Saturday, 19 May 2012

Lyme disease and Biowarfare

In the 1950s, Willy Burgdorfer, who isolated the tick-vectored Lyme disease spirochete and for whom the causative Borrelia is named,[i] worked on artificially forcing Borrelia disease agents (like relapsing fever Borrelias) to infect new tick vectors. (Burgdorfer then used these artificially infected ticks in attempts to infect lab animals.[ii])

He also published papers describing the "occult infections" due to these relapsing fever spirochete disease agents.[iii] In parallel with these studies, he developed production-like methods for transferring diseases to Ixodid ticks,[iv] the same species that spreads the occult Borrelia infection initially called Lyme disease, which Burgdorfer later compared to the relapsing fever Borrelias he had studied.[v]

The lab he conducted this research in and which later isolated the Lyme spirochete[vi] is now a “biosafety level 4” biowarfare research facility,[vii] just like the biowarfare lab at the epicenter of the Lyme Epidemic (Plum Island Animal Disease Center), which conducted outdoor tick research and is suspected of being the source of the Lyme Epidemic. [viii]

Given the manner in which Lyme disease broke out and the deadly manner in which it has been intentionally mismanaged ever since, hard questions must be asked:

When Burgdorfer was developing techniques to artificially expand the host-range of Borrelias to new tick species, and then to lab animals, was he in fact conducting biological warfare research at the Rocky Mountain Laboratory?

Did this research feed in to the tick research that was conducted at Plum Island Animal Disease Center, the outdoor biowar test facility for such insect vectors? And was Plum Island,the outdoor test facility for Fort Detrick, the center of the U.S. biological warfare effort?

Was the causative agent of Lyme disease later “discovered” by a military epidemiologist as part of a suspected public relations/containment effort to control information about the burgeoning epidemic and its ties to the military?

Did this effort surrounding the so-called "natural" outbreak of a zoonotic agent lead to an experimental vaccine effort (orchestrated by CDC/EIS biowarfare agents) similar to that which happened in Egypt, when human vaccine experiments were conducted after the "natural" outbreak of Rift Valley fever virus, an outbreak that occurred in the same time-frame as the Lyme disease outbreak?

In the time period leading up to the Lyme Epidemic, Burgdorfer worked for the military in a capacity consistent with this hypothesis: He was a member of the Armed Forces Epidemiology Board investigating insect vectored diseases.[ix] The disastrous non-response to the Lyme Epidemic has been orchestrated by military epidemiologists using their influence in the government, medical infrastructure and media. Was Willy Burgdorfer part of this non-response to the devastating disease named after him?

At a time when desperate patients and persecuted doctors need all the information they can get about the true nature of Lyme disease, Willy Burgdorfer has coyly stated, on film, that he hasn’t told us everything he knows about the disease.

What are you hiding Willy?

Why don’t you tell us what you know?

Until you do, you have the Borrelia BURGDORFERi-infected blood of millions on your hands.