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Hips, Knees, Any Joint & Lyme

Hello all,

I have had clicking joints since I got bitten age 9. My kees would click, elbows, ankles just about whereever there was a joint there was a click.
he medical profession told me it was genetic, my mother and uncle and brother also suffered the clicking joints.

Thing is it was not genetic because I was adopted and so therefore what was happening to the rest of my family was not connected to genetics now was it.
What with the the splayed feet and ungainly gait we thought must be the reason for the clicking leg part of our bodies. Didn't explain the clicking elbows though or Knuckles wrists or neck.
Were we all lacking in Vitamin D?

Yes of course we were due to the fact we all were infected with a spirochete infection.
Now we can all connect the dots or the clicks so to speak.
It got so bad we would all be hobbling around in extreme pain in the knees and hips quite debilitating to say the least.

The pain in the hips is quite bad as that is very debilitating I used to take my hips for granted and when they stop working and cause pain one really can see how important they are for your mobility.

I would find it hard to lie down I would have to put cushions under my hip that i was lying on and what with my very sore back sleep was very difficult to say the least.
I did find some relief when I rubbed pain relief creams on my back and hip or Arnica cream helped as well.
I suppose while the infection is active and not being treated with antibiotics or other treatments it does not matter what you do the Lyme will go for the joints regardless.
If you do too much exercise or put strain on your hips with running or actully any form of exercise the lyme will attack especially the Hips!

Lyme always goes to any parts of your body that has suffered any form of damage and then it will have a field day!

I used to horse ride and this was after my bite age 9 when I reached age 16 the Lyme was really starting to shall we say become very active and I ended up in hospital for a month due to my hips really hurting and my inability to move them.
Again I was told I needed a psychiatric assesment as the pain I was going through was all in my head!

Ha ha the doctors were nearly right yes it was all in my head because I had a spirochete infection chewing away at my brain and the rest of my body.
After horse riding (which I love) I would be unable to walk for weeks I thought i must of been really unfit I used to think what's wrong with me why can't I do what others do with ease?
I would envy others who could cycle, horse ride basicaly any physical activity they didn't end up crippled in pain unable to move after their exercise.
I used to play tennis and I would dance and do ballet but whatever I did after doing it for a couple of months Then I would have to give it up due to the crippling pain  and my hips not functioning.
The general feelings and thoughts from others was that I was Lazy!
Isn't Lyme so cruel I was robbed of all the activities I thoroughly enjoyed I could of been a top athlete or tennis player or even top horse rider but no this was stolen from me by Lyme.
I used to see others getting trophy's and cups for their achievements in sport and deep down I knew I could never reach that.
I lost 30 years of my life because of Lyme yes Lyme is cruel!

Now I have treated myself with MMS and have been doing so for one whole year I am noticing I am becoming more pain free and guess what?
No clicking!
No hip pain no foot pain!
Ok maybe i will never become a top athlete and maybe I will never get my trophy's but at least I have regained my Hips my knees my joints yes Lyme you stole from me but

Now I take my body back.

I just have to be patient and not put undue stress on my body the way I  view it is I am healing and have to give my body a chance to grow stronger as it is getting attacked less.
I use walking poles instead of a walking stick or crutches as I find walking poles are lightweight and put less strain on my wrists and arms and I am able to stand more upright.
I do still use walking poles because well I am not quite there yet and I feel if I use a walking aid my body is getting that extra help and as I have said Lyme goes to any weak part of the body.
I try and listen to my body now very carefully and if I am tired and at the supermarket I will use the electric scooter because supermarket shopping is very stressful and can take a long time.
The human body is amazing and it is quite amazing if you give it a chance and you are kind to it and give it the right diet and vitamins and minerals the body will repair itself over time.
So be patient with your body if you are treating the Lyme or Spirochete infection be kind to your body and do not do self induced injury exercises like cycling, jogging or lifting weights not yet anyway.
Soon enough one day you will be able to do all this just give it time the immune system has a lot of work to do as it is.

Yes we all need to move and do some form of exercise and the best I have found is Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates as these keep you mobile and are not self induced injury.

Lyme girl

**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**

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