Sunday, 20 October 2013

MMS Update 2 Years 2 months & 1 week Today !!!

Hello all,

I am still here and I am still going strong!

The Blog has not been abandoned not at all. I have had a very busy month and now the days are getting darker here in the UK I am spending more time inside luckily the weather is still quite warm for this time of year compared to last year.

How have I been?

Well I have gone from strength to strength and in the past month I have also had to deal with a cold!
I have recovered from the cold in record time unlike last year.
Obviously my immune system has a better ability to cope.

Am I still taking the MMS?

Yes I am still taking the MMS and will continue for the foreseeable future.

How are my children?

They too are going from strength to strength and they too had the cold as well.
My eldest is getting so much better she is now attending a place of learning every day to do her GCSE's!
This is quite a milestone in itself because as with most if not all children who either contract the spirochete infection or are born with it they cannot have a productive learning career.

 Burn Out!

 It was a bit of a gamble for her to go to School as from my experience I would be fine for about a month on anything I embarked on bit then I would burn out and become disabled.

We hoped and prayed she would be alright and not have The Burn Out as I call it.

I am still waiting for my burn out as well and as of yet this has not happened either it's a bit like waiting for the other shoe to fall off so to speak.

I suppose having been ill most of my life it will take some time to adjust my brain to the fact that I am on a the healing and getting well path.

Needless to say I do not regret taking MMS not one bit.

Yes Lyme I have won I have beaten you!

Lyme Girlx

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