Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Dizziness of Lyme and Co-infections

Hello all,

Yes I have been there the room spinning round and around I wouldn't know if it was ever going to stop.
At least with a fairground ride or roller coaster you know that will come to an end and when.

With the dizziness with Lyme you never know you never have the promise of it stopping.
The whole experience is very scary and many do not understand what it is like They can only have a wild guess.

When I had the dizziness or as my neurologist called it Vertigo my whole life was put on pause.
I of course could not drive, watch T.V read listening to music mad me feel sick.

All I could do was wear sunglasses and shut my eyes but even then with my eyes shut the dizzy sensation was still there, then the headache would start.Could the medical proffession do anything?
Back then no I did try air sickness pills but that was to no avail.
Maybe now there are drugs to help I wouldn't know as I am not a qualified doctor.

All I can say is from my experience with MMS I have not had any  dizziness quite like a I used to before treatment.

Now every now and again I do get a light headed feeling and I feel slightly dizzy but it only lasts for well the longest for me was 5 minutes unlike before where sometimes the dizziness would last a week sometimes up to a month!

I am just so grateful that I do not suffer like I used to.
The last dizzy spell I did have was about 4 months ago now.

We shall have to see if it will ever come back and how much the MMS has eradicated the bacteria.
I hope and pray that I have seen the last of the dizziness.

Lyme Girl

Lyme Girl
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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Rib Tightness the Hug and Lyme

Hello all,

I have not written for a few days as I have been enjoying the sunshine sorry folks.

I was talking to a fellow Lyme sufferer the other day and they reminded me of the tightness around the waist area.

Now if you have been diagnosed with M.S you will be told "Oh that's called the M.S hug"
If you have been diagnosed I suppose with any other disease the tight feeling is the ..... hug.

After talking to my friend I remembered way back that yes I too suffered with the tight feeling and it was most uncomfortable to say the least especially if you are pregnant.
I wonder why one would get this particular sensation?

I suppose it is all about where the bacteria are in the body and which part of the nervous system is being affected.

Lyme can be a tricky so and so can't it.

I do have to admit I have not had the Hug now since I started the MMS but that's not to say I may not or may get it again I just might it's a bit of a waiting game when treating Lyme with antibiotics or other treatments.

But hey I am willing to do the waiting game and just deal with whatever happens as the Lyme and co-infections are eradicated out of my body i know it will be worth it.

Lyme Girl
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Sunday, 22 July 2012

The difference between Men and Women and Lyme

Hello all,

When I was at my local M.S Therapy center the other day something caught my eye on the wall. There was various pieces of statements one that struck me was "More women than Men suffer from M.S".
I kind of already knew this but it made me think more deeply regarding Lyme and the difference between men and women.

Does Lyme affect Men differently?

I investigated further by a google search and yes low and behold the answer is yes.
In studies it showed Women do display more symptoms than men.
in the studies Women do get more joint pain,muscle pain, back pain, neck pain, headaches, heart palpitations, nausea, anxiety, numbness and tingling and changes in vision.

Women's test results are different as well.women when tested for Lyme will test negative more often than Men.
It seems in some cases Mens test results come back positive sooner than women.
There must be a reason for this.
Could it be that men do have a immunological variation when infected with a spirochete infection.
It has also been found that women of reproduction age handle infections better.women's antibody's are higher as well.
But and this is the crux of the matter Women's immune response fluctuates with the menstrual cycle.
Oestrogen stimulates the immune system whereas testosterone is a suppressor.
When women go through the menopause the Oestrogen levels drop therefor the immune stimulation drops which leads to a different  immune status. Women are more likely to be re-infected maybe because of this.
IL-10 (an interieukin) is produced in higher amounts in women than in men.
This is responsible in inhibiting some of the genes in Borrellia, but it can also empower some of the genes too.
The difference between men and women and spirochete infection does need to be studied further.

 Now I have found out that there is a difference in men and women and spirochete infection it all makes sense, with regards to my family yes the women did seem to suffer more from pain in the joints and neck and back.
My brother seemed to be more affected in the bowel area and his cognetive function was very affected he was servery dyslexic as was my uncle who by the way used to horse ride until he had to give it up as his knees got very affected.
My father well he developed dermopolymyocictis which very nearly killed him.
My brother did get diagnosed with M.S at age 20 but his M.S presented itself differently to my M.S.

So Lyme does sexually discriminate how unfair is that!
Could also when treating the Lyme men and women are different especially the Herx?
I would suggest the answer this is a resounding Yes ok i have no scientific evidence to back me up but after observing my brother and i when we treated the Lyme well his herx's were different to mine.
I suppose because of maybe my Oestrogen levels at certian times of the month I did in some ways become stronger immunity wise and my body would recover quicker than at other times of the month.
whereas he would have a harder time of it.
He had to really increase his vitamins and minerals to keep himself on an even keel.

So yes men and women do differ when it comes to Lyme

Lyme girl

Hips, Knees, Any Joint & Lyme

Hello all,

I have had clicking joints since I got bitten age 9. My kees would click, elbows, ankles just about whereever there was a joint there was a click.
he medical profession told me it was genetic, my mother and uncle and brother also suffered the clicking joints.

Thing is it was not genetic because I was adopted and so therefore what was happening to the rest of my family was not connected to genetics now was it.
What with the the splayed feet and ungainly gait we thought must be the reason for the clicking leg part of our bodies. Didn't explain the clicking elbows though or Knuckles wrists or neck.
Were we all lacking in Vitamin D?

Yes of course we were due to the fact we all were infected with a spirochete infection.
Now we can all connect the dots or the clicks so to speak.
It got so bad we would all be hobbling around in extreme pain in the knees and hips quite debilitating to say the least.

The pain in the hips is quite bad as that is very debilitating I used to take my hips for granted and when they stop working and cause pain one really can see how important they are for your mobility.

I would find it hard to lie down I would have to put cushions under my hip that i was lying on and what with my very sore back sleep was very difficult to say the least.
I did find some relief when I rubbed pain relief creams on my back and hip or Arnica cream helped as well.
I suppose while the infection is active and not being treated with antibiotics or other treatments it does not matter what you do the Lyme will go for the joints regardless.
If you do too much exercise or put strain on your hips with running or actully any form of exercise the lyme will attack especially the Hips!

Lyme always goes to any parts of your body that has suffered any form of damage and then it will have a field day!

I used to horse ride and this was after my bite age 9 when I reached age 16 the Lyme was really starting to shall we say become very active and I ended up in hospital for a month due to my hips really hurting and my inability to move them.
Again I was told I needed a psychiatric assesment as the pain I was going through was all in my head!

Ha ha the doctors were nearly right yes it was all in my head because I had a spirochete infection chewing away at my brain and the rest of my body.
After horse riding (which I love) I would be unable to walk for weeks I thought i must of been really unfit I used to think what's wrong with me why can't I do what others do with ease?
I would envy others who could cycle, horse ride basicaly any physical activity they didn't end up crippled in pain unable to move after their exercise.
I used to play tennis and I would dance and do ballet but whatever I did after doing it for a couple of months Then I would have to give it up due to the crippling pain  and my hips not functioning.
The general feelings and thoughts from others was that I was Lazy!
Isn't Lyme so cruel I was robbed of all the activities I thoroughly enjoyed I could of been a top athlete or tennis player or even top horse rider but no this was stolen from me by Lyme.
I used to see others getting trophy's and cups for their achievements in sport and deep down I knew I could never reach that.
I lost 30 years of my life because of Lyme yes Lyme is cruel!

Now I have treated myself with MMS and have been doing so for one whole year I am noticing I am becoming more pain free and guess what?
No clicking!
No hip pain no foot pain!
Ok maybe i will never become a top athlete and maybe I will never get my trophy's but at least I have regained my Hips my knees my joints yes Lyme you stole from me but

Now I take my body back.

I just have to be patient and not put undue stress on my body the way I  view it is I am healing and have to give my body a chance to grow stronger as it is getting attacked less.
I use walking poles instead of a walking stick or crutches as I find walking poles are lightweight and put less strain on my wrists and arms and I am able to stand more upright.
I do still use walking poles because well I am not quite there yet and I feel if I use a walking aid my body is getting that extra help and as I have said Lyme goes to any weak part of the body.
I try and listen to my body now very carefully and if I am tired and at the supermarket I will use the electric scooter because supermarket shopping is very stressful and can take a long time.
The human body is amazing and it is quite amazing if you give it a chance and you are kind to it and give it the right diet and vitamins and minerals the body will repair itself over time.
So be patient with your body if you are treating the Lyme or Spirochete infection be kind to your body and do not do self induced injury exercises like cycling, jogging or lifting weights not yet anyway.
Soon enough one day you will be able to do all this just give it time the immune system has a lot of work to do as it is.

Yes we all need to move and do some form of exercise and the best I have found is Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates as these keep you mobile and are not self induced injury.

Lyme girl

**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**

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Insomnia,Sleep disturbance & Lyme

Hello all,

Oh the many nights I spent awake unable to sleep just wide awake watching the sun rise all those years ago this would go on for weeksI would then end up sleeping through the daylight hours wasting my life away.

Now when I cast my mind back to before the bite I had no trouble going to bed and falling asleep, I would be awake throughout the daylight like any normal child.
My troubles started after the bite it got so bad my mother had to take me to the GP in sheer frustration "My child just won't sleep and when she does she sleep walks or she sleeps all day!"
The GP prescribed sleeping tablets which did not work at all.
I was sent to psychologists to see if I had a emotional problem.

Night Fears
I would get what  call night fears and become inconsolable tears pouring down my face sobbing out of sheer fear.
What was the fear about?
Well the tapes would run through my mind over and over again and being a child I was unable to express what I was going through or feeling.
The thoughts could sometimes be horrific it was only since I have spoken to my brother after he started treatment last year that it all made sense. he would have images of death, blood, mutilated bodies etc and he expressed by drawing, and now he is being treated the images have gone.He just learnt to live with them. 
After researching this is quite common with Lyme and in children.
I would hallucinate but as a child I could not separate hallucinations from reality another common lyme symptom especially in children.
When I did sleep at night my sleep would be very restless and I would constantly wake up my sleep would be very disturbed.
 "Lyme Time"

Choosing  a career in Hotel and Catering Management which suited my Lyme down to the ground as I used to work nights, Lyme really becomes active at night.
As one Dr calls this "Lyme Time" hence insomnia.
Since I have treated myself with MMS and I am sure anyone who takes antibiotic treatment will go through the same experience at first the insomnia was quite bad at the beginning of treatment but I just stuck it out and pushed through i was not going to allow this critter inside me to have anymore of me.
I am not going to say treating Lyme was easy no it was not but my determination kept me going and my two kids did as well.
after a year of treatment I am now able to sleep well no more sleep walking!
The nicest thing I have now is instead of sleep talking I actually sleep laugh, yes Laugh which is a lot better than night terrors anyday!
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Friday, 20 July 2012

Heart Murmur & Lyme

Hello all,

My beautiful dog would cough repeatedly took him to the vet who listened with her stethoscope and pronounced "heart murmur". My poor dog.

With my mother she too would cough just like the dog and they used to cough in unison her heart would pound jump around for her this was a very scary experience and I am sure the dog did not like it either.

I have also had a heart murmur and it felt like my heart was about to jump through my chest, I could hear it pounding in my ears ( I had not done any excessive physical exertion.)

 My grandmother was diagnosed with angina and many a time the ambulance was called because she thought or felt like she was having a heart attack.
She only got diagnosed with angina after the ambulance was called for the sixth time in a space of 3 months!
So yes she was given the angina spray.

Thing is when the ambulance came out they would put her on a heart monitor and there would be no sign of heart irregularity or a heart attack. how she could then be diagnosed with angina I'll never know maybe she did have angina maybe she didn't maybe it was connected to her Low thyroid. Her son also had a heart murmur.

In the area where the infected puppy was yet again many had heart problems and about 6 died from heart attacks. My grandfather had 3 heart attacks as well.
To me it is all a bit too coincidental for my liking.
hen the cat developed a heart murmur very suspect.

I have now found out that yep Lyme affects the vital organs especially the heart and many do have to get a pacemaker fitted while treating the Lyme.

Lyme can cause heart block, heart arrhythmia, heart palpitations.
Lyda Mattmans husband had a heart attack and this lead her to studying spirochetes and she found that there is a correlation to heart problems and spirochete. her advice is that if a member of your family have a heart attack then you should not visit them in hospital as the patient could become more infected.
if only we had of know that when my grandfather had his 3 heart attacks I am sure we would not of visited him to aid his recovery.


As I have said Lyme is like an octopus and it's tentacles are far reaching and Lyme is a devastating illness.
Many a vet will agree that if a dog has a heart problem Lyme is probably involved.
Not only did my dog have the heart murmur he would also vomit and this yet another symptom of Lyme especially in dogs.
All i can say is it is such a shame everyone had to suffer needlesly including the animals when all along they could of been cured with simple antibiotics ok yes it is not simple as a few pills and one is cured but at least if one is taking antibiotics or any treatment for Lyme at least the suffering can be treated and you know it's a herx or die off and the lyme is being weakened and you  will eventually  be totally free of the infection.
Therefore saving your vital organs and your life.

I am sure many of you have experienced the heart issues with Lyme or know someone who has.
Spread the info about Lyme and spirochete infection as much as possible to anyone you know who does have heart issues and get as much knowledge as you can.
Lyme girl

  **Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**
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Hypothyroidism (Low Thyroid) & Lyme

Hello all,

Lyme is the second great imitator next to syphilis well they are cousins.
The amount of people i knew who had thyroid dysfunction  is quite staggering.
Are humans really that weak that their bodies do not function properly?
Ok you could blame the water, chemicals, genetics etc.
But the major culprit is a spirochete infection. especially with the thyroid it is such a pity that Doctors do not have the time or the knowledge to investigate further when a patient is diagnosed with a Thyroid dysfunction isn't it?
Instead of just diagnosing a Thyroid dysfunction they should also test for an infection.
But that would be too easy wouldn't it.
Of course then the patient would get cured and would not have to keep on taking drugs for their condition and that doesn't make money does it.
My mother had low thyroid I was told I was borderline low thyroid the actual cause LYME!

Anyone who moved into the area where the puppy used to live would within a year be diagnosed with a thyroid dysfunction.
Of course people who already lived there also had thyroid dysfunction too like being part of the thyroid club although I am sure no one wanted to be part of that particular club.
It is well known that Lyme and spirochete infection affects the thyroid gland.
When there is a dysfunction with the Thyroid this not a nice problem to have what with either weight loss or weight gain swollen puffy fingers and the eyes get affected as well.
Not only that having to take tablets every day for the rest of your life or you could put your life at risk.
Suffering weak and aching muscles, tiredness, the knees buckling or just not working properly.
Brain fog, joint pain.

It is well documented that the Thyroid dysfunction originates in the pituitary  or Hypothalamus it is vital that if one is diagnosed with Lyme or a spirochete infection the thyroid is tested as well or if you are diagnosed with a thyroid dysfunction be tested for an infection as well.

There are many things one can do when one is diagnosed with Thyroid dysfunction and always consult a medical professional.

Lyme girl

Itching, eczema, rashes, allergies and Lyme

Hello all,

The itching is probably one of the most annoying symptoms of Lyme.
Before I researched Lyme and Spirochete infection I thought my itchy scalp was either dandruff or the shampoo and hair products I was using.

I blamed my itchy body on body creams, soaps washing powders and fabric conditioners.
The rashes were blamed  on the food I was eating and stuff I was drinking.
Spending a fortune on herbalists and changing my diet body products for years I thought "oh I'm allergic to......"
I was wheat intolerant, lactose intolerant basically intolerant full stop!
Being told "you are allergic to animals, pollen," all a bit too easy to just blame something else rather than looking deeper and actually looking for the source to all this allergies and insesiant itching which would drive me nuts.
I would lie down to go to bed and then be kept up all night with invisible crawling things all over my body.
My daughters developed strange rashes and many a time were taken to A and E we were told "They are allergic to soap, food washing powder etc etc"
When I think back I remember watching my mother and she would be itching her scalp strangely enough when she had the telephone to her ear don't know if there is a connection there but considering Lyme and Spirochetes get aggressive around electricity, wireless technology etc it does not surprise me in the least that my mother whenever she was on the phone would have to itch her scalp because as she said "it must be my dry skin".
My brother would have terrible rashes and again we were told "eczema"
My grandmother would have very dry skin and rashes.
Now I see the pictures of the Lyme rash  European  and American and yes this is what we all had not any of the above eczema, allergies etc.
Even the pets had allergies and rashes we were told "Food ,grass" the list goes on.
We all had the Lyme spirochete rashes humans and pets.

Now I have treated myself with MMS for one whole year I am obviously killing off the infection and yes low and behold I am not intolerant at all!
Neither is my mother or my brother or my children.
Hay fever gone eczema gone dry skin gone intolerance gone.
Yes sometimes some of us get the bite mark which can appear anywhere on the body and never near the original bite.
If one is infected by another and not an insect that person or animal can still display a bite mark anywhere on the body that is how sinister the infection is.
I can now understand how infuriating Morgellions can be the itching is so annoying, I eventually just learnt to live with it well what other choice did I have? did we all have?
Well now I know the truth I do have a choice as does anyone and it can be treated with antibiotics or MMS or whatever one chooses and one can be cured!
Lyme girl

**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**

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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Swallow and Lyme

Hello all,

I lost my ability to swallow food and liquids a few years ago now.
When this happened at the time many thought I was just trying it on and "making it up" or it was "a psychological problem" or "wanting attention".
I was told by doctors they had never experiencied a M.S patient loosing their swallow ever.
Now since doing my own research that it is not at all and it is actually quite a common complaint of M.S sufferers and of course Lyme patients.
But as I have said before I do believe M.S is actually a spirochete infection so it is not surprising both M.S and Lyme patients would suffer from a loss of swallow and for all I know maybe other conditions have the same symptom.
When i lost my swallow they really did not know what to do with me except put me on a drip for fluids and puree all solid food, this did not help as i could not swallow it and I would choke.
Then I was fed by a nose tube to bypass the throat altogether.
If only I had of had access to raw milk then I would not of had to go through this..

On this occasion I was in hospital for 3 months it was while I was in hospital my then future husband and I got closer together and about a month of leaving hospital was when he proposed to me and we were married a year later. But I am sidetracking.

I was thinking back over the years and my swallow and now I come to think about it I have always had a swallow problem.
I had to really cast my memory back and yes I realised the swallow problem started after the bite not before.
I remember i would choke if I had to swallow tablets, I could not tolerate spicy food anymore if i ate spicy food my throat would just close up.
Then there is what I call "the Lyme cough". and the "Lyme choke" and the "Lyme dry throat".
 I of course have only been able to put 2 and 2 together.
At the time of course none of my family or friends or myself thought any throat problems were connected to the same illness.
Well all the throat problems manifested themselves in different ways.
I used to find not only food would sometimes make me choke but i would choke when I spoke.
It's like Lyme has a stranglehold on the throat area.
I do remember I had a terrible throat infection before I was diagnosed with M.S  and after i recovered from that my throat was never the same.
I found that my choking episodes were becoming more frequent, the dry throat was all the time and of course the cough or rather coughing fits.

My question is why the throat and the swallow?
I do now know Lyme and spirochete infection does live in the mouth so yes this is obviously why the throat does get affected.
Even our lovely pets were affected in the throat area and unfortunately yes they were infected I do not know if I passed it on to them which we can do if we are infected and so the viscious cycle goes on.
This is why it is imperative to treat the mouth and throat area as well as taking antibiotics or MMS.
I do not personally know how one can treat the mouth and the throat as well as taking antibiotics you will have to do your own research in that.
With MMS you can at least brush your teeth with MMS and do the breathing protocol I for one have found that the MMS
Here is the link for the MMS teeth and mouth protocol
It is beneficial to do this for a least a week. Then about twice a week as well as drinking the MMS.

As I have been treating for a 1 year now my Lyme cough, Lyme dry throat , Lyme choke has now all but gone i cannot remember the last time I did choke actually and sometimes I do get the dry throat but I watch out for the warning signs and I treat my mouth the breathing and teeth protocol for a week solid as I see that as the Lyme dies off and can start attacking the mouth as it dies or the mouth could have a problem because of the die off toxins bit like when I had swelling in my ankle this was obviously die off or the Lymes final swan song or the die off toxin I just have to remember this and be patient with myself and my body when these nasty annoyances happen.
I am just glad once and for all after suffering for 30 years my swallow is finally getting sorted!.
Lyme Girl
**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**

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Monday, 16 July 2012

Fédrigo puts illness behind him

Pierrick Fédrigo is hoping for better luck in his second season at FDJ after illness ruined most of his 2011 campaign. The Frenchman was stricken by Lyme disease and forced to miss the Tour de France, but he returned to action with a series of solid performances at the end of the summer.

“From the beginning of the season, I had noticed some changes in my state of health,” Fédrigo told Sud Ouest. “I was tired, I had some muscular pain. In persisting in racing, I asked more of my body than it could manage. I went beyond my limits. It was only afterwards that I discovered that it was due to my illness, but it was too late.”

Though Fédrigo’s symptoms began early in the spring, he was not diagnosed with Lyme disease until July, when he was sidelined from the Tour de France. The bacterial infection is transferred by ticks and Fédrigo initially believed he picked it up while hunting near his home in Marmande in south-western France.

“I’ve also got some animals at home, and I’m someone who loves to be in nature, so it’s not absolutely certain that it happened while hunting,” he said. “It’s a very hard illness to diagnose and it goes in cycles, it comes and goes. At the height of flu season last year, I thought that’s what it was.”

The symptoms of the illness made it difficult for Fédrigo to train and keep his morale up during the spring, and he struggled at the Ardennes classics. “I had a lot of fatigue and no motivation,” he recalled. “When I came back from a race, I wouldn’t touch my bike for four days. When I went back training, I’d ride for two hours and I’d come back feeling like I’d done six. I was wiped out.

“I was at rock bottom. At one point, I fell into depression. I didn’t want to see anyone anymore.”

When he was forced to miss out on the Tour de France, Fédrigo was somewhat relieved to be formally diagnosed with Lyme disease. After following a course of antibiotics, he was able to build towards the end of the season.

“Even at a 100 percent, the Tour is hard, but in my state, it would have been suicidal,” he said. “It was during the third week of July that the illness was diagnosed, so I had had it for six months. The day when I knew exactly what I had, I was reassured to know that there was a real reason for my state.”

Fédrigo came back to racing at the Polynormande at the beginning of August, and enjoyed a return to form in the closing weeks of the season. “I felt straight away that it was going better. I could get in breaks and attack,” he said. “But to get from there to winning was a little too soon, I was missing race rhythm.”

Even so, he came close at the Grand Prix de Montréal in September, when he finished in second place behind Rui Costa, and ahead of Philippe Gilbert. “I was relieved, and of course that boosted my morale ahead of next season.”

Fédrigo will spend six weeks off the bike this winter before beginning training in early December. His 2012 campaign will get underway in February at Étoile de Bessèges, and the triple Tour de France stage winner hopes to return to La Grande Boucle in July.

“I’ve ridden eight of them and my aim is to do ten,” he said. “I’m 33 years old, and as long as I keep taking pleasure from it, I’ll keep riding.”

1 Year of MMS Today !!!!!

Hello all,

I never thought I would reach this milestone in my life but I have done it Yes I have reached a full year of treating with MMS!
I knew it was not going to be easy I knew it was going to be a hard slog probably one of the hardest things I would ever have to do in my life ok i didn't know exactly how hard and boy was it hard!
I started this blog to keep a record of my progress and I also started this blog to see if i could actually do it.
I also started this blog to inform others as Lyme is so political and there is a cover up going on with regards to Late Lyme and treating Lyme. i wanted to help others and give as much information as possiable and also I took the leap off the cliff and decided to treat myself with MMS and I thought well if this works for me it should help others.
Low and behold yes MMS does work there is no doubt about that and it's cheaper and safer.
Why should late Lyme and Lyme patients be denied good health? Why should others have to spend a fortune on medication at a time when they cannot because well lets face it illness and disability costs money it costs a fortune.
As there is such a issue with MMS and such a fear of it I thought if I put my experiences down with MMS and the fact that I am on the road to recovery i could not in all conscious not tell others. I am not that cold hear-ted.
I also could see the writing on the wall with the Benefits in this country and sure enough the Government are slowly but surely taking away all financial help for the sick and disabled in the United Kingdom and it is time to fight the austerity (which they have said will go on for 10 years) it was time for me to take responsibility for my own health as much as I could.Low and behold as I have said before I was shown MMS after I prayed to the higher. i do believe there is a bigger picture and for whatever reason the higher has chosen to show me the path to wellness.

Ok I am not 16 anymore and I have 2 children to look after but I wanted to get to a point in my life when I would be able to financially support myself and if the government are going to take away their support I was hopeing it would not matter.

I do not sell MMS I have nothing to do with Jim Humble But I do highly recommend anyone with an autoimmune disease or Autism or Aids, Cancer anything to take MMS everyone deserves good health everyone nobody should suffer and as I have found out theses illnesses can be cured it is not impossible you just need determination, to persevere to keep the end result in your mind and good health is there within your grasp.
My father very nearly died from an autoimmune disease yep they gave him 24 hours to live.
my brother was diagnosed with M.S which is Lyme i have lost many loved ones from newborn babies to the young to this disease and my marriage ended because of this illness I could not keep quiet about the fact that there is a cure and there is no need for humans to lose everything because of this illness. I lost my sight I have been in a wheelchair and lost all mobility in the past Lyme stole 30 years of my life. and many others have had the same enough is enough!
Big pharma has controlled for far too long.
So if you choose to take antibiotics or use a rife machine or MMS that is great because you are on the right track.
I am not saying do not take antibiotics no do whatever you feel happy with antibiotics do work as does MMS it's just that MMS is cheaper and easier to get your hands on seeing as one is only given antibiotics for a short amount of time it is a bit of Russian roulette that one actually kills all the parasites or bacteria.

How am I doing now i have reached 1 year?

I awoke this morning I did not feel like I usually do I had no pain no stiffness no brain fog I drove to the shops as I needed some fruit smoothie for my dose of MMS and as I sat at the red traffic light My clutch foot was not is pain!
I walked around the shop (large shop) No pain!
Usally when I get back to my car I am exhausted and in pain but this time no tiredness no pain!
I came home No tiredness no pain!
took my MMS (8 activated drops) I sat down and wrote on this blog!
Have I reached the pivitol moment in my life? I have now really weakened the Lyme to a point that it is now finally leaving my body is it now all dead? I know i will have to carry on taking MMS for a while longer just to make sure it is all gone well you know how theses critters hide anywhere in the body and can lie dormant for years and I aint giving them an inch! they will not steal anymore of my LIfe No I am claiming it back!

How are my children doing now they have reached their 1 year and MMS treatment?

Well  they are doing brilliantly! I as a mother could not of asked for more I am so proud of them they are changed they are finally better!
They can run just like children of their age ahould be able to and they do not get tierd and have to sleep because of physical exertion.
Their handwriting does not look like a sick persons hand writing it is clear and neat.
Their cognetive function is in top form.
They do not have insomnia or chronic fatigue my children are now normal healthy young people and I am so happy for them!

Early days

I know it is early days yet and we cannot run before we can walk we must take each day as it comes keep on with the MMS but I am hoping and praying this wellness will just get better and better that we will go from strength to strength!

I shall keep the update of my progress and my children to inform others and obviously keep a log of our progress and MMS.


Distortion and Lyme Disease

Hello all,

Before the bite age 9 I was never a hyper sensitive child, I never had a problem with others and I had plenty of friends.
Then one day I woke up and it all changed things would be said and I would take it the wrong way the words would hurt me to the core I would hold on to the cruel words that were said and i would not be able to let go, i would hold on for weeks, months years even!, I was a child what did I know?
I used to be told "Your so sensitive what's wrong with you?"

As i grew up the hyper sensitivity did not get better no in fact it got worse could that of been hormones combined with the infection?
I needed to "toughen" up but this was impossible with the infection.
I spent many a night dreading school the fear would well up as i knew I would be asked questions in class and I would not be able to answer.
I knew I would be laughed at and teased because of my slow brain. Children can be so cruel sometimes.I spent these dreaded nights crying that nobody wanted to be my friend anymore, I got shouted at by the teachers for being slow and dim-witted.
I was sensitive to criticism, others facial expressions. Holding onto a grudge can make you sicker than you already are.

I just could not learn to let go of the hurt and pain of words that were said. If I was wronged in anyway that was it the deed was done and it would stay for a long time.
I would find it hard to express myself and I could not understand others and their reaction, I had a  totally distorted view of life and other people.

Was this me? was this the infection?
After being treated I can now say it was the infection that distorted everything.
As an adult I was able to apply logical thinking to my interactions with others, I say logical is anything logical when Lyme is involved? Nope.
But i was able to have some sort of semblance of logic I suppose. But I still could not let things go I thought it must be a personality fault of mine.

I would harbour a grudge the interaction play over and over in my mind and the anger would be there like a tag team round and round in circles the tapes would play in my mind.
The hypersensitivity is a a Lyme symptom it is not unheard of in the Lyme circles that's for sure.

I was not just sensitive others words but also to my environment.
Lyme does that if anything is a bit out of kilter as a lymie this would affect me deeply too.

Things I used to be able to tolerate I could no longer foods, alcohol, rain even!
Loud noises became increasingly difficult to deal with.Yes Lyme distorts all of our perceptions and emotions.

Now I have been treating it for a Year I am a diffrent person the distortion has stopped.
The infection is no longer ruling my Life!
Thank you MMS!

**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**

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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Lyme Aggression & Rage

Hello all,

Rage, anger, aggression is probably one of the most destructive symptoms of Lyme and spirochete infection.
It is hard for others to understand why a person could be driven to boiling over and loosing control.
What adds insult to injury is when one is herxing we can suffer from anger and rage as well!
One can turn on the very people trying to help and support one in a fit of rage.
Yes Herx's can be hard and yes they are frustrating don't go through this on your own cherish any support you do get.
It has been documented that there is a connection to Rage, aggression even violence with a spirochete infection.

There are cases where people have become so aggressive they will smash up their own house or others property.
Some cases of road rage can be connected to a spirochete infection.
I have witnessed when Lyme rage takes hold and have seen how destructive it can be.
Loved ones suddenly loosing control and the anger is so strong smashing up the home.
Maybe they were already angry maybe the infection then compounded that anger that they already had.
I know the steriod treatment they had did not help and the alcohol made the situation a million times worse.

With a Spirochete infection like Lyme one can have Decreased frustration tolerance
one can also have Decreased impulse control and  extreme irritability which leads to the explosive anger.
Hypo sexuality and Hyper sexuality which can cause more frustration. also one can develop an inability to bond with others.
Lyme can cause Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) this can lead to intrusive thoughts,images and compulsions that can be aggressive in nature.
One can have an increased startle reflex.
Paranoia and Hyper vigilance
Delusions and Hallucinations.
All or none emotions you can either be excessively angry or have no emotion at will not be proportionate to the situation. This can lead to a decline in the ability to integrate concurrent emotions.that exsist within one or in a relationship with another.
Psychiatric syndromes can be intensified like Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or Dissociative disorder (DID)  Borderline personality disorder , Narcissistic personality disorder.
When an adult is infected it can be quite alarming for them to experience the Lyme rage.
When a child is infected it can hinder their development of emotional behavior and the violent images they can experience can be quite scary for them and they may not have the ability to express how they feel or what they are experiencing mentally.
My own brother used to have these violent images in his head and nobody put two and two together. His expression of these violent images were in drawings he would do.
He described to me what he was feeling when he drew these pictures

 "I felt so angry and the pictures in my mind were horrible I thought it was me I thought I was an evil person. I would see stabbing and death blood everywhere like a really bad horror movie, i would see deformed people in pain. It was horrible all I could do to get these images out of my head was to draw them sometimes i felt like I was possessed by the devil or something I did not feel normal my friends drew fruit bowls and flowers I drew death and destruction I know little boys do have an intrest in fighting and some forms of violence but mine was extreme now I am being treated the images are gone they have left ".

I know how the anger can well up inside and take over ones logical brain and how one can put oneself in danger with untreated Lyme or spirochete infection At least the herx the anger is more controllable and at least we can understand what is going on.
At least with treatment one may not need psychiatric help the anger will melt away to nothing.
While I have been on the MMS I have become a lot calmer and I do not react intensly to situations anymore.
I thought I was going mad before the MMS and was told "Oh anger is a symptom of M.S live with it".
Now I am treating the infection I can control the anger and yes I get a anger herx but it is controlled.
I can now laugh and be happy and my emotions are not a all or nothing anymore.

Peace reigns in the home unlike before.

**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**

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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Mary Mcdonnell and her talk about Lyme

This is a marvelous talk and everyone should watch.

Splayed Feet Ungainly Gait

Hello all,

I was walking around today and I realised gosh my feet are actually straight!.
Looking back at my childhood photos before the horse fly bite and after the horse fly bite and yes low and behold before the bite my feet were perfectly straight and in the photos after the bite my feet were splayed outwards and I developed a ungainly gait.

Because this became the normality for me as i was growing up and my mother also developed the Charlie Chaplin walk as did my brother and my uncle.Yes all were obviously infected
I have been with others who have Lyme and they have the same problem with their feet and their gait.
People with who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis which I believe should be renamed as Lyda Mattman said "Multiple Spirochetes"  have problems with the legs and gait. Some eventually start dragging one leg unable to bend the knee.
Now I ask the question why does Lyme and co-infections do this to the feet?

There are just too many cases as far as i can see with problems of splayed feet and ungainly gait to suggest this has nothing to do with the infection far from it surely it should be seen as a sign that someone has an infection if they suddenly develop this?

Now I am pleased to say my feet are straight and it's as though they have a mind of their own seriously it's true!

When I sit down and my feet are in their usal splayed position they simply straighten themselves without me consciously doing this.
I am just amazed.


Yes I used to also get odema in the ankle and after researching i have found out this is also a symptom of Lyme.
The past 3 to 4 days I had swelling and a painful ankle that woke me up every morning and I could not put any weight on my right foot and yes i was dragging my foot.
I am now pleased to say this has now stopped and i have no swelling, straight feet. no pain.Wow!
I will see if any of these symptoms come back.
Well done MMS!
**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**

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Friday, 13 July 2012

Advice for recovery from Lyme and co-infections

Hello all,

When one is treating ones self with anything either Rife or MMS or antibiotics there are a few things one should be aware of.


Try not to be left alone for long periods of time if you do live alone try to stay with family while you are treating yourself, or try visiting family or friends as much as possible try getting out and about at least once a day.
You need encouragement and reassurance along your long road to being healthy again.
You will not be able to think clearly you can become confused, terrified, angry and discouraged. Talk to people who can help Lyme support groups call the Smaratins talk to support networks as this can help tremendously.
Find a emotional release do not turn on those trying to help you. It is not their fault you have the infection and it is not their fault that you herx. We all can have breakdowns along the way and no one can do this on their own. Make sure your loved ones also understand what you are going through.
Consult with your Lyme Literate Doctor as much as you can.

Keep up your calories Eat properly. Solid food is better but as Lyme and co-infections affect the throat and swallow mechanism Complan can help if you have a problem with your throat or swallow or loss of appettite.
Raw Milk has many good nutrients and a glass of raw milk is a meal in it's self.
Always take those extra vitamins and Minerals as your body is having a huge battle as it is and Lyme takes away most of the vitamins and Minerals one consumes as it is plus the first place the body takes away vitamins and minerals is the mouth and Lyme lives in the mouth.So the extra vitamins and minerals will help the immune system and make you stranger physically.
Vitamin B complex helps the brain vitamin C vitamin E and Omega 3 and vitamin D.and of course Raw milk contains all of these vitamins as well. raw Milk also has good bacteria that your gut needs especially if Lyme is running rampant in that area.
This is a good website for facts about Raw milk


Do not overdo any exercise but always move and stretch as much as possible.
Yoga or Tai Chi are ideal especially if you have Lyme or a co-infection.
Lyme loves you not moving your immune system does not. You want to get the circulation going as you will have die off and toxins that your body needs to expel.
Try stretching every part of your body every hour Even just walking around the home will be very beneficial.
Strenuous exercise is contolled injury and injury feeds the bacteria.

Always take your Medication whether it be antibiotics, MMS, Collidal Silver whatever you have chosen on time the same time every day this is vitally important. As Lyme and the co-infections grow slowly and sometimes die slowly. It has also been proven that bacteria communicate with each other yep and they collate the amount that have died and regroup.If you miss a dose of medication this gives the bacteria to regroup and hide in other places in the body. See it like a game of Cat and Mouse for your immune system and the medication. Do not give the infection an inch!
The longer you have had the infection the deeper the bacteria can go.
Even if you are feeling really good and you think the Lyme has gone keep taking your treatments and medication for a number of months or even another year I have been on the MMS for a year now and I envisage I will probably take MMS for another year maybe 2 I shall have to see I certainly do not want to have to go through everything again because I did not quite get rid of the Lyme.!

MMS Tub soaks antibacterial soaps

These should be used because the Lyme will try and hide in the pores of the skin and scalp. It would be ideal to have a MMS tub bath at least twice a week and use antibacterail soap for washing hands and in the shower or bath. Also as Lyme lives in the mouth the Brathing MMS protocal twice a week will be beneficial and brushing your teeth with MMS. Please refer to this for instructions for the tub bath
Refer to this page for the teeth protocols :
It is best to not use any teeth products with Fluoride


Tap water is not as clean as you think and has chemicals in it and fluoride in some areas it is best to only drink bottled water or Osmosis water if you choose Osmosis water also drink a mineral water with a PH of
PH 7 .7 or higher.

When fighting the illness it can make you depressed your mind also is not thinking clearly just to add insult to injury.. Try to keep yourself as occupied as possible try to keep away from antidepressants as they can add to the insomnia.
Lyme can play havoc with our mind and the toxins do not help much either.
turn off all Hubs at night time and microwave ovens and mobile phones and any wireless technology in the home as these can make the Lyme more aggressive.


This is a big NO NO it can keep you sicker for longer. The hangover is worse as well.

 This is another Big NO NO they turn your immune system off and you do not need that!


Your body is having a hard job fighting and you must rest as much as possible rest will help the immune system if you get too tired recovery will take longer do not overdo it.if you need to nap in the afternoon take a nap if this is what your body needs.

Listen to your body.

Mold, Fungus, Mildew

Check your home for these and get rid of them as soon as possible either by a professional or if you are going to do this yourself always wear protective clothing, gloves and a mask.
As the above will also make Lyme and co-infections aggressive.

I wish getting rid of Lyme was easier and as i have said before this is one of the hardest battles you will probably ever have to go through it is a long road but so worth it in the end.

Do not give up!

 **Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care proffessional.**

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Treatable bacterial infections are underrecognized causes of Fever in ethiopian children.

Abstract. Febrile illnesses remain a major cause of morbidity and mortality in resource-poor countries, but too often, tests are not available to determine the causes, leading to misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment. To determine the cause of febrile illnesses, we recovered the malaria smears from 102 children presenting with fever to Soddo Christian Hospital in Wolaitta Soddo, Ethiopia. DNA was isolated from the smears and evaluated by real-time polymerase chain reaction. We identified pathogen DNA with probes for Plasmodium spp., Streptococcus pneumoniae, Rickettsia spp., Salmonella spp., and Borrelia spp. Overall, we showed that it is possible to isolate high-quality DNA and identify treatable pathogens from malaria blood smears. Furthermore, our data showed that bacterial pathogens (especially Pneumococcus, Rickettsia spp., and Borrelia spp.) are common and frequently unrecognized but treatable causes of febrile illnesses in Ethiopian children.


Hello all,

I have noticed that my right leg now seems to give me problems.
I used to get cramp in both my legs and feet and the pain was unbearable.

Now since the MMS I only get cramp in three of my toes on my right foot. The pain is not unbearable just annoying.
Over the past 3 days my ankle has swelled so i invested in some flight socks which seemed to help and I keep my feet raised as much as I possibly can.
This is the right ankle by the way.
Now when I go to bed all is ok but after about 4 hours I wake up in pain and i am unable to actually stand on my right foot it is too sore.
This is a strange symptom and yes it is probably a herx.
What I feel is the reason why my right ankle, foot and leg are now playing up the most is because I was bitten on my right thigh by the horsefly I wonder as the MMS does it's job and kills the bacteria is the right leg the last of the die off?
Could it be that wherever one is bitten and the amount of times one is bitten could dictate how fast or slow one heals from Lyme?
Some get bitten on the head maybe by been bitten on the head one would be affected more neurologically than perhaps on the foot?
Pity there is not a study to find out where one is bitten how one is affected with untreated long term Lyme.

My children have congenital Lyme and they luckily are not as affected as i was but there again they have not reached age 18 yet and they are being treated.
Information is very sparse about congenital Lyme so I shall just have to wait and see with my two if they start to display symptoms like myself or if the treatment they are having will stop the Lyme altogether.

We shall see if after a couple of days if the swelling goes down and the pain stops and my ankle is on the path to fully functioning. who knows Lyme is a strange beast and the die off is not much better at the best of times.
oh well we shall see.

 **Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Do not Give up

Getting well from Lyme is probably one of the hardest things you will ever have to do in your Life.
It is so worth it though. I would rather go through the herx's than the illness any day.
At times you may feel like giving up DON'T. Whether you take antibiotics or an alternative treatment you will herx or rather there will be a reaction and yes sometimes the reaction can seem real bad.
Just remember the intense reactions are the toxins from the dying bacteria.
There is the page on this blog all about Herx reactions.
I will repeat again some of the symptoms again:
Physical can be pain, swelling,tremors,numbness, tingling, burning sensations.
If the internal organs are affected you may have symptoms here as well.
The Mind: Insomnia, confusion,disorientation,depression, anxiety and panic attacks and anger.
All these symptoms do go away as you get better.
You may find it gets worse before it gets better.
The mind is the last part of your body that will eventually return to fully functioning. this will be when just about all the bacteria are actually dead.
 The bacteria reproduces and grows very slowly certain treatments are only able to kill the bacteria at different stages of the bacteria life cycle.
Do not give up yes it can take months to get better even years but the progress you make although small is so worth it.
Try to tough it out 
Sometimes it may feel like you have no short term memory anymore like the short term memory has gone AWOL.
You may feel completely disorientated and you may get bouts of amnesia all of this is the toxins the die off of the bacteria.
The numbness can happen anywhere in the body, This will stop eventually do not panic.
Diffrent parts of your body may be affected parts that were never affected before but that's because the bacteria have always been there and now the treatment is working seeking them out.
The pain is from the die off and that is good you do not want these critters in your body anymore.

You will get ops as well as downs but eventually the downs will become less and less.
Yes some days you may feel horrible down right awful hold in there.
You may find you get extremely weak and you cannot get your limbs to work you have to be patient and kind to yourself.
Your body is having a battle and you must do all you can do to help it along. Do not overdo it if your muscles are weak your body is talking to you.
You may find you have irrational mood swings anger rage or tears try to keep as calm as possiable.
I have been treating the Lyme for a year now and yes it was a very long hard road but as I get parts of my body back as i get my mind back I know it was all worth it.

Do not give up!

**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**

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Friday, 6 July 2012

Fixation and Lyme

Hello all,

Lyme is a difficult critter to dela with at the best of times depending on which part of the brain is being
 affected at any one time it can be especially difficult to deal with.

One of the most difficult things to deal with is what I call the "Fixation Syndrome".

Living in a house with two other people who are also infected the Fixation syndrome can become quite tiresome to say the least.  Yes I also get frustrated with myself and my fixation syndrome and i have to stop myself.

The two other people differ in their fixations, The trouble with the fixation syndrome is not being able to let go of say a time when perhaps one has been wronged by another.

Or a fixation on having things done to a standard that really can never be reached by anyone or anything.

I have noticed  that t if a certain food must be prepared in a certain way lets say a sandwich . one day and then prepared diffrently the next day this can cause so much strife and upset.

One may say this is Autistic or OCD and i would say yes it is but you see that is what Lyme is like.

in our house we do a lot of counting to ten and breathing to help with letting go of whatever the fixation is because whatever the fixation is does not mean it is right.

**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sex and Lyme Disease

By Robert C Bransfield, M.D.

How does chronic Lyme disease affect sexual functioning, and how can it be treated? Lyme can affect sexual functioning by its effect upon the cen­tral nervous system, the endocrine system, the auto­nomic nervous system, the peripheral nervous system, and/or the body.
It is well recognized that Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) causes depression, obsessiveness, panic disor­der, and phobias that are functions of the emotional aversive pathways of the brain. However, we can also see dysfunction of the reward pathways as well, which affect capacity for pleasure, feeding, bonding and sex. Since Lyme disease alters the aversive pathways which affect what and who we are repelled from, it is understandable that Lyme can also alter sexual at­traction and behavioral patterns as well. With this in mind, I shall begin with some patient accounts and observations.

Sexual arousal:
            Most patients report a decline in both libido and overall sexual functioning. Some state that their interest in sex and sexual functioning remain normal while a few report increased libido. One such patient described a greatly increased libido, but was frustrated because the multitudes of chronic Lyme disease symptom made it painful to be touched and/or hugged. Others describe increased libido associ­ated with hypnagogic hallucinations. A patient with this symptom was described in the medical literature two years ago. She displayed sexual obsessions, sexual hallucinations, and a tendency to compulsively masturbate in a dream-like state eighteen hours per day if left undisturbed.*
Some patients develop an obsessive compul­sive disorder with sexual obsessions, compulsions, intrusive images, and vivid dreams following the on­set of chronic Lyme disease. Of particular interest, a few patients report a change in the content of sexual imagery. A change to more violent sexual themes is sometimes noted. This, in turn, sometimes altars sexual behavior.
Could Borrelia burgdorferi or other infectious diseases sometimes alter sexual orientation or contribute gen­der dysphoria, or altered patterns of sexual arousal? There is evidence that sexual functioning is altered by a number of other parasites, including Wolbachia, Spiroplasma, Rickettsia and Microsporidia. When Bb infections begin in childhood, are there some cases where it may have an effect upon sexual development? Is infectious disease one of the many factors that may affect sexual development? When changes in sexual imagery occur in adults, most are upset by the changes, which result in a decline of sexual interest. However, there are times when some individuals act out these fantasies.
*Stein Sara L., MD. Et al, American Journal of Psychiatry 153:4, April 1996, Clinical Case Conference “A 25- Year-Old Woman With Hallucinations, Hyper sexuality, Nightmares, and a Rash.”

         Patients complain of infertility with surprising fre­quency. Is infertility more common in chronic Lyme disease patients?

Atrophy of genitalia:
         A few patients who have been infected for over ten years report atrophy of the genitalia. Males have reported atrophy of
the penis and testicles, a change that is reversed by IV antibiotics. Females report lack of vaginal lubrication, painful intercourse, and anorgasmia. One female patient reported atrophy of one breast.

Anesthesia of genitalia:
On occasion, some patients complain of a loss or sensation of the genitalia. I have also seen this symptom in a few chronic fatigue patients.

Orgasm induced migraine headaches:
Although uncommon, this is seen in chronic Lyme disease patients.

Lymphocytoma of the nipple:
This has been reported In Europe, but I have never seen such a case in my practice.

Menstrual irregularity:
A common symptom in about 50% of men­struating patients.

Breast swelling, tenderness, and lactation:
Some patients complain of this symptom.

Premenstrual Syndrome:
There is a significant tendency towards wors­ening of the chronic Lyme disease symptoms in the premenstrual period.

Besides these symptoms associated with Lyme disease, there are many other symptoms which indirectly affect sexual functioning, i.e. - fatigue, chronic pain, depression, paranoid, hyper vigilance, mood swings, low frustration tolerance, temper outbursts, apathy, etc. These mood symptoms often alienate their partners. It is no surprise that many chronic Lyme dis­ease patients report marital discord.


A well-planned treatment approach for chronic Lyme disease can help the overall prognosis, thereby possibly helping any of these symptoms. The treat­ment of sexual dysfunction is one of the last frontiers in medicine. Three new drugs for male erectile dys­function are approaching approval for marketing. The first will be Viagra, developed by Pfizer. Loss of li­bido and a loss of sexual functioning are treated by a number of methods Testosterone treatments are sometimes effective for loss of libido in both men and women. Dopamine agonists such as Wellbutrin and Parlodel are also used as treatment modalities.
More interesting than the treatment of sexual dysfunction is the question - can some individuals with abnormal patterns of sexual arousal be treated with antibiotics?

Dehydration and Lyme

Hello all,

I never thought much about this not until I heard Tom Grier speaking about his experiences with Lyme and how he would forget to drink. Now since he has been diagnosed with Lyme and taken antibiotics for it he has to take sips of water every 10 mins or so.

When i heard this i thought about myself "Do I have this problem too?"
Now being completely honest with myself I have to say yes i used to forget to drink, I would not touch water very much and it was as though my body was actually rejecting fluids.

Now why would a human reject fluids to sustain their exsistance?

There has been many times in the past where i have actually suffered Dehydration and had to be given medical help.

Lyme seems to have this ability to affect the mechanism in the body that triggers the response to actually drink. it seems this response is shut down completely

Now i make sure i have a bottle of water beside me at all times and make sure i sip water every 2 mins or so.

So yes Lyme may want to stop me from drinking water but i am onto this now.

1point to me 0 to Lyme..
 **Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**
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Lyme and Motivation

Hello all,

Since I was bitten at age 9 or so motivation has always been a problem for me i will say a huge problem for me.

I know that motivation can be a problem at the best of times for many anyway but the only way I can describe motivation and Lyme is it's like i am a clockwork toy and have got rusted.

I suppose it is connected to the fatigue and brain fog.

Before I took MMS I could not motivate myself to do anything I would be more than happy to just not do anything because if I did try I would start to get fear and then deppression and then I would give up.

Now having been on MMS for nearly a year my energy levels are up and i can actually do things without the fear and without depression.

I have also noticed my brain is more clear thinking and I can now plan ahead, something i could not of dreamed of in the past because of the fear and depression.

So yes I have combated the lack of motivation that you get with Lyme at long last and i feel this is a cause for celebration whoopee!

The Lyme Autism Connection Book

AN INVESTIGATIVE REPORT — The Lyme-Autism Connection, a book written in collaboration with the Lyme-Induced Autism (LIA) Foundation, provides critical new research on the emerging science supporting a link between Lyme disease and childhood developmental disorders. 
Awareness of the Lyme-autism connection is spreading rapidly, among both parents and practitioners. Medical Hypothesis, a scientific, peer-reviewed journal published by Elsevier, recently released an influential study entitled "The Association Between Tick-Borne Infections, Lyme Borreliosis and Autism Spectrum Disorders." Here is an excerpt from the study:
hronic infectious diseases, including tick-borne infections such as Borrelia burgdorferi, may have direct effects, promote other infections, and create a weakened, sensitized and immunologically vulnerable state during fetal development and infancy, leading to increased vulnerability for developing autism spectrum disorders. 
An association between Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections and autistic symptoms has been noted by numerous clinicians and parents."
Medical Hypothesis Journal.
Article Authors: Robert C. Bransfield, M.D., Jeffrey S. Wulfman, M.D., William T. Harvey, M.D., Anju I. Usman, M.D.
Read the full article (PDF)
From the Book's Introduction: The Twin Epidemics
Over the last decade, two disease epidemics have gone from mild ripples in the water to roaring, ravenous, all-consuming tidal waves, destroying thousands of lives and tearing apart countless families.

These two diseases are Lyme disease and autism. Until recently, these afflictions were believed to be unrelated. Actually, that is an understatement. They were believed to have absolutely nothing in common, occupying distinct and opposite positions in the medical field. Whereas bronchitis and Strep throat have some relationship in that they are both infections, Lyme disease and autism were thought to have nothing in common at all—one is a tick-borne infection which healthy people contract while camping, and the other is a prenatal brain development disorder. Recently, however, science has found similarities between Lyme disease and autism that cannot be ignored. When one looks beneath the surface of these seemingly diverse disorders, the underlying discoveries are shocking.  

The Lyme-Autism Connection

1 out of 150 children are diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Many of these children have also been diagnosed with Lyme Disease/borrelia related complex,  but most remain undiagnosed.  It is estimated that up to 90% of children with autism may be also infected with Lyme Disease/Borrelia however, since testing is difficult, current research shows that 20-30% of these children harbor this bacteria.  This number would represent over 150,000 children in the United States alone.  Most of these children have never even been bitten by a tick.  Parents have no idea how their child would have contracted this bacteria.

However, it is important to note that borrelia is not the only infection that autistic children have.  Many children also have Mycoplasma, Herpes, Chlamydia, Babesia, Bartonella and many more.  

In addition, this is a family disease.   We intend to educate parents on their own health and how this is not just "autism" we are looking at, we are looking at a multi-faceted disorder which affects both the young, the old and all of us in-between.  Although our goal started out to look at just Lyme disease and autism...we have evolved to include other such infections, therefore looking at an infection based cause to autism.

The goal of this organization is to provide education, awareness and research into an infectious based cause of autism.  Yes..Lyme/borrelia is our PRIME suspect, but we realize that this is multiple infections happening on a disabled immune system and these infections can be triggered by many factors including but not limited to vaccines, chemicals/pesticides, electromagnetic frequency and a whole host of environmental factors.   When we consider all options, only then will our kids be able to begin improving.

The Link Between Autism and Lyme Disease

The CDC tells us 1 in 150 children have autism and that Lyme disease pops up at the rate of 20,000 reported cases a year. Even mainstream experts agree, however, that cases of Lyme are vastly under-reported.

At the Second Annual Lyme-Autism Connection Conference held June, 2008 in Palm Springs, discussion focused on Lyme-induced autism (LIA). Several experts suggested that at least 70% of the population has Lyme, and that it is being passed to children through congenital transmission, possibly through DNA.

"Most autistic kids have Lyme disease because most docs do not treat for Lyme first to knock it down enough that the white cell blood count can mount an attack and give you something to measure," said Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD. "That is why it is unknown."

According to author and herbalist Stephen Buhner, Lyme bacteria consume collagen tissues so the infection first goes to joints and then to the brain where the body has big stores of collagen. That is why research is showing that 20-30% of children diagnosed with autism, are in fact, positive for Lyme disease. This would mean that 150,000 - 200,000 autistic children are undiagnosed and untreated for this disease, hindering the improvement of their autistic symptoms.

"The epidemics of Lyme and autism have gone from mild ripples in the water to roaring, all-consuming tidal waves, destroying thousands of lives and tearing apart countless families," said Bryan Rosner and Tami Duncan, co-authors of the book, The Lyme-Autism Connection. Our lack of respect for bugs is as much to blame for the epidemics as is human politics.

"One of the most foolish things humans did was to assume that bacteria were not intelligent," said Buhner. "Bacteria can actually analyze ways to deactivate an antibiotic and give that info to other bacteria they encounter. Lyme seeds every part of the body where it has been with spirochetes. It generates scores of alternate forms of itself to maximize survival." Lyme is notorious for mutating when hit with antibiotics, antimicrobials and other attempts to kill it.

Electromagnetic Fields – a Silent but Deadly Force

Various doctors at the LIA conference presented research into what is feeding the bugs. One of the top suspects is electromagnetic fields (EMF). "Not enough of us are talking about this," said Dr. Klinghardt. "The body acts like an antenna for ambient electric fields in the home and these interfere with body functions. Neurons cannot function at higher than 40 microwatts."

Dr. Klinghardt explained there is a synergistic effect of environmental pollution and EMF and growth of microbes. "We need oxidation to kill the bugs but there is too much oxidation where we don't need it, in healthy cells, because of EMF. Some of the answers are cheap and effective, but have not clicked yet."

Dr. Lee Cowden stated that EMF can combine with parasites and fungi to create Leaky Gut Syndrome, a common problem in children with autism.

Some parents who caught on early to the EMF issue report success in removing wireless internet, portable phones, and cell phones from the house – even turning off the household fuse box at night. Clocks that plug into the wall often generate significant EMF and can be replaced with battery operated models. Sleep is the most important time for healing. EMF disturbs the body's natural sleep rhythms.

There is an EMF shield you can drape over a child's bed like mosquito netting. And there is an EMF blocking paint, interior and exterior, that can be used to shield a room or entire house.

The Rise of Genetically Modified Foods

Another top suspect in the Lyme-Autism connection is genetically modified (GM) foods where foreign genes have been spliced into the DNA of these foods to make them herbicide tolerant.

"Many of the top researchers at the FDA know how dangerous GM food is but they are not permitted to say anything so, officially, the FDA does nothing to warn us about the potential for serious harm," said Dr. Garry Gordon. "GM food can help introduce antibiotic resistance and it also carries a virus than can lead to the development of various 'stealth infections' which may not be detected on today's standard tests for infections. This means that although we are all focused on things like lead or mercury or food sensitivities, even the most astute doctors are doing little to combat the ever-present infection component contributing to our current health crisis."

Dr. Gordon explained that we put the farmers into the game of how big the carrot is, rather than how nutritious the carrot is. "We may have the calories but we do not have the health," he said. "Mineral deficiencies cause the body to be more acid. And some of these minerals, like selenium, really fight mercury."

At the LIA convention, parent Andrea Lalama got a standing ovation for her investigation into how GM food contributes to autism because of the the Bt pesticide found in all GM corn. One of her children became autistic after receiving five vaccines in the same day. "I at first blamed the vaccines, but I was wrong," she said.

She came to understand the vaccines worsened her son's speech delay problem, turning it into a case of extreme autism.

Lalama channeled her energies into research. She came to see a link between autism and the pesticide, Bt. "During WWII, Bt spores were looked at by the Germans," she reported. "They saw crystals inside the spores that puncture the intestine of the insect and give Leaky Gut. The bacteria then get out of the intestine. The crystals keep the holes in the intestine from ever growing back together again and healing."

Bt has been used as a spray pesticide in the USA since 1939. Autism showed up in 1943.

"The Bt pesticide was introduced into genetically modified corn, then potatoes, then fruits and vegetables," she explained. "In 1995, it was found in human guts. The metabolic pathways in our kids are corrupt."

Lalama said the increased exposure to Bt modified foods helps explain the jump in autism rates. "Bt also accounts for the disappearing bees, bats, and monarch butterflies. Surviving bees have been studied and found to have lost their ability to communicate with each other. Sounds just like our kids, yes?"

Her research caused her to discover a supplement called bitter orange which contains octopamine, a neurotransmitter found in the octopus and in bees. "We gave it to our kids. In 24 hours, we saw big changes in our children. A week later we got sentences." Lalama suggests that octopamine replaces communication abilities taken away by Bt modified foods.

Synergistic Effect of Heavy Metals

Several doctors spoke of a synergistic interplay between metals and microbes which creates the biofilm that gives Lyme its unique ability to hide from the immune system.

"Resistant strains of bacteria and yeast produce a polysaccharide matrix – biofilm – to protect them from the surrounding environment," said Amy Derksen, ND. "It is essentially a layer containing several heavy metals that encompasses the organisms we are trying to treat, making it very difficult to treat without needing doses so high that they would harm our children. The biofilm also prevents normal flora like acidophilus from thriving."

Dr. Gordon said that is why detox is an absolute must: "We must lower our total body burden of pathogens to help lower our chronic inflammation, which is holding heavy metals in tissues in spite of using the best chelators."

"It's important to do genetic testing," suggested Dr. Derksen. "Many of these kids are born with defects of their glutathione and methylation pathways."

Looking to the Future

The conference presented a number of different protocols for treating Lyme and Autism. Some incorporated antibiotics while others relied primarily on herbs, supplements or machines.

One thing stood out clearly: there is no perfect remedy. But the better shape you are in when you start treatment, the better the outcome will likely be.

Kim Marott of Corona, California, struggled for years to "fix" her daughter who was seriously debilitated with Lyme. "We tried everything, I felt I was begging in each doctor's office," she said. "When we found the Jai machine, it was as if the hand of God had touched her; the healing was amazingly fast. The humiliation patients face has to end."

Clearly, the epidemics are growing. The LIA conference sounded a warning bell to stop fixating on fixes and start focusing on the causes.

"We know global warming is driving growth of insects for example," said Dr. Klinghardt.

Environmental pollution, genetically modified foods, and a lack of a nutrient-rich diet are high-risk factors spreading the epidemic. Getting America's doctors up to speed is no small challenge. Getting medical groups and governmental agencies less concerned about politics and more concerned with delivering solutions is no small challenge.

"It's up to us as parents and professionals to lead the way," said LIA conference organizer Tami Duncan. "The doctors who enrolled and spoke at this year's LIA conference are probably a good five years ahead of their colleagues in their understanding of Lyme and autism. We will persist because our kids are our future and they need our help."

Next year, LIA's annual conference will be held in Phoenix, Arizona. LIA will join with CHOICE, an Arizona organization formed by Linda Heming, aka "" CHOICE lobbies for an unrestricted array of choices in healthcare for patients and doctors.