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Syphilis and Lyme what's the difference?

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"If you want to know more about Lyme Look at Syphilis."

I was quite taken aback when I heard this statement, I did not want to admit there was any connection to Lyme and syphilis at all it's not like I had not learned that Borrellia and Syphilis were related but I never wanted to look into Syphilis.
Call it fear or maybe it's from when I was growing up and peoples attitudes towards syphilis and the attitude towards sufferers.
Well I finally decided to take the bull by the horns and really look at Syphilis and compare with Lyme.
I am very glad I did because if i had not I would not of found out about why my eldest was a snuffly baby and why the excess of mucous. I carried the guilt because I thought it was my fault as any parent would.

What is the difference between Syphilis and Lyme?

The two organisms names are Borrellia burgdorferii (BB) and Treponema palladium respectively.
There are similarities in their infectious symptoms. They are both "corkscrew" or spiral shaped.
They share less than half of the DNA.
They are both spirochetes and both the two most commonly associated with human diseases within that family.
Because of the difference in their DNA you wouldn't expect both diseases to cause similar symptoms but they do.
They are both great imitators Syphilis being the first Lyme the second.
Both diseases occur in 3 distinct phases:
1.Infection (sometimes a rash in Lyme in syphilis a  sore on the vagina or penis or another part of the body) headaches stiff neck Not widespread throughout the body.
2.Symptoms (Affecting the joints,organs, nervous system (Disseminated Lyme/Syphilis second stage)
3.Symptoms Chronic Lyme with Syphilis tertiary stage.Utterly debilitating.
Symptoms can come and go as disease can go dormant.
Both can remain unactivated for up to 50 years or more.
Syphillis is transmitted human to human via sexual contact whereas Lyme is from a bite from a tick or other biting insects both can be passed through the placenta, breast milk.
There is evidence Lyme can be passed by bodily fluids and passed via human to animal and vice versa.

Syphilis is a very old disease it has been with us and records show since 1492 and probably before this.
Many famous people have had syphilis Napoleon Bonaparte,Franz Schubert, Henry V111, Oscar Wilde, Scott Joplin,Adolf Hitler,Vincent van Gogh, Ivan The Terrible, Karen Bixan, Al Capone, Hugo Wolf, Mao Zedong and there are many more.
Before antibiotics Syphillis was very hard to treat it almost ceased to exist until it started to resurface due to AIDS/HIV infections.

Then there was the Tuskegee experiments where in 1932 400 black men who had Syphilis were recruited these men were left untreated Reason? to see the natrual progression of the disease in African Americans because back then many believed the physiologies of blacks was different!.
This experiment went on for 40 years.
Syphillis can be treated with penicillin which has been around since the 1940's.
If the men on the experiment heard about the cure of penicillin they tried to get it but were talked out of it by an African American Nurse Miss Eunice Rivers You can watch "Miss Ever's Boys based on the story.
What was found with this experiment?

Well the inevitable 128 died directly or indirectly from Syphilis, 40 infected their wives and had 19 children who were born  and congenitally infected wow I hope that experiment gave the powers that be what they were looking for.

Syphillis symptoms

Well Syphilis and Lyme are so similar as the symptoms of syphilis are nearly the same Syphilis symptoms are:

Flu-like symptoms
Patchy hair loss
Skin rashes
Sore throat
Swollen glands
Weight loss
Gradual loss of vision
Loss of muscle coordination
Cardiovascular symptoms
Neurological symptoms include tabes, a myelin degeneration around nerves,   which can result in: unsteady gait, lighting pains and incontinence.
Other neurological symptoms include: palsy, seizures, ataxia and paralysis. Neurosyphilis used to be called “general paralysis of the insane”, the result of a debauched and intemperate life!
A progressive dementia characterized by memory problems, disorientation
Mood disturbances
Personality changes, apathy, poor judgment. About 10% to 20% of people
with neurosyphilis experience psychosis symptoms that include hallucinations
and paranoia.
The Herx one gets while treating Lyme first became recognized with Syphilis.

As you can see Lyme and Syphillis are similar and it is quite shocking that they could be.
There is more information about syphilis than there is Lyme and there is more information about congenital syphilis than congenital Lyme.
I would suggest you have a read of this book by John Stokes called "The Third Great Plague" -" A Discussion of Syphilis for everyday people" a free ebook
This book was first produced in 1917 it is well worth a read to learn more about Lyme because as  I said if you need to know more about Lyme look at Syphilis.

A link to a site about congenital syphilis there are pictures on this site 

 As I have said by my research I have had many questions answered about my own children and my symptoms with regards to Lyme.
Sometimes when I look at Lyme and how it is totally misdiagnosed and untreated I feel perhaps there is a new Tuskegee experiment going on but this time with us all.


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