Thursday, 2 August 2012

Sugar the dangerous substance and Lyme

Hello all,

Sugar is the worst substance one can consume when one has Lyme.
Sugar of any kind feeds the beast and makes it more aggressive as you can see with my stripy leg!
"All because of a caramel and the die off"
Yes this is die off but as Lyme dies off it releases toxins and the lymph nodes have a hard time to unblock the waste that builds up from the die off.
Even if I was on antibiotics this would still happen. It is not because of the MMS or an allergy,no it is sugar that aggravated the situation.
It does look like a heat rash in a sense but alas no it is not a heat rash.
Lyme loves sugar with a passion (well it has to try and survive)

Sugar is bad anyway but for a Lymie it is real bad.
I can eat apples when I have my MMS and yes apples do have fructose sugar but of course that sugar is more natural and I need the pectin in the fresh apple to stop nausea.
Candida as we all know thrives on sugar and Candida and Lyme thrive together and then we can get a Candida overgrowth.
Basically stay away from sugar at all costs especially when you are treating the Lyme.
Lyme Girl
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