Sunday, 8 July 2012

Do not Give up

Getting well from Lyme is probably one of the hardest things you will ever have to do in your Life.
It is so worth it though. I would rather go through the herx's than the illness any day.
At times you may feel like giving up DON'T. Whether you take antibiotics or an alternative treatment you will herx or rather there will be a reaction and yes sometimes the reaction can seem real bad.
Just remember the intense reactions are the toxins from the dying bacteria.
There is the page on this blog all about Herx reactions.
I will repeat again some of the symptoms again:
Physical can be pain, swelling,tremors,numbness, tingling, burning sensations.
If the internal organs are affected you may have symptoms here as well.
The Mind: Insomnia, confusion,disorientation,depression, anxiety and panic attacks and anger.
All these symptoms do go away as you get better.
You may find it gets worse before it gets better.
The mind is the last part of your body that will eventually return to fully functioning. this will be when just about all the bacteria are actually dead.
 The bacteria reproduces and grows very slowly certain treatments are only able to kill the bacteria at different stages of the bacteria life cycle.
Do not give up yes it can take months to get better even years but the progress you make although small is so worth it.
Try to tough it out 
Sometimes it may feel like you have no short term memory anymore like the short term memory has gone AWOL.
You may feel completely disorientated and you may get bouts of amnesia all of this is the toxins the die off of the bacteria.
The numbness can happen anywhere in the body, This will stop eventually do not panic.
Diffrent parts of your body may be affected parts that were never affected before but that's because the bacteria have always been there and now the treatment is working seeking them out.
The pain is from the die off and that is good you do not want these critters in your body anymore.

You will get ops as well as downs but eventually the downs will become less and less.
Yes some days you may feel horrible down right awful hold in there.
You may find you get extremely weak and you cannot get your limbs to work you have to be patient and kind to yourself.
Your body is having a battle and you must do all you can do to help it along. Do not overdo it if your muscles are weak your body is talking to you.
You may find you have irrational mood swings anger rage or tears try to keep as calm as possiable.
I have been treating the Lyme for a year now and yes it was a very long hard road but as I get parts of my body back as i get my mind back I know it was all worth it.

Do not give up!

**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**

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