Thursday, 2 August 2012

Stripy Leg swollen foot.

Hello all,

Well I have had a bit of a tough time at the moment I am swelling again on my right foot.
I know it's die off and the toxin build up from the die off.
Now this swelling is happening in the cycle of the BB cycle so there is no need to panic it's just very annoying and painful.
I also got a stripy leg yes stripy three stripes on my right leg they did not itch or hurt or burn for that matter.
Again this was die off I looked like I had got sunburn!
Very strange sunburn and no it was not sunburn not at all.
I have uploaded the pictures for everyone to see.
I did have some caramel earlier in the day I know I should not eat sugar but I just could not resist and I paid for that with a stripy leg! never again.
The stripes have now gone but I am left with a little swelling on just a patch of my right foot. Isn't Lyme a strange beast.

"Stripy Right Leg"
This is my stripy right leg.This is not sunburn and it did not hurt or itch and no burning sensation.
"Stripy Right Leg"
Stripy right leg.
"Left Leg"

My left leg no stripes slight swelling on ankle.

As you can see from the pictures the stripes look quite dramatic to say the least. They have gone now and there is no lasting marks or damage.

Lyme girl

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