Monday, 16 July 2012

1 Year of MMS Today !!!!!

Hello all,

I never thought I would reach this milestone in my life but I have done it Yes I have reached a full year of treating with MMS!
I knew it was not going to be easy I knew it was going to be a hard slog probably one of the hardest things I would ever have to do in my life ok i didn't know exactly how hard and boy was it hard!
I started this blog to keep a record of my progress and I also started this blog to see if i could actually do it.
I also started this blog to inform others as Lyme is so political and there is a cover up going on with regards to Late Lyme and treating Lyme. i wanted to help others and give as much information as possiable and also I took the leap off the cliff and decided to treat myself with MMS and I thought well if this works for me it should help others.
Low and behold yes MMS does work there is no doubt about that and it's cheaper and safer.
Why should late Lyme and Lyme patients be denied good health? Why should others have to spend a fortune on medication at a time when they cannot because well lets face it illness and disability costs money it costs a fortune.
As there is such a issue with MMS and such a fear of it I thought if I put my experiences down with MMS and the fact that I am on the road to recovery i could not in all conscious not tell others. I am not that cold hear-ted.
I also could see the writing on the wall with the Benefits in this country and sure enough the Government are slowly but surely taking away all financial help for the sick and disabled in the United Kingdom and it is time to fight the austerity (which they have said will go on for 10 years) it was time for me to take responsibility for my own health as much as I could.Low and behold as I have said before I was shown MMS after I prayed to the higher. i do believe there is a bigger picture and for whatever reason the higher has chosen to show me the path to wellness.

Ok I am not 16 anymore and I have 2 children to look after but I wanted to get to a point in my life when I would be able to financially support myself and if the government are going to take away their support I was hopeing it would not matter.

I do not sell MMS I have nothing to do with Jim Humble But I do highly recommend anyone with an autoimmune disease or Autism or Aids, Cancer anything to take MMS everyone deserves good health everyone nobody should suffer and as I have found out theses illnesses can be cured it is not impossible you just need determination, to persevere to keep the end result in your mind and good health is there within your grasp.
My father very nearly died from an autoimmune disease yep they gave him 24 hours to live.
my brother was diagnosed with M.S which is Lyme i have lost many loved ones from newborn babies to the young to this disease and my marriage ended because of this illness I could not keep quiet about the fact that there is a cure and there is no need for humans to lose everything because of this illness. I lost my sight I have been in a wheelchair and lost all mobility in the past Lyme stole 30 years of my life. and many others have had the same enough is enough!
Big pharma has controlled for far too long.
So if you choose to take antibiotics or use a rife machine or MMS that is great because you are on the right track.
I am not saying do not take antibiotics no do whatever you feel happy with antibiotics do work as does MMS it's just that MMS is cheaper and easier to get your hands on seeing as one is only given antibiotics for a short amount of time it is a bit of Russian roulette that one actually kills all the parasites or bacteria.

How am I doing now i have reached 1 year?

I awoke this morning I did not feel like I usually do I had no pain no stiffness no brain fog I drove to the shops as I needed some fruit smoothie for my dose of MMS and as I sat at the red traffic light My clutch foot was not is pain!
I walked around the shop (large shop) No pain!
Usally when I get back to my car I am exhausted and in pain but this time no tiredness no pain!
I came home No tiredness no pain!
took my MMS (8 activated drops) I sat down and wrote on this blog!
Have I reached the pivitol moment in my life? I have now really weakened the Lyme to a point that it is now finally leaving my body is it now all dead? I know i will have to carry on taking MMS for a while longer just to make sure it is all gone well you know how theses critters hide anywhere in the body and can lie dormant for years and I aint giving them an inch! they will not steal anymore of my LIfe No I am claiming it back!

How are my children doing now they have reached their 1 year and MMS treatment?

Well  they are doing brilliantly! I as a mother could not of asked for more I am so proud of them they are changed they are finally better!
They can run just like children of their age ahould be able to and they do not get tierd and have to sleep because of physical exertion.
Their handwriting does not look like a sick persons hand writing it is clear and neat.
Their cognetive function is in top form.
They do not have insomnia or chronic fatigue my children are now normal healthy young people and I am so happy for them!

Early days

I know it is early days yet and we cannot run before we can walk we must take each day as it comes keep on with the MMS but I am hoping and praying this wellness will just get better and better that we will go from strength to strength!

I shall keep the update of my progress and my children to inform others and obviously keep a log of our progress and MMS.