Sunday, 31 March 2013

MMS Update 19 Months & 2 weeks

Hello All,

We have reached another milestone with treatment with MMS for the Spirochete/Lyme infections.

The improvements have continued if anything have got better and more!.

My sleeping pattern is much much better than I have ever had since the Horsefly bite.
My physical strength is improving everyday and Brainfog is lifting every day as well.

Am I still on the same dose of MMS?

Yes I am and I still take MMS in the morning and before bed. I still use it for brushing teeth and do still have MMS baths.

Do I still need help? 

Well yes I do but the help is different to before the healing is going to take time.

Could I hold down a full time Job yet?

No not yet but i have had this Illness for a large part of my life. I am willing to give it time. I have goals that I want to achieve with regards to this.

Could I take part in sport yet?

I could not do this either, I could not do disabled sport either yet due to the fact I do still herx and yes I do get swelling and with that comes pain.

I have noticed that I have to give myself lots of breaks I cannot repeat the same procedure over and over again for extended amounts of time because I would pay for that so in some ways just as it is with Multiple Sclerosis my recovery time is a lot shorter though. This is why I could not hold down a full time Job especially if I do get a cold or something like Norovirus which did take it's toll on me and recovery wasn't that fast. Refer to this page:
and this page :

Please don't let the above put you off from treating yourself with antibiotics or MMS because treating the infection will take time if one does have Chronic Lyme/BB/Mycoplasma infection your body does need time to heal all the damage the spirochetes have caused.

Treating the infection is so worth it to break the chains of disability caused by an infection.

Lyme Girlx

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Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Chains of Multiple Sclerosis & Autoimmune Disease

Hello all,

As I have quoted Lida Mattman many times over with regards to Lyme/BB/Spirochtete infection and M.S.
I quote "Multiple Sclerosis should be renamed Multiple Spirochetes".

Anyone who has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis must keep this in the forefront of the mind because it is oh so easy to forget that Multiple Sclerosis is a Spirochete infection the MRI scans prove this, even though the radiographers and neurologists etc cannot say so.

Multiple Sclerosis is an infection, it is an infection that can be treated with antibiotics or other treatments like MMS. It is not just something that no one knows how it comes to be, or that no one knows how to cure it or no one knows the best form of treatment like so many other autoimmune diseases.

Lida Mattman is no longer with us but her message lives on and should be told as much as possible so no one forgets or that it is brushed under the carpet very conveniently and the labels of the autoimmune diseases  just dished out to people who do not know what they suffering from, which can be very scary don't I know that.

Instead of people being told the actual truth and being given the right treatment for an infection not just medicines that treat the symptoms.
I feel it is a crying shame that when a person is in fear and suffering that they are not told the facts and the person just has to suffer from day of diagnoses forever more with a label.
This is one of the main reasons I started this blog to try and spread the truth about autoimmune diseases and the connection to Spirochete infections.
When one is diagnosed with something like M.S ones world changes forever one loses ones freedom.

Chains of Disability

I lost my freedom with the chains of being disabled my freedoms had been taken away with the diagnose of Multiple Sclerosis 
I felt excluded from society, my life stopped I was now classed as disabled many did not understand and many had absolutely no sympathy at all. It was like I was an outcast not quite right, unable to hold down a job or take part in many social events because there was no where to sit.

It is hard for anyone to imagine what it is like being a prisoner in ones own body.
There is no way of increasing your own income and you become reliant on benefits which becomes your only source of income because the chains of the disability prevent you from holding down a job or actually being able to do a job physically, mentally or emotionally.
I felt like a non human. I am sure everyone goes through this who has been diagnosed with a autoimmune disease and has become disabled.


I had no idea that the diagnose the label I was given was connected to a Horse fly bite I got when I was 9 years old. Why would I know?
We trust the Doctors
We trust the pharmaceutical companies
We trust they will help us and treat our conditions.
Why would they hold back on the truth?

I had no idea my own children would also be infected or my husband or even my pets.
There was never a thought that because of that one bite my friends at school and close friends would also be infected.
That the infection could cause sudden infant death syndrome.


Now I have the truth the answer to free me from the chains that bind me the disability chains.
I can now  treat myself and my children so that once and for all we can become humans again especially in these times of uncertainty for all disabled people.
Everyone else can also get rid of those chains of disability that an autoimmune disease creates once and for all with the right treatment  we just need to spread the information as much as possible to as many as possible to give back the freedom that has been lost.

I have never said treating chronic infection would be easy but in so many ways it is easier than living with an autoimmune disease.
OK the treatment whether it's antibiotics or MMS does not work over night but it is a darn sight better than not treating and succumbing to the illness and becoming chained and loosing your freedom.

So many go into denial and refuse to treat the infection and this too is a crying shame.

Keep remembering that Lida Mattman did find that most if not all autoimmune diseases main cause is a Spirochete infection please refer to this very good video and see for yourself :

Lida Mattman focused her attention in culturing the Spirochete from blood samples,she did find a method and now most Laboratories use these methods.
When Lida Mattman was asked "Is M.S a spirochetal infection?" she replied with an unequivocal  "Yes".
For myself that just says it all not only did Lida Mattman say this about Multiple Sclerosis but her findings also included other diseases.

It is now time for the Truth to be spread far and wide with regards to Multiple Sclerosis how many more have to suffer with this debilitating disease with no hope in sight?
How many more people with any autoimmune disease have to suffer in silence with the chains of disability?

Please spread the word as much as you can about the real truth about Multiple Sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases and tell as many as possible that they can be treated and given their freedom back.
We all have to come out of denial.

Lyme/Spirochete infection does exist and it has reached epidemic proportions you can be born with it, it can be sexually transmitted, it is spread by many different insects these are facts.

Stop the needless suffering

I just don't want to see anymore needless suffering it has to stop.

The truth must be told and people must be able to break their chains of disability and gain back their freedom.

It can be done the right treatment is all it takes and of course knowing the truth.

I wish I had of known the truth when I was first diagnosed or even when I got bitten I could of been saved from years and years of pain and suffering.

My children would of been saved from having congenital Lyme/Spirochete/Mycoplasma infections.

We the human race deserve good health well that's my belief anyway.


**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**
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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Painful Shins & Lyme

Hello All,

Boy when is Spring going to arrive here in the UK?

This ongoing cold freezing weather is going on and it's never ending!

The price I pay for such cold weather is my joints and bones. I used to go cold from the inside out this is hard to explain, now since I have been treating myself my internal thermostat seems to keep my body at a constant warmth even  when I venture outside.
This is a good thing.
Now since this Springs bout of snow here in the UK something we have not seen since the 60's, before my time, my shins have really hurt.

My shins feel as though I have done 50 rounds in a football match being constantly kicked! They feel bruised and battered.
This is impeding my walking ability (my legs are quite stiff).

Lyme Fragments

Now I know about the experiment with the mice refer to this page:

The fact the scientists found that even when the mice were clear of any living BB the Lyme fragments from the dead BB would still be present and wherever the fragments rested i.e joints the fragments would cause swelling and I presume pain but mice can't speak so we will never know if they actually experienced pain with the fragments and the swelling, I know I do!

Well my shins as I said are quite painful I do not have the stripy leg this time refer to this page :

Or the swollen foot bit I do have very sore shins!.
The bone does feel slightly swollen well the skin does there is really not a lot visible to the naked eye but I can sure feel something going on that's for sure.

I remember when......

Perhaps this is living Lyme causing the pain or perhaps it's the fragments or both I do remember after the bite from the horse fly, we used to visit my Great Grandmother in Scotland and the temperature change would be quite drastic for me, I would be rolling around in agony rubbing my shins tears pouring down my face for at least the first week of us being there, yes it would take me at least a week to get acclimatised to the temperature change.
The shin pain would come whenever I would have to go through drastic temperature changes mainly from warm to cold. My mother would take me to the G.P only to be told I was suffering from growing pains of all things!
How many other people suffering from a undiagnosed Spirochete infection are palmed off with such a load of twaddle
Most children who get Lyme do get swollen knees which become very painful I suppose for me my shins were the main problem area.

Maybe it was because I fell on my right shin when I was about 3 and had a huge gash a scar I have had since and perhaps because of this the Spirochetes have attacked the most.
Yes I have always had clicky knees (since the bite) and my knees have also been weak but I have not had what the children had in the towns of  Lyme and Old Lyme, Connecticut USA  identified in 1975.

Since Treatment......

Since treating with MMS my shins have only just recently flared up since this Spring snow but at least I am not rolling around in pain with tears pouring down my face could that be my age?
I know with the MMS this symptom will lift maybe when the Spring does finally arrive in the UK,  I will be mobile and pain free again and hopefully this will be the last time my shins will ever be affected again..... well here's hoping.

The stripy leg has not come back.......
No one said treating the spirochete infection/s would be easy or quick for that matter it defiantly is like running a marathon rather than a sprint!.
I will just have to keep on with the MMS even when I feel better and symptom free but you know it will be so worth it after having an undiagnosed infection for 30 years of my life, having so much stolen from me by the spirochetes! I will overcome this.
Keep on going never give up!

Lyme Girlx

**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**
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Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Real Story of Norovirus & Flu

Hello all,

Norovirus was a really hard illness to get over I know the advice is it takes 75 hours but it didn't with me and not only that I got the flu straight after probably because my immune system was down because of the Norovirus.

Well the flu really did take it's toll on me maybe it was the fact my body was already dealing with the Lyme healing.

What I have noticed is my brain fog was real bad since January and it has only been for the last couple of weeks I can now safely say my brain fog has lifted once and for all.
My energy levels are better no more than better.
The annoying cough is going nearly has gone now.

 The Real Story...

The real story of the Norovirus and the flu is that both do last longer than is stated  and that some symptoms are harder to go than others.

I did not take antibiotics for either illness and maybe they would of gone quicker if I had of taken antibiotics but there is a part of me which does disagree.
No I just stuck to the MMS and I would say it probably worked as well as any antibiotic could of ever of done.

My Throat&Voice

What I also noticed was my throat and voice were affected by the flu now my job is a speaking job so became quite a challenge to say the least.
I will say it felt exactly as it did when I lost my swallow all those years ago only this time I did not lose my ability to swallow thank goodness.

My voice would come and go and the only remedy for this was Cadburys drinking chocolate. I am not advertising here not at all. I tried all sorts from luxury to cheap and the only one that worked for me and kept my voice working and my throat working was cadburys believe it or not.

Now I do not know why only this brand worked but hey at least I could do my job.
I thought I would post this in case anyone else had the same problem as myself and could not find a solution or anything to help.

Some may say it is pshcological some may not believe me I personally do not care if any one believes me or not Cadburys worked for me.

I am still drinking it and my voice is slowly but surely less affected I don't lose my voice as much as I was it is not as crackly as before.

Well maybe a lot of my symptoms were to do with die off of the Lyme/Spirochetes or maybe a lot had to do with the fact that Lyme does communicate with other bacteria and therefore made it harder who knows at least now I am back to normal and able to at least go through each day with more energy.

Lyme Girlx

**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**
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Friday, 8 March 2013

Coriander, Sage, Ginger and Zinc

Hello all,

I have started to take Molasses water with Sage and Coriander every morning after the MMS (an hour

after) as all of these are helpful to detox the body and not only that they help when treating Lyme/Spirochete infection.


I also use a Zinc cream as normal moisturisers do not work for reoccurring Lyme bites or to put this a better way reoccurring bite type marks.

I use Zinc cream for rashes as well and any marks connected to the Lyme/Spirochete infection and hexes.

The Molasses water concoction has helped and has really helped with detoxing.
This should be drunk in the morning as it does give a lot of energy take it from me it keeps you awake!

Coriander is a wonderful herb!

Coriander is a very powerful herb and has many health benefits.

Traditionally it is a perennial herb and has a sweet smelling aroma.

The leaves contain:
Minerals which are: Vitamin C, Calcium, Phosphorous,Iron, Calcium, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Sodium,Potassium, Oxalic acid.

Health benefits

Coriander can help digestion by helping proper  secretion of enzymes and digestive juices and can stimulate digestion motion and peristaltic motion.

Reduce fevers,

Help Flem,

Reduce Swelling Cineole, one of the 11 components of the essential oil, and linoleic acid, present in coriander, possess anti rheumatic and anti arthritic properties, which are very beneficial for swelling caused due to these two reasons. or  swelling due to malfunctioning of kidney or anaemia.

Helps nausea,indigestion,dysentery, reduces pain.

It can be used internally and externally

Coriander is an excellent antiseptic and can be used for mouth ulcers,

Skin disorders  The disinfectant, detoxifying, anti-septic, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant properties of cumin are ideal for curing skin disorders such as eczema, dryness and fungal infections.

Eye care,


Blood sugar  Due the stimulating effect of cumin on the endocrine glands, the secretion of insulin is increased from pancreas which increases the insulin level in the blood, thereby helping proper assimilation and absorption of sugar and resultant fall in the sugar level in the blood. This property is very beneficial for the diabetes patients and others too.

It can be used for Menstrual disorders by helping proper secretion of hormones.

Coriander helps cure ulcer, inflammation, spasm and acts as an expectorant, protects and soothes liver. It is anti-carcinogenic, anti-convulsant, anti-histamine and hypnotic.

We also sprinkle coriander on our food every day as well as drinking the molasses water with cut up coriander in the water every day.

Molasses is a good sugar!

Molasses is full of nutritional value and contains many minerals:
calcium, magnesium, copper, manganese, iron, potassium

Just two teaspoons a day is enough for the RDA for the above Blackstrap molasses is the best.
It has been known to help in curing fibroid, anaemia, anxiety, constipation, arthritic pain, heart palpitations, etc.
It also helps to turn Gray hair back to its original colour.
We do also use it in cooking but for our healing we use it in the water.
Apparently it also is good for cancer prevention not sure if this is anecdotal or not.

Sage the antioxidant....

 Sage is a great antioxidant and has many properties. It is a antinflammatory and can be easily absorbed.
It can provide better brain function and some use it to treat Alzheimer's.
Sage can also help with the menopause and can also help with diabetes and help boost insulin action.
We also add sage to our food as well as drinking the molasses water.

Ginger the great antiinflammatory!

Ginger can relieve painful swelling and helps arthritis.

Helps nausea and can also help with circulation and digestive problems.

It makes platelets less sticky so this in turn helps the circulation system. Of course it also helps with colds and can also help with allergies.

Ginger also helps as an antioxidant and helps to clear gas and helps bowel disorders.

Can relive headaches helps menstrual regularity.

Helps to stop the spread of cancers too!

Helps promote  healthy skin, hair, nails and  teeth.

We also add ginger to the molasses water and sprinkle on our food.

This is what we are using as well as the MMS and I have noticed a difference it really is helping with my healing from Lyme/Spirochete infection.

Lyme Girlx

**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**
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