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Corticosteroids and M.S & Lyme

"Sticky Plaster"

Hello all,

I thought it was the steroids that were playing havoc with my body and brain causing me to become so angry, but I am not having steroids anymore now so I would suggest yes steroids do play a part but it is mostly the spirochete infection/M.S.

My father thought it was the steroids playing havoc with his brain we never put 2 and 2 together.

When the Corticosteroids the Methylprednisolone are given intravenously of a short period of 3 to 5 days during a severe M.S  exacerbation optic neuritis  or elsewhere.
The side affects are short and should go away when steroids are stopped the side affects are:
  • Sleep problems
  • Anxiety and agitation 
  • Depression.   
Then oral corticosteroids may be given and when these are used in high doses over a longer period of time can have the more serious  side affects including :
  • Weight gain and swelling in the face.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Blood sugar problems and  diabetes.
  • Weakening and thinning of bones (osteoporosis).
  • Bleeding in the stomach and intestines.
  • Lowered resistance to infection.
  • Death of bone tissue caused by a restricted blood supply to the bones. This is most common in the bones of the shoulders and hips.
  • Cataracts
  • Severe agitation, paranoia, and psychosis (if corticosteroids are used in very high doses).
If there is prolonged use of corticosteroids with M.S sufferers who have frequent M.S attacks the side affects can be a problem.

I found when I was on the IV steroids for 5 days I got mouth thrush, anger, fatigue i was not given the steroids orally but the side affects for me lasted quite a while.

My father was on the oral corticosteroids, the side affects were nearly all of the above.  

My brother who had IV steroids for 5 days,  also found the side affects lasted well after he stopped.

I would say yes steroids are very strong and quite aggressive.  
With regards to any autoimmune disease they can help as they reduce inflammation of the spinal cord and brain.
In that respect they calm down the attack in M.S and other autoimmune diseases. 
 They do not cure and they do not reduce the progression of the disease.

Of course they don't because they are not parasite killers they are more like Chemotherapy and clear the body of all parasites and also the good fauna in the body, unlike antibiotics or MMS or other parasite killers.

It is believed that with a Autoimmune disease, the body has it's own antigens. 
Normally the body does not react to these, only to what it perceives as dangerous or  foreign substances that produce a immune response.
The belief is when the immune system malfunctions and interprets the bodies own tissues as foreign, producing antibodies (auto antibodies), or immune cells. 
They  target and attack particular cells or tissues in the body. This is called the autoimmune reaction.
This results in tissue damage and inflammation, this is  the autoimmune disorder. 

It is believed that some people produce small amounts of autoantibodies, then an autoimmune disorder does not occur.

I put forward another argument to this. 
Maybe the spirochete are so intertwined with the bodies tissues and cells,  that what the body is attacking is the unhealthy cells and tissues that have the spirochete intertwined  within their  structure.
The immune system is not malfunctioning at all, but perfectly functioning, itis  actually attacking the spirochete that has intertwined with the bodies cells and tissues.
 As evolution has shown, that it is always survival of the fittest,  the immune system will say, lose  a certain part of the body  i.e a nerve or limb for the betterment of the whole body system perhaps, for survival of the body.

This may sound cruel and heartless but nature can be cruel and heartless for survival. 
 It is only us humans who have a conscience and empathy. We humans are not always so ruthless.

The brain will compensate if there is brain damage say, on the right side, and then the  left will take over and become both the right and left.

The first place the body takes all vitamins and minerals is away from the mouth, to use in the rest of the body. If diet is lacking in certain vitamins and minerals, the body forgoes the mouth and teeth for the betterment of the whole body system. 
Yeah you might lose a few teeth, but at least the rest of the body has what it needs to survive.

As I said before steroids are the sticky plaster and yes sticky plasters do help when needed but we need to go to the cause of all the symptoms not just treat the symptoms treat the cause the spirochete infection. 

Lyme Girl 

**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.** 

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Triggers of Stress,Rage, M.S & Lyme

"Lyme Rage"

Hello all,
I was looking into stress and Lyme. I also looked at stress and M.S. 
What I  found that with both M.S and Lyme, stress is about the same in both diseases.  
Of course stress  goes hand in hand with rage and anger.
Having had a conversation with my brother, who was also diagnosed with M.S,  has since found out he has Lyme and spirochete infection.

Violent Movies, Violent computer games 

He noted that when he watches violent movies or plays violent computer games, this seems to bring out the symptoms of tingling, itching, numbness and finally complete and utter fatigue and depression.
I agreed, I used to  get the same symptoms whenever I watched violent movies or even the news, also if  there was a stressful situation i.e others being aggressive or mild arguments.
Before he and I took MMS when we  knew nothing about spirochete infections,we thought it was all M.S, when we encountered mild arguments or watched violent films, the symptoms were much more disabling than they are now while taking MMS.
My brother also noted when he watched violent movies or played violent computer games he would get chills, he would shake like he he had a fever or was cold but he wasn't.
He found if he was in a stressful situation, he would either turn off but, mostly become very aggressive himself towards others.
I used to find before the MMS treatment, that I too would become very aggressive and my turn off switch just was not there. I could not turn off the anger/rage it would be totally out of control.
The doctors said it was just another symptom of M.S and go see an anger management specialist!.
Like that would of helped, not, it was not just another M.S symptom it was a load of spirochetes eating my brain!

Drip, Drip, Drip

I also say there is the "Drip drip, drip" of Lyme agitation. When the Lyme/M.S person would little by little agitate whomever was present basically winding that person up, accusing them, resenting them, pointing out their faults, finding fault in anything and everything,complaining about the noise of others eating, etc this can go on for a number of hours if allowed.
It's like the Spirochete are activating certain parts of the brain, i.e starting arguments or winding others behave like this.Unwittingly the other people start to lose patience and start to get frustrated,  the person with Lyme just gets worse and worse, to a point where the other people either react in anger or raise their voice and start to defend themselves, then the non Lyme /M.S  person, basically falls into a pit of vipers. (metaphorically speaking).  
Then the Lyme person will than feel  a sense of justification in their actions towards the non Lyme/.M.S person (unknowingly of course) like they have filled a hole inside.
Meanwhile the non Lyme/M.S person now feels totally exhausted or emotional or angry or all three feeling totally jangled.
I have  noticed  in some, they cannot control there emotions or reactions or anger because of the spirochetes in certain parts of the brain.

Now why would this happen?
I feel the more the Lyme/M.S  person has stress around them, somehow the spirochete must be getting something from this, more food perhaps or better environment to reproduce perhaps, who knows.
Bacteria are very clever and it has been shown they communicate with each other, bacteria can regroup and change their course of action also can count casualty's the bacteria have been around well before us humans and will probably be around after we humans have all gone. So is it any great surprise that the bacteria cannot in some way control the host to it's own advantage?

Now once one is aware that one could be led into the pit of vipers, one can take more control of any stressful situation created by the Lyme/M.S sufferer and stop what I call the feeding frenzy of the Lyme.  Either walk away from the Lyme/M.S sufferer agitator or send them away to another room and not continue the agitation.
I have noticed that I feel a lot less stressed, by applying this with my two Lyme children.
 I do not fall into the trap anymore with others who are not being treated  whereas before I would of become really upset and stressed myself and angry not good for the immune system!
So I watch out for the drip drip to start it is subtle and can catch you unawares and before you know it one can fall head first into the pit.
The problem is when it involves someone we care about, that we love like, a spouse or child or a family member this is when the  danger of falling into the pit becomes ever more precarious it is like being on a knife edge or walking on egg shells.


Spirochetes do not Love, they prevent their host from loving others and themselves too, 
Why? for the parasite's survival I would suggest.
When dealing with the drip drip drip we have to apply another way of thinking. 

Instead of being all involved emotionally with the Lyme/M.S person, you have to take the higher stance until the Lyme/M.S person has calmed down. You have to be cruel to be kind.
The spirochetes are eating their brain, you do not want to make it easier for the spirochetes.
It's for the Lyme/M.S persons own good.
Well this is my opinion anyway. I am learning fast to watch out for the start of the drip drip drip.

As soon as I notice the shall we say red flag i.e wind up. or obsession with a subject I stop it in it's tracks i.e walking away or sending the other person away or changing the subject.
Although changing the subject does not always work with spirochetes, as the Lyme person cannot let go of things easily that have agitated them in the first place.

Always remain calm and speak in a calm but firm voice and never back down.  
This sounds like double speak, because a Lyme person cannot let go of things. 

What I mean is, firmly stand your ground and do not elaborate or reason why, until they have calmed  down and can see reason and logic.

I find this tactic works well,  peace reigns over our home. As I do have 2 children with Lyme and have to deal with the drip, drip drip  on a daily basis. One child is speeding along in their recovery but the other I feel the journey may take a bit longer we are all individuals so each person's recovery is different.
It used to be the case, that they would stress me out with shall we say not letting go of an agitation, therefore triggering my own spirochetes, that were in the brain stem part of my brain, same used to happen with my brother and my father and we all used to feed off each other. Well it wasn't us feeding off each other it was the Spirochete inside feeding off each of us!

I have noticed other M.S sufferers who have had problems in their marriages because the spouse who is caring for them, unwittingly gets embroiled in say the argument. Because as a spouse and carer one does not want to upset the M.S person, so will be more tolerant of the M.S persons abuse they hurl at their spouse, so they do not walk away and all this is doing is feeding the spirochetes.
In the height of my M.S I wish people had of walked away from me,  left me to calm down. Yeah, at the time I would  of felt abandoned and lost and angry but it would of been for my own healths sake.
Instead the arguments would get out of control, sometimes violent, therefore depleting the immune system, feeding the spirochetes. 
The hell I must of put people through, must of been awful!
Now I am treating myself I can see with much remorse what I did, as many people who are or have treated the spirochetes have also found.


Stimulus-sensitive myoclonus are triggered by a variety of external events.
Several areas of the brain are involved with myoclonus, one of the locations is the brain stem region, close to structures that are responsible for the startle response.
An automatic reaction to an unexpected stimulus involving rapid muscle contraction.
 The startle response is often measured on brain wave scans as the P300 brain wave - triggered by novelty/surprise, and emotion, which is also stimulated when people view violent material i.e films.
After finding out about this I understand now why the anger and rage and inappropriate behavior.
That is why each individual is affected in different ways and so when it is eating at the brain stem region close to structures responsible for the startle response, is it any wonder why M.S/Lyme patients have such a hard time with stress and anger!

Now I understand this it has put a whole new light on how I handle any anger that starts to well up inside and of course taking the MMS which is  treating the actual cause has helped immensely.
I am smiling now and I am a much happier person as a whole. I can laugh again and do not get so stressed in stressful situations. I am now learning how to do this yes it is all a new learning experience now anger management would help as I have been a host to the  spirochetes for 30 years!
This puts a new slant on anger in M.S and Lyme rage it really should be studied further and more research needs to be carried out.

The good news

The brain grows new neurons all the time and compensates for parts that are dead or not fully functioning. There is hope for us all if we get to the actual cause of the problem the spirochete infection.
We can repair the damage or at least some made by the spirochetes, maybe the brain will grow the new neurons and be able to eventually become fully functioning, or at least better than before while being infected.

The Psychological effects of Lyme

There has been some research done with the psychological effects of Lyme disease, doctors do warn Lyme disease can cause  personality changes and of course can affect every area of the brain .
As the Spirochete infection progresses it can attack the nervous system  producing learning disabilities, mood swings, anxiety and depression, panic attacks, obsessive behavior, sudden rages and other psychiatric diagnoses. 
A recent  European study showed psychiatric in-patients are nearly twice as likely as the average population to test positive for Lyme.
Psychiatric Lyme can affect anyone from any age to any walk of life it does not discriminate.
Lyme does affect each individual differently and the psychological symptoms are never connected to any physical symptoms. 

Both my children before treatment  would  suffer from anger and rage. They would be in tears, saying they could not control the anger it would just take them over and they would get black thoughts.
They would have temper tantrums and hurt themselves and others break things in rage.

My brother noted that if he was told for example that someone had passed away he would laugh, not realizing at the time that his reaction was totally inappropriate.
He used to say things to others and be very blunt and hurtful again not realizing it was inappropriate.
Now he is treating himself all that has stopped and he is now mortified with what he used to do.
He cannot be blamed no one can who has an untreated spirochete infection that is  munching away at the brain now can they.

Of course if laws are broken or the untreated infected person abuses others then of course this must be dealt with, but hopefully the person will get treatment to kill the parasite before it  gets that far.
Unfortunately with regards to M.S sometimes the rage and anger is so great that damage is done, marriages break up, families fall apart,lose of employment can happen due to the wrong treatment i.e killing the parasite causing the M.S.

Yes there is anger and rage with M.S and there is anger and rage with a spirochete infection. 

As far as I see both M.S and the spirochete infection are the same, are one, from my experience of first being diagnosed with M.S.
Anger/rage is  probably one of the worst symptoms I would suggest.
Not being able to cope with stress is really horrible and can take over your whole life which is a stress all on it's own.

Lyme Girl

**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**

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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Why the M.S & Lyme connection denial?

Hello all,

This  is a question i have been asking myself Why the denial that Lyme or a spirochete infection could cause M.S? why is this so vehemently denied? by the medical community, M.S charities and even M.S sufferers?
Maybe it's because M.S sufferers have spent a fortune on remedies that promise the earth but do nothing.

Or maybe it's because upon diagnoses they are told "Well there is nothing we can do just get on with it and suffer in silence"?

Maybe it's because M.S sufferers are told there is no known cure and they probably will not get a cure in the near future or even their expected life span.
Are the M.S community waiting for the mainstream medical profession and the mainstream news, to come out and actually announce the truth and then tell them, there is a cure and sorry they have had a parasitic infection all along M.S is not some disease in itself at all?.
Well as far as I can see this will not happen Why?, because illness means money £££ & $$$$ or whatever, currency you deal in big pharma rely's on our illness to does not matter what the illness is big pharma will never cure it this is a sad fact of life and greed leads the way, not the health and wellbeing of the physical body or the human.

Charity's are there for the sufferers aren't they? No not really  as far as I can tell again lead by greed and money.

Why do so many charities when a cure is found shut up whoever has come up with a cure for whatever it is if the charity is supposedly trying to find a cure?.
 If they wish to deny this then they are welcome to deny this and explain their reluctance in telling their members why they keep the cures a secret.
Why the denial of a parasite infection when the proof is as plain as day in full view one just has to know where to look.
I would suggest that if one is ever diagnosed with an autoimmune disease to dig deeper do not accept that there is not more to the illness.

I used think M.S was my body attacking me and causing me to be sick and disabled I was swayed from questioning the diagnoses and just had to get on with it.
I put all my trust in the medical profession and big pharma and my own government.
 Well they should know what's best shouldn't they?
 It is a very rude awakening to finally wake up from a slumber, to see the truth for what it is,
  firstly the fact that everything is driven by greed and secondly the fact we are all being denied good health and cures.

Fellow M.S sufferers ask "where is the proof that M.S is a spirochete infection?"
Well I personally do not have any proof of my own, as I do not own a lab or have any Lab rats etc
All I do have is the information I have come across from people like Lyda Mattman or Vaughter wellness for example.
I have had a MRI scan, and was diagnosed with M.S from that scan.
 But I had forgotten about the horse fly bite all those years before, my nerologist was unaware I had ever been bitten by a insect that could transmit an infection, there again he never asked.
Would he have put two and two together? that we will never know.
Seeing as it would cause the radiologist to loose their job when looking at a MRI scan and they see spirochetes on the brain, and they are not allowed to say "spirochete infection" and can only say "suspected Multiple sclerosis" .
I doubt any neurologist would put 2 and 2 together it's more than their job is worth.
As far as I am concerned my proof is the fact I got bitten and my proof is my children and how they have been affected, my proof is all the people I knew who have died from a spirochete infection and my proof is my family my mother, my father, my brother and my grandparents and other family members who have all been affected or rather infected with Lyme, that is my proof and of course the scan.
I personally do not need anymore proof than that,  the 250 people maybe even more, to prove to me that there is a spirochete connection to M.S.
I just keep remembering what Lyda Mattman said "Multiple Sclerosis, should be renamed Multiple Spirochete"
Could I argue with that statement of course not.
Do I want to remain in the M.S box and just blindly accept any longer there is no cure, there is nothing the doctors can do, just offer sticky plaster treatments to relive my suffering?
Well no I don't and I didn't,  hence why I took the leap and just took MMS, what did I have to loose? Nothing, I had already had lost everything and I had everything to gain.
 I stepped out of my M.S box and used the MMS and thank goodness I did!
The denial has to stop, enough is enough, this is peoples lives here,  this is peoples lives being ruined here.
If you do have the diagnoses of M.S what's it going to hurt to get a proper test to see if you do have a spirochete infection?
What is the harm in seeing a Lyme literate doctor?
I would say there is no harm, none at all, the harm is not treating an infection that steals from us and our loved ones.
As I am not rolling in cash, my only option was to take the MMS.
I felt well if I have had a diagnoses of M.S  because of a MRI scan, and joining the dots why not try something that costs pence per drop, if it did not work I would of tried a Rife machine,  luckily it did work and saved me £800 per month for up to 5 years with antibiotics.
I am glad I got out of the denial mode and trusted my instincts.

Lyme girl.
**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**
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MMS Update

Hello all,

I thought I would give an update on MMS and my progress.
I have been taking MMS now since July 2011 and I will carry on taking it probably for 2 years maybe more because even if you take antibiotics one should carry on treatment even if one is feeling great and tests show Lyme has gone.
I am not taking any risks and giving the spirochete an inch!
How does any one know where it could be hiding.
Yes I am getting very tired of having to take the MMS day in day out I would feel the same if I was taking antibiotics it's only human to feel this way I know
I know it takes a human 40 days continually to accept a new activity  and if we break away from the 40 days we have to start the clock again.
The Spirochete infection does seem to make this even harder to stick at.
My brain is now used to the MMS as it is well past the 40 days thank goodness ( I never thought I would get past that!)
One thing I have noticed is I can tell when I am due the MMS I seem to get the starting of the Lyme symptoms.I say Lyme symptoms it could be die off symptoms or whatever Lyme is left in my body trying it's level best to survive and reproduce i don't know as I am not a scientist or Doctor of medicine. It is all basically a percentage of guess work and trial and error and research on my part and I suppose my own life experience of treating other ailments that I have had in the past plus also my own experience as a Psychotherapist and studying of homeopathic remedies.
Has the MMS actually helped? I will say a resounding yes in answer to that question It is cheaper than conventional medicine and it works well that is my own personal experience you will have to make your own choice to taking it or not I will say do not be scared off and run from the cure as many would want you to do.
I do not regret taking MMS in anyway and there are little side affects virtually zero unlike antibiotics just look at a side affect list on any antibiotics.
Ok i won't lie MMS tastes foul yes and the smell is foul but there are ways around this You have to drink plenty of water and if the MMS makes you feel sick (antibiotics do too) you can eat raw apple and this is very effective.
I am now starting to get my life, my mind, my body back after it was stolen by a parasite I do feel I am getting back my life to where i was age 9 only of course I am not 9 any more what I mean is the full working order of my mind, body when I was 9 but as i am a lot older and a lot taller now and stronger than a 9 year old now What I am getting back is more than i could of ever imagined and it is brilliant!
I did not realize how the Lyme had affected every part of my being I have a smile now yes a genuine smile, I can now keep eye contact with others when having a conversation I can see colours more vividly than before and i can hear things I never noticed before.
I can concentrate better without getting totally exhausted and having to lie down and sleep!
I can move more with ease and again if I walk to another room in my home I don't collapse with exhaustion!
Yes the MMS has given me my life back well the MMS aided my body to heal itself.
I have tried other drugs and homeopathic remedies but the results were never like the MMS results the MMS worked and of course is still working Oxygen alone was not enough although I would say Oxygen therapy and MMS together work like a dream.
My plan is to get well and actually have a career yes and a job I want to be able to be just a healthy, active, fit human being I want to be able to run and hop and skip am I asking too much?
I want to have restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed as though i have had a restful sleep not fitful and disturbed sleep.
I want to be as fit and healthy just like the people on the documentary film "Under Our Skin" who treated themselves with antibiotics and are now cured and are starting new careers even running up hills!
These people keep me going the sight of seeing the guy run up a hill with his kids and the lady who has qualified as a nurse keep me going and that is why I carry on with the MMS because there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Am I asking too much? No I am not it can happen and will happen i am 100% certain, i am almost there I am not where I want to be, I am not where I used to be but I am on way and i am almost there!
No one said it would be easy but there again disability and the Illness was not easy at all I would rather go on the path of healing myself herx's and all than the path of illness any day.

Lyme Girl

 **Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**

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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Syphilis and Lyme what's the difference?

Hello all,

"If you want to know more about Lyme Look at Syphilis."

I was quite taken aback when I heard this statement, I did not want to admit there was any connection to Lyme and syphilis at all it's not like I had not learned that Borrellia and Syphilis were related but I never wanted to look into Syphilis.
Call it fear or maybe it's from when I was growing up and peoples attitudes towards syphilis and the attitude towards sufferers.
Well I finally decided to take the bull by the horns and really look at Syphilis and compare with Lyme.
I am very glad I did because if i had not I would not of found out about why my eldest was a snuffly baby and why the excess of mucous. I carried the guilt because I thought it was my fault as any parent would.

What is the difference between Syphilis and Lyme?

The two organisms names are Borrellia burgdorferii (BB) and Treponema palladium respectively.
There are similarities in their infectious symptoms. They are both "corkscrew" or spiral shaped.
They share less than half of the DNA.
They are both spirochetes and both the two most commonly associated with human diseases within that family.
Because of the difference in their DNA you wouldn't expect both diseases to cause similar symptoms but they do.
They are both great imitators Syphilis being the first Lyme the second.
Both diseases occur in 3 distinct phases:
1.Infection (sometimes a rash in Lyme in syphilis a  sore on the vagina or penis or another part of the body) headaches stiff neck Not widespread throughout the body.
2.Symptoms (Affecting the joints,organs, nervous system (Disseminated Lyme/Syphilis second stage)
3.Symptoms Chronic Lyme with Syphilis tertiary stage.Utterly debilitating.
Symptoms can come and go as disease can go dormant.
Both can remain unactivated for up to 50 years or more.
Syphillis is transmitted human to human via sexual contact whereas Lyme is from a bite from a tick or other biting insects both can be passed through the placenta, breast milk.
There is evidence Lyme can be passed by bodily fluids and passed via human to animal and vice versa.

Syphilis is a very old disease it has been with us and records show since 1492 and probably before this.
Many famous people have had syphilis Napoleon Bonaparte,Franz Schubert, Henry V111, Oscar Wilde, Scott Joplin,Adolf Hitler,Vincent van Gogh, Ivan The Terrible, Karen Bixan, Al Capone, Hugo Wolf, Mao Zedong and there are many more.
Before antibiotics Syphillis was very hard to treat it almost ceased to exist until it started to resurface due to AIDS/HIV infections.

Then there was the Tuskegee experiments where in 1932 400 black men who had Syphilis were recruited these men were left untreated Reason? to see the natrual progression of the disease in African Americans because back then many believed the physiologies of blacks was different!.
This experiment went on for 40 years.
Syphillis can be treated with penicillin which has been around since the 1940's.
If the men on the experiment heard about the cure of penicillin they tried to get it but were talked out of it by an African American Nurse Miss Eunice Rivers You can watch "Miss Ever's Boys based on the story.
What was found with this experiment?

Well the inevitable 128 died directly or indirectly from Syphilis, 40 infected their wives and had 19 children who were born  and congenitally infected wow I hope that experiment gave the powers that be what they were looking for.

Syphillis symptoms

Well Syphilis and Lyme are so similar as the symptoms of syphilis are nearly the same Syphilis symptoms are:

Flu-like symptoms
Patchy hair loss
Skin rashes
Sore throat
Swollen glands
Weight loss
Gradual loss of vision
Loss of muscle coordination
Cardiovascular symptoms
Neurological symptoms include tabes, a myelin degeneration around nerves,   which can result in: unsteady gait, lighting pains and incontinence.
Other neurological symptoms include: palsy, seizures, ataxia and paralysis. Neurosyphilis used to be called “general paralysis of the insane”, the result of a debauched and intemperate life!
A progressive dementia characterized by memory problems, disorientation
Mood disturbances
Personality changes, apathy, poor judgment. About 10% to 20% of people
with neurosyphilis experience psychosis symptoms that include hallucinations
and paranoia.
The Herx one gets while treating Lyme first became recognized with Syphilis.

As you can see Lyme and Syphillis are similar and it is quite shocking that they could be.
There is more information about syphilis than there is Lyme and there is more information about congenital syphilis than congenital Lyme.
I would suggest you have a read of this book by John Stokes called "The Third Great Plague" -" A Discussion of Syphilis for everyday people" a free ebook
This book was first produced in 1917 it is well worth a read to learn more about Lyme because as  I said if you need to know more about Lyme look at Syphilis.

A link to a site about congenital syphilis there are pictures on this site 

 As I have said by my research I have had many questions answered about my own children and my symptoms with regards to Lyme.
Sometimes when I look at Lyme and how it is totally misdiagnosed and untreated I feel perhaps there is a new Tuskegee experiment going on but this time with us all.


Lyme Girl

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Evening Primrose oil update

Hello all,

I have now been taking evening primrose oil for a little while now and I am happy to say the swelling in my foot and ankles has now completely gone.
I have yet to see if the swelling will come back because of die off and Lyme and co-infections do have a cycle of 6 weeks or is conneceted to a womans menstral cycle.
The results of taking evening primrose will take a little longer to make sure the improvement is connected.
As EPO will not harm in any way and it is not toxic it can only benefit anyway.
I am just glad I can wear my other shoes now and move around with a little more ease!

Lyme Girl
**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**

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My Children and Lyme update

Hello all,

I thought I would give an update with regards to my children and their treatment and of course Lyme symptoms.
Having discussed with my children they feel I should write more about their symptoms and what is happening to them as in their words "If it helps others who are born with this disease yes write about it, there is not enough information out there about children born with Lyme".
I have their permission to write about their experience.

Before Pregnancy, during 

As I have said previously I did not know the connection to M.S and a parasite infection when my ex partner and I decided to have children, I was advised that getting pregnant before age 30 would be a good thing to keep the M.S at bay and i was told that more women end up in a wheelchair when having a baby past the age of 30 than women who conceive before age 30.
What did I know I trusted the professionals didn't I, I trusted the various M.S groups who was I to argue.
The world wide web did not really exist back then so information about anything M.S was very difficult to come across unless you knew what to look for and you were prepared to sit for hours in a library that may or may not have any data.
We decided to have a baby before I reached age 30 now don't get me wrong when I fell pregnant of course we were over the moon like any new parents, we were excited and of course every stage of the pregnancy was a new exciting experience.
I was blooming and felt very well and yes my M.S seemed to have calmed down quite considerably whereas before I was in and out of hospital having steroid treatment I had been prescribed numerous drugs my sight was sometimes there sometimes not, my swallow would come and go and my bladder function was real bad basically I could not control my own bladder I felt like a toddler very embarrassing!.
I was finding it harder and harder to drive my car and yes i kept getting lost just driving to my local shops I would loose my way.
My memory was quite bad as well and yes I felt like a person with dementia sometimes.
Back then it was extremly difficult to get a wheelchair and any help from the outside i.e social services.
I suppose I was lucky people had started to believe M.S was actully a condition and it was not all made up by the patient, unlike ME at the moment which is a crime in itself that ME/CFS is not taken seriously and how the powers that be are pushing real hard to get it reclassified as a psychological condition! How dare they!
When I did fall pregnant my sight came back bladder function came back I became more mobile and as I said I felt very well.
All the above started to become a distant memory like a terrible nightmare and it had stopped.
people started to forget I had the diagnoses of M.S.
The birth was ok no major problems at all and we had a bouncy little baby.
It was after the birth I started to have hip problems so was given crutches to walk. Now of course I know why I felt better when i was pregnant because of the oestrogen and the fact that pregnant women's immune system is at it's prime so it must be why.

After birth and baby stage

Before treatment they would get irritable and suffer from rage and anger.
My youngest did not get cradle cap nor a snuffly nose but she would overheat and would be unable to control her internal body thermostat so much so she would vomit if she got too hot.
The eldest would have a problem with the internal body thermostat and suffer with the cold.
My eldest had a problem to thrive when first born which was unexplainable at the time luckily this was overcome as in congenital  syphilis  the child can fail to thrive.
My youngest did not fail to thrive at all there was no problem with feeding.
Here was I carrying around all this guilt because I thought the snuffly nose and excess mucous was in some way my fault that I had done something to cause this just your typical mother guilt when the doctors diagnosed a snuffly nose they looked at me with disdain and blame.
I suppose yes a mother who has M.S which is really Lyme is partly to blame that is if she had known the true facts.
The cradle cap was my fault too according to the midwives again looking at me with disdain well people if you all knew why not tell me so I can do something about it?
No apparently cradle cap is quite normal which it is unless of course you connect all the other dots many babies get cradle cap yes and it is not harmful to the child and can be easily treated but as I say if there are ather parts to the puzzle like mother has M.S(Lyme) child has an overload of mucous (Mucous patches damage to mucous membranes) child has a problem with eating and is failing to thrive then if there is cradle cap well it all fits!
Of course the problem with eating yes again there is more guilt for me and it was my fault according to the doctors and the midwives, I was doing something wrong well maybe again if they had of connected the dots they could of started to treat my child properly with some simple antibiotics and myself as well.
Both children were sensitive to noise and light it hurt them.
It seems when my children were born the first the Lyme affected the top area of the head from the scalp to the nose and eyes.
With the second it first affected the bottom part of the head from the mouth throat and the chest.
The first developed a problem with the eyes when the child reached age 4.
As I said before I nursed my baby as I also was advised breast feeding can reduce or stop M.S  relapses, with that advice I thought it best to breastfeed for as long as possible.
I was told that it was also good for the baby of course. Little did I know.
It is hard to get information about whether one should breast feed if you have Lyme or not to. Mothers with AIDS are now told to breast feed according to the WHO.
From my experience and my children I feel that breast feeding benefited us all but that is my experience.
Maybe it kept the Lyme and co-infections at bay for us all who knows.
My baby did suffer from a snuffly nose could i get answers as to why absolutely not.
But in congenital syphilis the mucous membranes are affected and in syphilis this causes snuffles and there can be mucous patches in the mouth and if there is mucous patches in the larynx and the child's cry can be hoarse. If you need to know more about Lyme look at syphilis. That is why my child had a snuffly nose and a lot of mucous because i am sure that is a symptom of congenital Lyme.
My baby also had cradle cap which could be an indication of Lyme.
Did my baby have a problem with sleep? no it was only when my baby became older that sleep problems occurred.

Childhood and beyond

There was no problem with learning in either child it only started to become a problem as they got older.both my children suffered from a form of eczema as in syphilis where the child can suffer from eruptions which are a coppery colour.
Both children before treatment became clumsy and forgetful I suppose one could class that as dyslexia but since treatment they are not clumsy or forgetful.
As they did get older from age 7 they would suffer fatigue and lack of strength in the limbs and have painful joints and pain in their bodies.
My youngest  also has suffered from a bloodshot but this happened after treatment started and it soon cleared up.
But what I have noticed is with others and myself and various pets the bloodshot eye is connected to Lyme.

It is actully quite amazing they survived really considering they both had congenital Lyme amazing how the human body can cope.
If there is mandatory testing for AIDS and HIV in some states in the USA ( not that the tests for AIDS/HIV are that good as it is) and Lyme has reached pandemic proportions surely it's time now to face facts and face Lyme and co-infections head on and start testing all mothers who are expecting it is time now to combat the Lyme and co-infections and start to treat all properly and have the correct tests as well because the tests that are available are not any good to man or beast.

Lyme Girl

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Thursday, 9 August 2012

M.S V Lyme symptoms before treatment and after treatment

"Sticky Plaster of steroids and other drugs"

Hello all,

I have not written for a few days as I have been busy dealing with symptoms that have flared up and as everyone might know this does take up a lot of our time doesn't it!

If we are not dealing with our old symptoms new ones flare up ones we have never experienced before.
I am glad to say the swelling in my foot has now gone and my foot looks like nothing ever happened after all that discomfort inability to wear proper shoes and having to buy some new insoles for my trainers just so I could drive my car.
Not only that having to buy Emugel for the pain the costs just kept adding up as is always the way just so that we can carry on with our lives.
Then  the disabling symptom disappears if we are lucky and it seems if one is treating the Lyme with antibiotics or other homeopathic treatments the symptom like swelling or vision problems etc does go away and one is not left with lasting damage unlike M.S or M.E or other neurological complaints.
Then as i get a symptom my mind plays havoc with me and questions like "am I going to be stuck like this forever?"
When will this ever end?
I have to keep reminding myself that i am treating myself and the symptom will pass and I will be stronger than I was before and no lasting damage.
Unlike when I did not know the connection to Lyme and MS I would get a symptom I would be given Steroids but I would be left with lasting damage sometimes and I was never stronger than I was before ever if anything I would be weaker and a slightly lesser version of the original me whatever that was.
With the untreated me I started to look and behave as a lesser person.
This just goes to show the damage Lyme can do yes it eats away at our bodies ravaging us from the inside out.
Damage would happen that we cannot see outwardly but it was happening inside and we thought we were ok and nothing was wrong.but yes there was something wrong with me at least because the Lyme was not being treated at all just sticky plasters of steroids and other drugs yes because that is all steroids are sticky plasters they are a very violent sticky plaster and do not help the body to heal just cause the Lyme and other co-infections to hide away till it's safe for them to reappear with vengeance.
I have to remind myself everyday why i am drinking MMS and why I should not stop treating myself and the Lyme does not like this not one bit it would rather I stopped altogether and let it be to ravage my body and deny me of vital nutrients and minerals and food and water.
Yes Lyme does not want me better well that would mean it would be gone dead.
I am not a very welcoming host anymore!
Yes Lyme does try to prevent me from drinking water or taking my treatment and when I have an almighty herx which can make my life very difficult it takes a lot of my own will power and strength to keep on going,
Because Lyme plays havoc with the mind and our rational thoughts.
"Lyme anger/Rage"

Lyme and other confections can quite literally make us go mad and we don't know why we get so angry or enraged or irrational.and paranoid turning against the very people who are actually trying to help and the treatment that is actually healing us if we allow the Lyme and co-infections an inch.
We can go through such irrational thoughts and the anger just goes out of control and can cause road rage or cause us to even smash up our own homes or at worst others peoples homes and belongings.
Or we can get the Lyme confusion  which can get so bad we may not even recognize our spouse who we have been married to for many years.
Lyme confusion can be scary and can be very frustrating to not only yourself but your loved ones too.
"Lyme confusion"
Luckily if you are treating yourself with antibiotics or other treatments the confusion the anger/rage should be kept at a minimum or you may not have any at all.
before I treated myself I would have the rage and the confusion after i had my first child it took about 5 years before I could remember my date of birth or address again ok some may say that is maternal ammnesia i beg to differ I could not even remember my age or names of my loved ones it was as though I had extreme maternal ammnesia or could it of been the Lyme eating away at parts of my brain because i had gone through the trauma of giving birth? who knows.
What i do know now is since i have been treating myself my memory is vastly improving and the rage has totally subsided i have now reached a level of calm that I have never had before and i am now very happy.
I will admit when i am due my MMS I can feel inside the anger starting to simmer and the confusion starting but as soon as I have taken MMS that all calms down and things are getting easier.
Lyme Girl

Saturday, 4 August 2012

About the infectious Critters and images

Adult Tick
Hello all,

One thing I have omitted from this blog is pictures of the Critters that cause Lyme disease.
Of course other biting insects do to from fleas to bed bugs,nits even worms and slugs  carry BB!

Adult Tick

Ticks come in a variety of forms and there are many different species, the European Tick is different to the USA ticks or the lone star tick (USA)
Ticks can sit and wait for thei host for many years.
The Tick also varies in size from the size of a poppy seed to the above pictures.
Ticks can feed off one or two or even three hosts.
They start as Ioxdids they can take up to six years and this involves four stages the egg, larva, nymph, and adult.
When it hatches from the egg the larva seeks out a host they feed then drop off after the blood meal then moults into the nymph stage, the nymph seeks out another host for another blood meal the nymph then drops off the host and moults into the adult stage.the female tick after blood meal seeks out a male and then lays her eggs. The adults reproduce on another host.All through this different hosts are sourght out and the eggs are laid on the ground.
The Ixodes ricnus tick is the sheep tick, it is the most common to infect livestock, domestic pets and humans.
Other host species are:mice, voles, rats, squirrels, hedgehogs, hares, badgers, foxes, carrion crows, magpies, blackbirds, starlings, pheasants, grouse, reptiles, cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, dogs, cats and humans. All stages may occur on one host concurrently.

Horse Fly

Yes I was bitten by a horse fly and that is how I got a vector bourne disease that disabled me for 30 years.
Horse flys are of no benefit to humans and can feed on many different species of animal and pick up many diseases that can be passed on to humans.
The female horse fly is the one that sucks the blood the males eat nectar, plant sap and pollen.
Horse flys are bigger than the common or garden house fly.
A bite from ahorse fly can cause wheezing, rashes and hives as well as the diseases that they carry.
Horse flys are not active in the nighttime hours and they do not like windy days.
They have a razor sharp bite with their six different mouth parts. When they bite their pray and suck the blood that is when the diseases are passed on.
Horse flys pose a threat to humans and animals.

Lyme girl

Friday, 3 August 2012

Evening Primrose oil and the benefits

Evening Primrose Oil Flower

Hello all,

I have just remembered about evening primrose oil. I used to take it years ago for PMT symptoms then I found Angus Castus a from a native Mediterranean  plant and has been used by women for centuaries. It is used for Pre menstrual syndrome and symptoms of the menopause.
It normalises the activity of the female sex hormones.
Now Evening Primrose oil can act as an anti inflammatory and is very beneficial for patients suffering from arthritis inflammation.
I had forgotten abot the anti inflammatory affects of evening primrose oil and as my swelling coincided with my menstrual cycle which as it happens coincides with the Lyme & co-infection cycle I shall be adding another supplement to my already long list of supplements!.
It is recommended that one takes 1000 mg 2 to 3 times a day.
I hope i have found the key to helping my swelling which I have suffered now with for 2 months and I hope this works along with the oxygen therapy and the MMS and my other supplements.
It is said that evening primrose oil helps eczema (perhaps the lyme rash??)
Many M.S sufferers take evening primrose oil to help their symptoms.As I do believe Multiple scelerosis is Lyme well then of course Evening Primrose oil will help M.S.
Evening Primrose oil also helps hyperactivity.
It also helps lethargy.
As research is very lacking when it comes to PMT and the menopause and there is no research  with regards to the effects of Lyme in women and their menstrual cycle there is very little information one can find we are all on our own so I suppose best to do trial and error.
As i have taken evening primrose oil before and it is not harmful in any way I am willing to start taking it again.
Men can take it as well!
and children so my 2 are taking it as well by their own choice.

Lyme girl

Dementia & Lyme and co-infections

Hello all,

I was asked the other day does Lyme cause Dementia?
My answer to this question is Yes I am sure it does, well Lyme does absolutly everything else doesn't it.
From my experience in my family about 6 women in the family suffered from dementia and by looking back through the family history and other symptoms these women suffered from I can say yes they got dementia due to the Lyme Infection.
Having read and investigated Lyme and co-infections extensively I found many studies that all show Lyme and co-infections do cause dementia.
Not only that Lida Mattman found again that many Alzheimer patients all had a Spirochete infection.

I would conclude that as Lyme is such a imitator and affects every area of the body of course it will eat the brain and destroy that area of the body.
Lyme and co-infections can cause so many neuropsychiatric illnesses  from Encephalitis, or Meningitis in the early stages of infection and a number of psychiatric conditions can occur with Lyme: Paranoia:
Bipolar disorder
Panic attacks
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Major depression
Anorexia nervosa

We should also not forget Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD and many others. I am not saying for one second that  Dyslexia and Autism or ADHD is a psychiatric illness not at all but it goes to show how different parts of the brain do get affected if one is infected.

The above symptoms happen with syphilis too and as Borrelia burgdorferi and syphilis are related it surely goes without much argument that yes Lyme affects the brain in so many ways and it is time that the Lyme coverup is displayed for what it is and that people can be treated properly and cured with antibiotics or other treatments to prevent years and years of suffering and also prevent death for some.

Dementia can be so scary for the sufferer and cause so much heartache for the family concerned.
When will the coverup become uncovered?
Lyme Girl
 **Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.** 
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Swelling (Odema) die-off toxins

I thought I would just post a picture of my swelling as a visual record and for everyone to see how the body behaves with the toxins from the Lyme and co-infection die off:

Swollen Left ankle
 This is a picture of my swollen left ankle yesterday it was fine.

Swollen Right foot on Right side of foot.

This is a picture of my right foot and the swelling is on the right side of foot I was bitten on my Right thigh by the Horse fly.
The bite can reappear anywhere on the body and no where near the original bite so in that respect I would suggest the swelling could be anywhere on the body and probably the swelling from die off may be worse near the original bite/infection.
The swelling does not stay and it is not your typical Odema.
It can be quite painful in the joints of the foot so on the right side of my foot I suggest from reading the research on Mice I must have Lyme fragments in these joints and my left ankle.
Luckily this swelling will go as my body expels the Lyme fragments and debris/toxins with help from the MMS and the oxygen therapy.

This swelling I am experiencing is exactly like the swelling my father had when he was diagnosed with Dermopolymyocytis but with him his swelling was all over his body he could not move and his skin was splitting, now having found out about Lyme he obviously had Lyme seeing as his diagnoses was just a guess anyway.
The doctors could not confirm his diagnoses anyway.

Lyme girl

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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Lyme fragments and oxygen therapy & other treatments

Hello all,

I came across an article that says scientists have discovered that fragments of Lyme disease can linger in the joints even after treatment.
Now this is very interesting as yes the joints do get affected by Lyme and this could explain why Lyme sufferers do have significant pain in the joints.

The Yale scientists found that with mice they infected mice with BB and these mice had an impaired immune system.

They also had some control mice both sets had sweetened water with antibiotics added to the water for 30 days.Some mice were given just sweetened water.
The antibiotics killed the Lyme in all of the control mice and all but one of the immune impaired mice.
he Lyme persisted in the untreated mice.

The researchers found remnants of Lyme spirochetes in the knee joints of all antibiotic treated mice which indicated the antibiotics eliminated the bacteria but not the residual debris. This debris could trigger an inflammatory response but not the full blown Lyme infection.
Now what I see from this study is that we have to not only treat the Lyme with antibiotics or other treatments like MMS or rife but it is vitally important that we take things to mop up the debris created by the die off and the fragments left behind.
his is why it is so important to take the antioxidants.
MMS does mop up toxins in the system as well.


I have also been having Hyperbaric oxygen therapy as well as the MMS and what I have noticed is the Oxygen therapy does enable my body to clear the toxins and Lyme and co-infections cannot tolerate oxygen. But in my opinion Oxygen therapy on it's own is not enough to kill Lyme in itself one does need antibiotics or other treatments as Lyme hides and oxygen can't get the cysts when Lyme is in that part of it's cycle.
At least the study has shown why we get joint inflammation at least. 
I would highly recommend oxygen therapy as well as antibiotics or MMS when treating Lyme or co-infections as well as Krill oil vitamin C and B and E and Calcium.

Best for you

You have to decide for yourself what you feel would be best as I am not a qualified doctor.
All I can say is what i use and what is working for me.
I have had to reduce my MMS to 10 drops per day from 16 as I felt that my body was not coping with the die off one should not make oneself sicker than one already is so I shall see if the 10 drops is still too high or too little.

I go to oxygen 3 days a week at the depth of 24% now when my swelling started I was going to oxygen for 2 days a week the swelling went away but in July came back so i increased the oxygen days only this week and the swelling is almost gone i shall see after next week how I am.
I defiantly have more energy and hardly any pain.

With Lyme and co-infections it is a fine balance and our bodies are very intricate machines I have noticed with Lyme that if we upset the apple cart too much either the body has a hard time coping or the Lyme gets very aggressive.
Routine is the key I believe.

**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**  Copyright 2012-2013  LymeGirl all rights reserved.

Sugar the dangerous substance and Lyme

Hello all,

Sugar is the worst substance one can consume when one has Lyme.
Sugar of any kind feeds the beast and makes it more aggressive as you can see with my stripy leg!
"All because of a caramel and the die off"
Yes this is die off but as Lyme dies off it releases toxins and the lymph nodes have a hard time to unblock the waste that builds up from the die off.
Even if I was on antibiotics this would still happen. It is not because of the MMS or an allergy,no it is sugar that aggravated the situation.
It does look like a heat rash in a sense but alas no it is not a heat rash.
Lyme loves sugar with a passion (well it has to try and survive)

Sugar is bad anyway but for a Lymie it is real bad.
I can eat apples when I have my MMS and yes apples do have fructose sugar but of course that sugar is more natural and I need the pectin in the fresh apple to stop nausea.
Candida as we all know thrives on sugar and Candida and Lyme thrive together and then we can get a Candida overgrowth.
Basically stay away from sugar at all costs especially when you are treating the Lyme.
Lyme Girl
 **Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.** 
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Stripy Leg swollen foot.

Hello all,

Well I have had a bit of a tough time at the moment I am swelling again on my right foot.
I know it's die off and the toxin build up from the die off.
Now this swelling is happening in the cycle of the BB cycle so there is no need to panic it's just very annoying and painful.
I also got a stripy leg yes stripy three stripes on my right leg they did not itch or hurt or burn for that matter.
Again this was die off I looked like I had got sunburn!
Very strange sunburn and no it was not sunburn not at all.
I have uploaded the pictures for everyone to see.
I did have some caramel earlier in the day I know I should not eat sugar but I just could not resist and I paid for that with a stripy leg! never again.
The stripes have now gone but I am left with a little swelling on just a patch of my right foot. Isn't Lyme a strange beast.

"Stripy Right Leg"
This is my stripy right leg.This is not sunburn and it did not hurt or itch and no burning sensation.
"Stripy Right Leg"
Stripy right leg.
"Left Leg"

My left leg no stripes slight swelling on ankle.

As you can see from the pictures the stripes look quite dramatic to say the least. They have gone now and there is no lasting marks or damage.

Lyme girl

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