Saturday, 28 July 2012

Rib Tightness the Hug and Lyme

Hello all,

I have not written for a few days as I have been enjoying the sunshine sorry folks.

I was talking to a fellow Lyme sufferer the other day and they reminded me of the tightness around the waist area.

Now if you have been diagnosed with M.S you will be told "Oh that's called the M.S hug"
If you have been diagnosed I suppose with any other disease the tight feeling is the ..... hug.

After talking to my friend I remembered way back that yes I too suffered with the tight feeling and it was most uncomfortable to say the least especially if you are pregnant.
I wonder why one would get this particular sensation?

I suppose it is all about where the bacteria are in the body and which part of the nervous system is being affected.

Lyme can be a tricky so and so can't it.

I do have to admit I have not had the Hug now since I started the MMS but that's not to say I may not or may get it again I just might it's a bit of a waiting game when treating Lyme with antibiotics or other treatments.

But hey I am willing to do the waiting game and just deal with whatever happens as the Lyme and co-infections are eradicated out of my body i know it will be worth it.

Lyme Girl
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