Friday, 20 July 2012

Itching, eczema, rashes, allergies and Lyme

Hello all,

The itching is probably one of the most annoying symptoms of Lyme.
Before I researched Lyme and Spirochete infection I thought my itchy scalp was either dandruff or the shampoo and hair products I was using.

I blamed my itchy body on body creams, soaps washing powders and fabric conditioners.
The rashes were blamed  on the food I was eating and stuff I was drinking.
Spending a fortune on herbalists and changing my diet body products for years I thought "oh I'm allergic to......"
I was wheat intolerant, lactose intolerant basically intolerant full stop!
Being told "you are allergic to animals, pollen," all a bit too easy to just blame something else rather than looking deeper and actually looking for the source to all this allergies and insesiant itching which would drive me nuts.
I would lie down to go to bed and then be kept up all night with invisible crawling things all over my body.
My daughters developed strange rashes and many a time were taken to A and E we were told "They are allergic to soap, food washing powder etc etc"
When I think back I remember watching my mother and she would be itching her scalp strangely enough when she had the telephone to her ear don't know if there is a connection there but considering Lyme and Spirochetes get aggressive around electricity, wireless technology etc it does not surprise me in the least that my mother whenever she was on the phone would have to itch her scalp because as she said "it must be my dry skin".
My brother would have terrible rashes and again we were told "eczema"
My grandmother would have very dry skin and rashes.
Now I see the pictures of the Lyme rash  European  and American and yes this is what we all had not any of the above eczema, allergies etc.
Even the pets had allergies and rashes we were told "Food ,grass" the list goes on.
We all had the Lyme spirochete rashes humans and pets.

Now I have treated myself with MMS for one whole year I am obviously killing off the infection and yes low and behold I am not intolerant at all!
Neither is my mother or my brother or my children.
Hay fever gone eczema gone dry skin gone intolerance gone.
Yes sometimes some of us get the bite mark which can appear anywhere on the body and never near the original bite.
If one is infected by another and not an insect that person or animal can still display a bite mark anywhere on the body that is how sinister the infection is.
I can now understand how infuriating Morgellions can be the itching is so annoying, I eventually just learnt to live with it well what other choice did I have? did we all have?
Well now I know the truth I do have a choice as does anyone and it can be treated with antibiotics or MMS or whatever one chooses and one can be cured!
Lyme girl

**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**

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