Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Twenties and Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis

As I have said from age nine years seven months I was on a rapid decline, after being in the United Kingdom for  three years my health went from bad to worse.
I completed  my GCSE’s  i went to college to study hotel and catering management.

One day I woke up got out of bed fell on the floor and was unable to get up again!
My back had just stopped working I could not move I was in excruciating pain.  I went for x-rays and nothing was found just there maybe a slipped disc.
My back problem carried on for many many years, I had to adjust to my new disabled life I had to drop out of college.

I was then able to complete my management course via an apprenticeship.

Backpacking back into the sunshine again....
My back had started to get better and I was in a kind of remission.
I had saved up enough money  to enable me to go backpacking around the world.this was a once in a life time
I had saved up enough money  to enable me to go backpacking around the world.this was a once in a life time opportunity and i relished it.
I managed to get a working visa for Australia and worked my around there. I will say after the long flight to Australia I did become quite unwell ( this is not unusual with Lyme or co-infections).
The doctors in Australia did not have any ideas about what was wrong with me.
The sunshine did do me some good though and I got stronger and stronger and  my symptoms went into remission.
I was able to work quite hard in Australia in fact I had four part time jobs at once!

This was quite strange having left the UK I was physically more able to do more my brain fog had lifted and i was more able to think clearly, depression had lifted.
While in Australia I tried my hand at diving, diving really made me feel alive amazing the breathing of the oxygen was fantastic!
Now to many this may not be important and at the time i did not either. It was not until many years later i was to find out why I felt so good diving you see it was the oxygen.

Back to UK bad to worse....

I arrived back in the UK and my health just went rapidly down hill at quite an alarming rate.
The many other symptoms I had still carried on and my life was like a rollar coaster not knowing what was coming next, not knowing when i woke up in the mornings how i was going to be but somehow I just got used to the pain and the unknown. 
When I would go to doctors with my myriad of strange symptoms I was met with "Your making it all up" or "it's all in your head"
Worst still my family and friends started to doubt me and this was a very lonely time for me, i just learnt to stop complaining as it only fell on deaf ears.
I could not focus on anything all I could do was sleep the doctors prescribed me antidepressants because i was told I had depression.
I went to a Kinesologist and started looking into alternative remedies and treatments my nervous system was behaving very strangely indeed.
i moved to my grandmother's house as she was on her own I joined her doctors surgery again I went to the doctor with my strange symptoms and was told "the nervous system does not behave like this you are a benefit scrounger!"
I and my grandmother were not willing to accept this and I asked to be referred to a neurologist, the doctor refused so i phoned up the local private hospital and paid for a private appointment to see a neurologist.

The neurologist I saw was the exact same one who had treated my father all those years ago.
We discussed my strange symptoms my whole medical history although the bite was never mentioned, nobody not even me joined the dots.
After waiting 2 long weeks for my MRI scan results i got the dreaded phone call yes I had Multiple Sclerosis.
I felt my world had been destroyed.
My results were met with disbelief by my family and friends they thought i was just pulling the wool over their eyes and was making it all up and it was all in my head.
Could of been disbelief or shock who knows.

 The one thing i did feel was at last i have a name for what is wrong with me at last and I am not going nuts.