Friday, 3 August 2012

Swelling (Odema) die-off toxins

I thought I would just post a picture of my swelling as a visual record and for everyone to see how the body behaves with the toxins from the Lyme and co-infection die off:

Swollen Left ankle
 This is a picture of my swollen left ankle yesterday it was fine.

Swollen Right foot on Right side of foot.

This is a picture of my right foot and the swelling is on the right side of foot I was bitten on my Right thigh by the Horse fly.
The bite can reappear anywhere on the body and no where near the original bite so in that respect I would suggest the swelling could be anywhere on the body and probably the swelling from die off may be worse near the original bite/infection.
The swelling does not stay and it is not your typical Odema.
It can be quite painful in the joints of the foot so on the right side of my foot I suggest from reading the research on Mice I must have Lyme fragments in these joints and my left ankle.
Luckily this swelling will go as my body expels the Lyme fragments and debris/toxins with help from the MMS and the oxygen therapy.

This swelling I am experiencing is exactly like the swelling my father had when he was diagnosed with Dermopolymyocytis but with him his swelling was all over his body he could not move and his skin was splitting, now having found out about Lyme he obviously had Lyme seeing as his diagnoses was just a guess anyway.
The doctors could not confirm his diagnoses anyway.

Lyme girl

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