Saturday, 24 November 2012

Electric shock sensations

Hello all,

I have not written for a little while well because I really had nothing to say.
Then just as one feels well all is quite on the Lyme front low and behold something pops up and rears it's ugly head.
Yes we have had reoccuring bite marks to deal with, I had the stripey leg to deal with, the swelling,the list is endless.
So now I am having to deal with some sharp electric shock type sensations on my scalp and my body yes all over my body.

This is not unusaul for any Lyme sufferer I am sure mine would be worse if I was not treating myself.
Along with the electric shock sensations comes the itching.
I remember way back having the same problems when I was about 17 so that would of been about 7 years after the horse fly bite when I got infected.
It seems to me that my body as I am treating the infection brings up old symptoms I used to have like I am going backwards in time so to speak.
Isn't the spirochete infection strange to say the least!

So that old sensation is back again and like I say if I was not taking MMS it would be a 1000 times worse.
I suppose like all the sympotms I am going through the electric shock sensations and itching will go and just maybe just maybe go for good!
It is all a waiting game and takes a lot of patience on my part to see what will rise it's ugly head next time in the spirochete cycle of death.
Because that is exactly what it is the cycle of death to the spirochetes once and for all!

If you are treating the spirochete infection with either antibiotics or MMS or other remedies bear this in mind you are killing off a parasite that has been around longer than us humans and they are very adaptable to a point this is why it is so important to carry on treatment even after you feel better and well.
Well that is what I keep telling myself.
Yes treatment is a real pain in the backside and yes one does go through lows as well as highs but believe you me treating the infection is oh so worth it rather than not treating and living with the affects of an illness that is oh so debilatating and scary.
Don't give up, stay strong with the treatment you won't regret it.
Lyme Girl
**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**

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Friday, 9 November 2012


Hello all,

I said in my previous post that i would explain why i have been so busy.

Well I have been busy exercising as much as I can, I am applying pacing to this.

By doing the pacing exercise I am finding this is easing the swelling unfortunately I still have the bite mark but I suppose this will take time to go.
 The MMS is working well I have been taking it 16 months so it should be making a difference.
 My co-ordination has improved as have my energy levels which i am very grateful for.
Brain fog has gone  i am thinking clearer than ever before.
 I just have to have a lot of patience with myself (something i sometimes have difficulty with).
Here's hoping that i will eventually be better and in fully working order.
I banked on the MMS taking at least 2 years or more and it is looking as though this is an overestimate.
It looks as though it could  be a shorter time.
The hardest thing for me when I got diagnosed with M.S, was  my life, my career, my dreams and aspirations went on hold or stopped many years ago.
 I came to accept the fact that disability was my way of life and I would probably never have a career again or dreams or aspirations.
 Now I have found out about the Lyme conspiracy and the cover up of chronic Lyme and discovered the connection to M.S and the spirochete infection and finding out that yes M.S can be helped or dare I say it cured by antibiotics
I have to reassess my career my dreams and aspirations because I will have my life taken off hold at last and I will be able to join the rest of the human race which was so drastically taken from me all those years ago with the M.S diagnoses.
Pity there is a double dip recession going on at the moment but hey when I am actually able to start looking for a job and new career lets hope the financial climate would have recovered quicker than the Lyme hey.
Pity we all can't apply MMS to the job market.
As I have said it is all about patience.

Yes maybe one day soon I will be able to start a new career and get off the government benefits and be able to support myself totally.

While I am patiently waiting for this to happen I am now having to start again like when i was at school deciding my future and in some ways this is exciting and in others very daunting as I am older and this time I have two children to support as well.
But hey life is all about challenges isn't it?
Getting rid of a spirochete infection is certainly one of the biggest challenges I have ever had to go through but oh so worth it of course.
I thought the biggest challenge i have ever had to face was rearing children but no siree the biggest is defiantly curing a spirochete infection and as i always say Do Not Give Up! (my new mantra).

Lyme Girl
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