Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Chains of Multiple Sclerosis & Autoimmune Disease

Hello all,

As I have quoted Lida Mattman many times over with regards to Lyme/BB/Spirochtete infection and M.S.
I quote "Multiple Sclerosis should be renamed Multiple Spirochetes".

Anyone who has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis must keep this in the forefront of the mind because it is oh so easy to forget that Multiple Sclerosis is a Spirochete infection the MRI scans prove this, even though the radiographers and neurologists etc cannot say so.

Multiple Sclerosis is an infection, it is an infection that can be treated with antibiotics or other treatments like MMS. It is not just something that no one knows how it comes to be, or that no one knows how to cure it or no one knows the best form of treatment like so many other autoimmune diseases.

Lida Mattman is no longer with us but her message lives on and should be told as much as possible so no one forgets or that it is brushed under the carpet very conveniently and the labels of the autoimmune diseases  just dished out to people who do not know what they suffering from, which can be very scary don't I know that.

Instead of people being told the actual truth and being given the right treatment for an infection not just medicines that treat the symptoms.
I feel it is a crying shame that when a person is in fear and suffering that they are not told the facts and the person just has to suffer from day of diagnoses forever more with a label.
This is one of the main reasons I started this blog to try and spread the truth about autoimmune diseases and the connection to Spirochete infections.
When one is diagnosed with something like M.S ones world changes forever one loses ones freedom.

Chains of Disability

I lost my freedom with the chains of being disabled my freedoms had been taken away with the diagnose of Multiple Sclerosis 
I felt excluded from society, my life stopped I was now classed as disabled many did not understand and many had absolutely no sympathy at all. It was like I was an outcast not quite right, unable to hold down a job or take part in many social events because there was no where to sit.

It is hard for anyone to imagine what it is like being a prisoner in ones own body.
There is no way of increasing your own income and you become reliant on benefits which becomes your only source of income because the chains of the disability prevent you from holding down a job or actually being able to do a job physically, mentally or emotionally.
I felt like a non human. I am sure everyone goes through this who has been diagnosed with a autoimmune disease and has become disabled.


I had no idea that the diagnose the label I was given was connected to a Horse fly bite I got when I was 9 years old. Why would I know?
We trust the Doctors
We trust the pharmaceutical companies
We trust they will help us and treat our conditions.
Why would they hold back on the truth?

I had no idea my own children would also be infected or my husband or even my pets.
There was never a thought that because of that one bite my friends at school and close friends would also be infected.
That the infection could cause sudden infant death syndrome.


Now I have the truth the answer to free me from the chains that bind me the disability chains.
I can now  treat myself and my children so that once and for all we can become humans again especially in these times of uncertainty for all disabled people.
Everyone else can also get rid of those chains of disability that an autoimmune disease creates once and for all with the right treatment  we just need to spread the information as much as possible to as many as possible to give back the freedom that has been lost.

I have never said treating chronic infection would be easy but in so many ways it is easier than living with an autoimmune disease.
OK the treatment whether it's antibiotics or MMS does not work over night but it is a darn sight better than not treating and succumbing to the illness and becoming chained and loosing your freedom.

So many go into denial and refuse to treat the infection and this too is a crying shame.

Keep remembering that Lida Mattman did find that most if not all autoimmune diseases main cause is a Spirochete infection please refer to this very good video and see for yourself :

Lida Mattman focused her attention in culturing the Spirochete from blood samples,she did find a method and now most Laboratories use these methods.
When Lida Mattman was asked "Is M.S a spirochetal infection?" she replied with an unequivocal  "Yes".
For myself that just says it all not only did Lida Mattman say this about Multiple Sclerosis but her findings also included other diseases.

It is now time for the Truth to be spread far and wide with regards to Multiple Sclerosis how many more have to suffer with this debilitating disease with no hope in sight?
How many more people with any autoimmune disease have to suffer in silence with the chains of disability?

Please spread the word as much as you can about the real truth about Multiple Sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases and tell as many as possible that they can be treated and given their freedom back.
We all have to come out of denial.

Lyme/Spirochete infection does exist and it has reached epidemic proportions you can be born with it, it can be sexually transmitted, it is spread by many different insects these are facts.

Stop the needless suffering

I just don't want to see anymore needless suffering it has to stop.

The truth must be told and people must be able to break their chains of disability and gain back their freedom.

It can be done the right treatment is all it takes and of course knowing the truth.

I wish I had of known the truth when I was first diagnosed or even when I got bitten I could of been saved from years and years of pain and suffering.

My children would of been saved from having congenital Lyme/Spirochete/Mycoplasma infections.

We the human race deserve good health well that's my belief anyway.


**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**
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