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Congenital Lyme Re-occurring Bulls Eye Rash

Hello all,

I was bitten by a Horse fly about 30 years ago and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis age 22 but as I have quoted Lida Mattman "Multiple Sclerosis should be renamed Multiple Spirocehtes" so I deduced (well the NHS etc  had let me down and nobody that I must have Chronic Lyme which is debilitating anyway so in many respects not a lot changed for me
The only thing that has changed is the fact that I am now treating the infection.
Because I was untreated for the spirocethe infection from the horse fly bite the infection became chronic and as the spirocehte infection/s are contagious unknowingly I had two children because one is told it's ok to have children if you have M.S.
I never would of spread this to anyone if I had known the truth, the facts.
Thank goodness I know now and at least I can treat myself and my loved ones.

The Bulls Eye type rash

The other day my youngest daughter flared up in the same old Bulls eye type rash again refer to pictures:

"Bulls eye type rash left arm"

"Bulls eye rash right hand"

"Rash right wrist"

"Rash on left hand"
"Bulls eye type rash Right forearm"

"Inside Right elbow area"

"Bulls eye rash whole left hand"

"Re-occurring bulls eye type rash on Left wrist"

"Bulls Eye Type rash on inside right forearm"

"Re-occurring Bulls Eye Type rash on hand"

"Bulls Eye Type reoccurring rash"

"Elbow Lyme type re-occurring rash"

 A Child's view who has congenital Lyme/Spirochete infection

Now these pictures are quite shocking to say the least, my daughter wanted the pictures taken and to be put on this blog for others to see and to help others.
She says the rashes feel like " Tingling pain, a bit worse than nettle rash. Most of the time I don't know if they will get bigger or smaller or stay the same. Sometimes they are very itchy and they prevent me from moving my wrist with ease because the skin is rough and feels thicker and hurts and aches.The skin is very dry and flaky.
When I touch any surface it burns and hurts.It does not matter what creams or moisture's I put on the rashes nothing helps except when i have a MMS bath does help and eventually the rashes do go away and skin gets back to normal and no sign of the rash and there is no lasting damage.
When it has gone I think how did i ever live with these rashes.
Sometimes the rashes can last a couple of weeks sometimes a couple of months the bigger the rash the harder it is for it to go away. Before the MMS treatment the rashes I used to get consumed my whole body my face, neck, legs, torso, hands, feet and ankles surprisingly never my back
Now just my arms,hands,face and just my left knee.It feels like I have a rash life.
The rashes would really badly flare up in heat.
I can never forget I have a rash, it is always there night and day but then when it goes completely I can forget it was ever there"

Finding a cure....

We have lived with these type rashes the whole of my children's lives.
Before I found out about Lyme,Spirochete infection I would take my children to the Dr's and skin specialists and no one had an answer to what was wrong with my children.
We changed diet, washing powder, soaps, used creams and lotions all to no avail.
Now we know the truth and what the actual cause is and are treating with MMS all of our lives are a whole lot better.
Even though the rashes now do look very dramatic they are far less troublesome for my children.
As a mum before the MMS treatment it used to break my heart watching my kids have all these rashes and I was at the time unable to help them as much as I tried.
Thank goodness now my kids are being treated properly even though it does take time we will get there in the end and my children and I will be Spirochete free.

Hot Potato

Congenital Lyme/spirochete infection is very real and obviously a very hot political potato but the truth must be told as far and wide as possible to stop the needless suffering of so many, so that the children who do have congenital spirochete infection can be treated very simply with antibiotics or MMS and live healthy happy lives without disability.

I had a partly disabled childhood and teens my children did too but now at least my children will have a non disabled adulthood we have MMS to thank for this and I am sure if we had taken antibiotics instead we could have the same results the MMS was thousands times cheaper and a lot less harmful with a no side affects.

Safety Net gone.....

Seeing as the UK welfare system is now being so dramatically changed and sick and disabled people are being deemed fit for work even though they are unable to work due to illness and disability and there is no longer the financial safety net for us it is imperative well for my children and I to treat this spirocehte infection to at least enable us not to eventually need that safety net if possible.
I would hope many others in the UK (and of course anywhere around the world) would be able to treat their own autoimmune diseases that are connected to Lyme/spirocehte infection so they too can lead healthy happy lives and also be able to have back their careers or even have a career.
I never thought it possible that there was a treatment for any autoimmune disease and one could have ones life back. I had just resigned myself to the fact that M.S was a part of life and that was that and I would just have to get used to it that I would need help for the rest of my life and I was just going to be lucky if I lived past age 50!
I have got one over on the M.S/Lyme now and I am taking back what it stole from me!

MMS is not a bleach!

Any naysayers out there who still claim MMS is "bleach" and is "bad" obviously have not tried it and are just scaring others away from the one thing that could actually save lives and give people their lives back.
This is another reason I started this blog to spread the information about Lyme/Spirocehte infection, autoimmune disease connection and other diseases and to show others our progress with the MMS and to show that it works for us.
10 million people can't be wrong maybe there is more who are taking MMS I wouldn't know.
It's worth having a look at Jim Humbles site to get more information about MMS here :
Or have a look around this blog for my MMS updates.
I do not make any money from the sale of MMS or even recommending MMS I just want people to have happy healthy lives.

Good luck with treating a Lyme/spirocehte/Mycoplasma infection and do not give up.
Best wishes
Lyme Girl x

**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**
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