Friday, 20 July 2012

Heart Murmur & Lyme

Hello all,

My beautiful dog would cough repeatedly took him to the vet who listened with her stethoscope and pronounced "heart murmur". My poor dog.

With my mother she too would cough just like the dog and they used to cough in unison her heart would pound jump around for her this was a very scary experience and I am sure the dog did not like it either.

I have also had a heart murmur and it felt like my heart was about to jump through my chest, I could hear it pounding in my ears ( I had not done any excessive physical exertion.)

 My grandmother was diagnosed with angina and many a time the ambulance was called because she thought or felt like she was having a heart attack.
She only got diagnosed with angina after the ambulance was called for the sixth time in a space of 3 months!
So yes she was given the angina spray.

Thing is when the ambulance came out they would put her on a heart monitor and there would be no sign of heart irregularity or a heart attack. how she could then be diagnosed with angina I'll never know maybe she did have angina maybe she didn't maybe it was connected to her Low thyroid. Her son also had a heart murmur.

In the area where the infected puppy was yet again many had heart problems and about 6 died from heart attacks. My grandfather had 3 heart attacks as well.
To me it is all a bit too coincidental for my liking.
hen the cat developed a heart murmur very suspect.

I have now found out that yep Lyme affects the vital organs especially the heart and many do have to get a pacemaker fitted while treating the Lyme.

Lyme can cause heart block, heart arrhythmia, heart palpitations.
Lyda Mattmans husband had a heart attack and this lead her to studying spirochetes and she found that there is a correlation to heart problems and spirochete. her advice is that if a member of your family have a heart attack then you should not visit them in hospital as the patient could become more infected.
if only we had of know that when my grandfather had his 3 heart attacks I am sure we would not of visited him to aid his recovery.


As I have said Lyme is like an octopus and it's tentacles are far reaching and Lyme is a devastating illness.
Many a vet will agree that if a dog has a heart problem Lyme is probably involved.
Not only did my dog have the heart murmur he would also vomit and this yet another symptom of Lyme especially in dogs.
All i can say is it is such a shame everyone had to suffer needlesly including the animals when all along they could of been cured with simple antibiotics ok yes it is not simple as a few pills and one is cured but at least if one is taking antibiotics or any treatment for Lyme at least the suffering can be treated and you know it's a herx or die off and the lyme is being weakened and you  will eventually  be totally free of the infection.
Therefore saving your vital organs and your life.

I am sure many of you have experienced the heart issues with Lyme or know someone who has.
Spread the info about Lyme and spirochete infection as much as possible to anyone you know who does have heart issues and get as much knowledge as you can.
Lyme girl

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