Sunday, 20 May 2012

Insommnia again

Hello all,

Well I have had Lyme now for 30 years. I never unedrestood through all the years why i had such trouble with sleep, yes sleep eluded me.
I could never understand why some nights I would just lie awake until the sun rose again.

I started to work in Hotel management this career suited me down to the ground because it's a career that means you work at night and work hard.
The Lyme and co-infections could obviously get all that they needed when I was awake all through the night!.
Now i am treating myself i have the added problem of Insomnia with the Herx reactions, but i will say I prefer this type of insomnia to what I used to suffer from anyday.

Having been on my treatment for nearly a year my sleeping pattern is becoming normal and at last i am getting tired at the right times and actually falling asleep at the right times yippee!
This is quite a milestone for me in so many ways.
Ok my new sleep pattern has been for about three months but at least I do not sleep talk anymore.
So gone are the days of watching through the night T.V this is a blessing.

If you are suffering with Insommnia do not lose heart there is light at the end of the tunnel.