Saturday, 28 April 2012

What's a Horse fly got to do with Lyme?

"Horse Fly"

Horse flys have everything to do with Lyme and co-infections because horse flys, fleas, bed bugs, ticks, basically anything that is a parasite is a vector of Lyme and co-infections.

This is still a big debate that rages on the conventional mode of thought is that ticks are the only carriers of Lyme and co-infections.

There are many Doctors out there who also agree that lyme and co-infections can be spread by any parasite.

There are doctors who also believe that it can also be passed from human to human, blood transfusions, the placenta, human bodily fluids even breast milk!.

It can also be passed from animal to human and human to animal.

This is not scare people and i am sure if you have come to this blog you may be searching for answers about yourself or a loved one.

I am not saying the above is fact just reporting what the schools of thought are regarding lyme I would suggest that one investigates as much as you possiably can about Lyme.

Here are some links to give a varied view on Lyme and how one can become infected:

Lida Mattman this you tube video is very informative about Lyme

In Lies we trust  this video part 1 of 16 is worthwhile viewing especially all 16 as it explains where Lyme came from.


Teenage years

As I have said my I.Q rapidly declined and my health got worse and worse I became a teenager and my health just carried on down hill.

I was diagnosed dyslexic at age 15 now finally I had at least some sort of diagnoses.

This did not explain my declining  health though.
I had been signed off by the education system just another no hoper non achievier just a loser.
This did not do my self esteem any good at all i suppose if your told one thing enough times by enough people well, you start to believe it.

Before my bite I was a very active child able to play ball games ride a bike all the usual child stuff.but after the bite i became a very inactive child and unable to be as active with sports.
My ball skills became nonexistent!

We then moved abroad to the middle east when i was age 14 suprisingly my health got better and my brain function also got better.
Now if when I look back at my time in the middle east and my health all I can link to my better health etc is the fact the middle east is so hot and there is plenty of sunshine and i spent a lot of time swimming in swimming pools.
Lyme and co-infections hate high temperatures the one symptom i did get was my own body temperature, this did fluctuate, I would be very cold and could not sleep with the airconditioning on my feet would go blue!

We as a family came back to the United Kingdom when i was 15 and i went to a local secondary school, it was not long after that my old symptoms started to return.

Then my father got a very debilating illness it was an autoimmune disease his immune system started to attck him.
The doctors could not give a name to what he had then after some tests the diagnoses was PolyMyocitis.
No one ever connected that i had been bitten years before and now my father was about to die from the unexplainable.
There is a connection but more on that later.
luckily my father recovered from the illness and it took about 3 years for his full recovery but he wasn't the man he used to be.

The demise of a perfectly healthy girl

Little did my parents know what damage that one bite from a Horse fly could do.
We left my aunts taking with us one of the puppies to give to a friend.

Unfortunately we were unable to take our dog with us because we had moved to rented accommodation.
There again maybe this was a blessing in disguise.

After about two months I started to get ill. I started to suffer from very aches in my legs and knees I would be unable to move as my legs were very stiff and ridged.

My mother took me to the GP who stated it was growing pains and prescribed paracetamol this carried on for the best part of a year.

She took me back to the GP who then diagnosed rheumatism this carried on going back and forth to the doctor who switched from growing pains to  Rheumatism.

The GP told me  to just get used to this and stop being such a baby.

I also suffered from high temperatures and headaches oh but all this was again growing pains.

My school work started to suffer I started to miss a lot of school and my teachers thought I was becoming lazy and stupid. 

I was sent to St Guys hospital to check my I.Q to test if i was as stupid as everyone feared.the doctors there could find nothing wrong with me.

My reading age before the bite age 8 was 12 and my maths age was 12 I  was tested at age 9 and my reading age was 15 maths age 15 by the time i was tested at age 10 my reading age had dropped dramaticly to age 7 and my maths age had dropped to  4 years old!

I was bitten age 9 years seven months so you can see how rapid my decline was after my bite.

The decline in I.Q after contracting Lyme or Co-infections is an indication that someone has been infected. 
My reading age and maths age rapid decline should of led the Health proffessionals to test me for an infection. 
But like many others before me and after me this was not to be the case.unfortunatley.

I started to display many strange unexplainable problems with my health, my brain function and all was explained away.

The years moved on and as you may or may not know Lyme and co-infections can lie dormant for many years from 10,20,30 and right up to 50!
It isn't any wonder a doctor would not be able to connect the dots with me.

I suffered from terriable insomnia along with other symptoms and I was prescribed sleeping tablets age 10 and was on these for about 3 years this did not help of course in fact when i look back it actually made my insommnia worse apparently this is quite common that sleeping tablets do not work when there is an infection like Lyme.

How I got Lyme Disease

It was a lovely sunny day, I was wearing T-shirt and shorts just lke any 9 year old would on such a lovely hot day.

My  Mother, Father, baby brother  and I  were  visiting our dogs new puppies as she was at my aunts kennels and stables, my aunt was more able to cope with our pregnant dog and now new mother.

Of course I was very excited to meet the new brood little did I know this whole event would change my life forever.

Kneeling on the ground surrounded by all 7 puppies next thing I knew i had an explosion of pain in my bare thigh.

Screaming  in pain not knowing what this pain was being caused by, all I could see was  a large beast drinking my blood!

My father came running out to see what my screams were all about, I pointed to the offending beast he swatted it off my thigh he could of picked it off I cannot remember all I knew was i wanted it off my body.

I have no idea how much blood  the parasite  took out of my body, I now know the beast left me with a  very debilitating illness something I was not to become aware of many years later.

Asking  my father through my tears of pain what the beast was. he told me the beast was a Horse fly!

We all just got on with our lives after that fateful bite.not knowing how dangerous it actually was.
The puppy went to his new home in the same village of my Primary school.
There is a reason I am saying this and the reason is after about 6 months people in the village started to get sick at an alarming rate.
Could this be connected to the horse fly bite i had?
The illnesses the people got does all suggest yes.