Saturday, 28 April 2012

What's a Horse fly got to do with Lyme?

"Horse Fly"

Horse flys have everything to do with Lyme and co-infections because horse flys, fleas, bed bugs, ticks, basically anything that is a parasite is a vector of Lyme and co-infections.

This is still a big debate that rages on the conventional mode of thought is that ticks are the only carriers of Lyme and co-infections.

There are many Doctors out there who also agree that lyme and co-infections can be spread by any parasite.

There are doctors who also believe that it can also be passed from human to human, blood transfusions, the placenta, human bodily fluids even breast milk!.

It can also be passed from animal to human and human to animal.

This is not scare people and i am sure if you have come to this blog you may be searching for answers about yourself or a loved one.

I am not saying the above is fact just reporting what the schools of thought are regarding lyme I would suggest that one investigates as much as you possiably can about Lyme.

Here are some links to give a varied view on Lyme and how one can become infected:

Lida Mattman this you tube video is very informative about Lyme

In Lies we trust  this video part 1 of 16 is worthwhile viewing especially all 16 as it explains where Lyme came from.