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Lyme Aggression & Rage

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Rage, anger, aggression is probably one of the most destructive symptoms of Lyme and spirochete infection.
It is hard for others to understand why a person could be driven to boiling over and loosing control.
What adds insult to injury is when one is herxing we can suffer from anger and rage as well!
One can turn on the very people trying to help and support one in a fit of rage.
Yes Herx's can be hard and yes they are frustrating don't go through this on your own cherish any support you do get.
It has been documented that there is a connection to Rage, aggression even violence with a spirochete infection.

There are cases where people have become so aggressive they will smash up their own house or others property.
Some cases of road rage can be connected to a spirochete infection.
I have witnessed when Lyme rage takes hold and have seen how destructive it can be.
Loved ones suddenly loosing control and the anger is so strong smashing up the home.
Maybe they were already angry maybe the infection then compounded that anger that they already had.
I know the steriod treatment they had did not help and the alcohol made the situation a million times worse.

With a Spirochete infection like Lyme one can have Decreased frustration tolerance
one can also have Decreased impulse control and  extreme irritability which leads to the explosive anger.
Hypo sexuality and Hyper sexuality which can cause more frustration. also one can develop an inability to bond with others.
Lyme can cause Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) this can lead to intrusive thoughts,images and compulsions that can be aggressive in nature.
One can have an increased startle reflex.
Paranoia and Hyper vigilance
Delusions and Hallucinations.
All or none emotions you can either be excessively angry or have no emotion at will not be proportionate to the situation. This can lead to a decline in the ability to integrate concurrent emotions.that exsist within one or in a relationship with another.
Psychiatric syndromes can be intensified like Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or Dissociative disorder (DID)  Borderline personality disorder , Narcissistic personality disorder.
When an adult is infected it can be quite alarming for them to experience the Lyme rage.
When a child is infected it can hinder their development of emotional behavior and the violent images they can experience can be quite scary for them and they may not have the ability to express how they feel or what they are experiencing mentally.
My own brother used to have these violent images in his head and nobody put two and two together. His expression of these violent images were in drawings he would do.
He described to me what he was feeling when he drew these pictures

 "I felt so angry and the pictures in my mind were horrible I thought it was me I thought I was an evil person. I would see stabbing and death blood everywhere like a really bad horror movie, i would see deformed people in pain. It was horrible all I could do to get these images out of my head was to draw them sometimes i felt like I was possessed by the devil or something I did not feel normal my friends drew fruit bowls and flowers I drew death and destruction I know little boys do have an intrest in fighting and some forms of violence but mine was extreme now I am being treated the images are gone they have left ".

I know how the anger can well up inside and take over ones logical brain and how one can put oneself in danger with untreated Lyme or spirochete infection At least the herx the anger is more controllable and at least we can understand what is going on.
At least with treatment one may not need psychiatric help the anger will melt away to nothing.
While I have been on the MMS I have become a lot calmer and I do not react intensly to situations anymore.
I thought I was going mad before the MMS and was told "Oh anger is a symptom of M.S live with it".
Now I am treating the infection I can control the anger and yes I get a anger herx but it is controlled.
I can now laugh and be happy and my emotions are not a all or nothing anymore.

Peace reigns in the home unlike before.

**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**

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