan song or the die off toxin I just have to remember this and be patient with myself and my body when these nasty annoyances happen.
I am just glad once and for all after suffering for 30 years my swallow is finally getting sorted!.
Lyme Girl
**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**

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