Friday, 3 August 2012

Dementia & Lyme and co-infections

Hello all,

I was asked the other day does Lyme cause Dementia?
My answer to this question is Yes I am sure it does, well Lyme does absolutly everything else doesn't it.
From my experience in my family about 6 women in the family suffered from dementia and by looking back through the family history and other symptoms these women suffered from I can say yes they got dementia due to the Lyme Infection.
Having read and investigated Lyme and co-infections extensively I found many studies that all show Lyme and co-infections do cause dementia.
Not only that Lida Mattman found again that many Alzheimer patients all had a Spirochete infection.

I would conclude that as Lyme is such a imitator and affects every area of the body of course it will eat the brain and destroy that area of the body.
Lyme and co-infections can cause so many neuropsychiatric illnesses  from Encephalitis, or Meningitis in the early stages of infection and a number of psychiatric conditions can occur with Lyme: Paranoia:
Bipolar disorder
Panic attacks
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Major depression
Anorexia nervosa

We should also not forget Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD and many others. I am not saying for one second that  Dyslexia and Autism or ADHD is a psychiatric illness not at all but it goes to show how different parts of the brain do get affected if one is infected.

The above symptoms happen with syphilis too and as Borrelia burgdorferi and syphilis are related it surely goes without much argument that yes Lyme affects the brain in so many ways and it is time that the Lyme coverup is displayed for what it is and that people can be treated properly and cured with antibiotics or other treatments to prevent years and years of suffering and also prevent death for some.

Dementia can be so scary for the sufferer and cause so much heartache for the family concerned.
When will the coverup become uncovered?
Lyme Girl
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