The Lyme Coverup

Myths and misguided advice

What have you heard about Lyme disease in the past 30 years?
Lyme is rare or scary can easily be treated by antibiotics and it goes away? If you get tested for Lyme and test is negative you cannot possibly have Lyme?
Lyme is only in the U.S.A not Britain or anywhere else in the world ?
Ticks only spread Lyme?
It can't be passed via the placenta?
Not sexually transmitted?
Antibiotics upon a bite will clear infection?

Unfortunately a lot of the above are misguided and not 100% true. 

This is why it so important to do your own research if you suspect you do have Lyme or a co-infection

Why do conventional doctors and the medical establishment tell their patients all the strange symptoms  is all in their head?

Lyme and co-infections are not rare it's bigger than the AIDS epidemic!

Lyme The Great Imitator 

The bacteria spirochetes Borrelia burgdorferi are closely related to syphilis another great imitator.
It was Dr Willy Burgdorfer who discovered the Lyme bacteria.

The infected  tick or other sort of parasitic insect  feeds the backwash enters the host and transmits Lyme.
The corkscrew spirochetes wreak havoc, drilling into any healthy cells and tissue. They create painful, crippling neurological and immunological damage.

When Borellia first started to be known Doctors only knew it resembled syphilis. but remained unaware of how widespread this illness was or is or what the political implications were or even the medical clash.
 n recent years, the CDC has reported over 35,000 new Lyme cases annually but admit that since it is so overlooked the actual number may be 12 times higher, up to 420,000 cases each year.
Think of how much more likely it is to contract Lyme than the media-touted West Nile virus which is only reported at around 1,300 cases annually. If the actual number of Lyme cases is even just a modest amount above the CDC’s 35,000, then Lyme is far more prevalent than AIDS, reported at 39,000 cases annually.
Since 1982, the number of cases continues to climb and spike prompting media reports and health officials to label it epidemic as early as 1989. Reported cases have tripled since 1992. Every summer we hear the same cautionary reports. Yet doctors constantly tell their patients “You don’t have Lyme” or “Lyme only happens in such-and-such state, not here.”

Lyme is a Global

Patients often look normal and are told they have M.S., Lou Gehrig’s, psychological disorders, Parkinson’s, ADHD but not Lyme. Therefore, many walk around with Lyme and have no clue why they are so ill, why treatments don’t work and are left to wonder. Many are left to die.

 Lyme patients often state that they’ve seen an average of 30 doctors

Lyme disease antibodies can be detected early with a blood test. If caught early it can be treated with an inexpensive bottle of antibiotics. But that is rarely the case. Patients are told it’s not Lyme, it won’t be tested for, it’s something else and so the struggle begins…
When the patient remains ill, why, it couldn’t possibly be chronic Lyme because doctors view it as acute and are not allowed to believe chronic Lyme exists. If “acute” Lyme isn’t cured with two weeks of antibiotics, which it won’t be if the bacteria has taken hold due to waiting, then the patient is told it must be something else and years of sickness, pain, and ineffective treatments ensue.

The spirochtes can hide from antibiotics and hide from the immune system. Unfortunatley many are prescribed immusuppressant drugs which is not productive with regards to Lyme.
The Lyme patient needs years of antibiotics which is the conventional treatment for Lyme.
The CDC insists chronic Lyme be called post treatment Lyme disease and they openly admit that the first round of treatment may not bring a cure and patients could be in for a long ride of pain.

Guidelines for Lyme

The Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA), made up of a board of doctors, created within themselves an authority to write the rule book on all things Lyme. It is the absolute bane of both the Lyme community and conscientious doctors everywhere.
They are the ones who decided that there is no chronic Lyme, that it’s easy to treat and cure, and will be cured within two weeks of oral antibiotics or else the patient has another infirmity. Doctors must follow their diagnosis and treatment guidelines or face punishment from state medical boards. Patients’ proof of cure never sways the boards – doctors broke the rules.
Out of the 400 references listed in the back of the guidelines, over half of them are directed at articles that they and their teams wrote. They have closed the door on outside contrary research.
These are the very guidelines insurance companies consult to deny medical treatment coverage. The majority of complaints that lead to doctors’ suspensions come from insurance companies, not patients or other physicians. The insurance companies wish to rid doctors who cost them the most.
The trio of insurance companies, Lyme guidelines, and Big Pharma restrict consumer choice in medical care and extort these patients.
The British NHS goes by the IDSA Guidelines regarding Lyme.

Watch Under Our Skin for more mind blowing information. Find out about the doctor who discovered an actual link between the Lyme spirochetes and disorders like dementia, Alzeimer’s, M.S. and more. One alternative health practitioner has not seen one M.S., ALS or Parkinson’s patient in the last five years who did not test positive for Borrelia burgdorferi.

You will also see proof that Lyme inflicted mothers experience multiple miscarriages and their babies are riddled with the disease. Babies who survive often develop late stage neurological damage during childhood and adolescence. All events that the IDSA swear have never happened. They insist that Lyme cannot be spread to the unborn child.

Biological Warfare

"How tragic would be the irony if an agency established control and find cures for diseases caused instead their proliferation."
--Comment on Plum Island's Biological Warfare Research, quoted in Lab 257 

The question is "Is Lyme a Biological weapon that was released on an unsuspecting public?"
There are many sources out there on the internet to suggest yes.

The book Lab257 is well worth a read 

This Video by Dr Len Horrowitz explains further the history of Lyme and BB 

The Lyme Trials 1963-1975 

The Lyme Bay BW Field Trials were conducted in public areas of southern England by military scientists from the Microbiological Research Establishment, Porton Down. They involved the dissemination, from a ship, of massive aerosols of two types of live bacteria: E.coli MRE162 and Bacillus globigii. These particular Cold War experiments were conducted during the years 1963-1975. In 1971 and 1975, military scientists from the US Army and US Navy assisted MRE Porton Down in the conduct of these public area BW experiments.

**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care proffessional.**

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