Sunday, 5 January 2014

MMS update 2 Years & 5 months !!!!

Hello all,

I have been very busy phew. You see I home school my youngest and for the past 4 months she and I have felt more able to take part in our home education group and the activities.

This is quite a giant leap forward for the both of us seeing as while we were in the process of treatment we wouldn't know how we would be physically or if we would herx or just be plain old exhausted!

This would make it extremely difficult to make any plans or even have a routine or even do anything remotely active oh the joys of treating chronic Lyme or a Spirochete infection/s.

Well we can report that we are still going strong and getting better all the time.

It is a great feeling to become part of the human race again.

Vitamin B

I increased my Vitamin B intake (supplements) and have noticed this has helped immensely now of course you should consult a medical professional if you wish to do this.
Lyme and Spirochetes do gobble up all the vitamin B we need and people with Chronic Lyme and M.S do suffer from the lack of Vitamin B in their system.
To me it made sense to increase my Vitamin B intake and I am glad to say it has really helped me with my body strength and immune system.

Well at the moment this is all I have to report and just to say it is so worth treating a Spirochete infection whether with MMS or Antibiotics just to get your life back.

Good Luck

*Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**

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