Thursday, 16 August 2012

Why the M.S & Lyme connection denial?

Hello all,

This  is a question i have been asking myself Why the denial that Lyme or a spirochete infection could cause M.S? why is this so vehemently denied? by the medical community, M.S charities and even M.S sufferers?
Maybe it's because M.S sufferers have spent a fortune on remedies that promise the earth but do nothing.

Or maybe it's because upon diagnoses they are told "Well there is nothing we can do just get on with it and suffer in silence"?

Maybe it's because M.S sufferers are told there is no known cure and they probably will not get a cure in the near future or even their expected life span.
Are the M.S community waiting for the mainstream medical profession and the mainstream news, to come out and actually announce the truth and then tell them, there is a cure and sorry they have had a parasitic infection all along M.S is not some disease in itself at all?.
Well as far as I can see this will not happen Why?, because illness means money £££ & $$$$ or whatever, currency you deal in big pharma rely's on our illness to does not matter what the illness is big pharma will never cure it this is a sad fact of life and greed leads the way, not the health and wellbeing of the physical body or the human.

Charity's are there for the sufferers aren't they? No not really  as far as I can tell again lead by greed and money.

Why do so many charities when a cure is found shut up whoever has come up with a cure for whatever it is if the charity is supposedly trying to find a cure?.
 If they wish to deny this then they are welcome to deny this and explain their reluctance in telling their members why they keep the cures a secret.
Why the denial of a parasite infection when the proof is as plain as day in full view one just has to know where to look.
I would suggest that if one is ever diagnosed with an autoimmune disease to dig deeper do not accept that there is not more to the illness.

I used think M.S was my body attacking me and causing me to be sick and disabled I was swayed from questioning the diagnoses and just had to get on with it.
I put all my trust in the medical profession and big pharma and my own government.
 Well they should know what's best shouldn't they?
 It is a very rude awakening to finally wake up from a slumber, to see the truth for what it is,
  firstly the fact that everything is driven by greed and secondly the fact we are all being denied good health and cures.

Fellow M.S sufferers ask "where is the proof that M.S is a spirochete infection?"
Well I personally do not have any proof of my own, as I do not own a lab or have any Lab rats etc
All I do have is the information I have come across from people like Lyda Mattman or Vaughter wellness for example.
I have had a MRI scan, and was diagnosed with M.S from that scan.
 But I had forgotten about the horse fly bite all those years before, my nerologist was unaware I had ever been bitten by a insect that could transmit an infection, there again he never asked.
Would he have put two and two together? that we will never know.
Seeing as it would cause the radiologist to loose their job when looking at a MRI scan and they see spirochetes on the brain, and they are not allowed to say "spirochete infection" and can only say "suspected Multiple sclerosis" .
I doubt any neurologist would put 2 and 2 together it's more than their job is worth.
As far as I am concerned my proof is the fact I got bitten and my proof is my children and how they have been affected, my proof is all the people I knew who have died from a spirochete infection and my proof is my family my mother, my father, my brother and my grandparents and other family members who have all been affected or rather infected with Lyme, that is my proof and of course the scan.
I personally do not need anymore proof than that,  the 250 people maybe even more, to prove to me that there is a spirochete connection to M.S.
I just keep remembering what Lyda Mattman said "Multiple Sclerosis, should be renamed Multiple Spirochete"
Could I argue with that statement of course not.
Do I want to remain in the M.S box and just blindly accept any longer there is no cure, there is nothing the doctors can do, just offer sticky plaster treatments to relive my suffering?
Well no I don't and I didn't,  hence why I took the leap and just took MMS, what did I have to loose? Nothing, I had already had lost everything and I had everything to gain.
 I stepped out of my M.S box and used the MMS and thank goodness I did!
The denial has to stop, enough is enough, this is peoples lives here,  this is peoples lives being ruined here.
If you do have the diagnoses of M.S what's it going to hurt to get a proper test to see if you do have a spirochete infection?
What is the harm in seeing a Lyme literate doctor?
I would say there is no harm, none at all, the harm is not treating an infection that steals from us and our loved ones.
As I am not rolling in cash, my only option was to take the MMS.
I felt well if I have had a diagnoses of M.S  because of a MRI scan, and joining the dots why not try something that costs pence per drop, if it did not work I would of tried a Rife machine,  luckily it did work and saved me £800 per month for up to 5 years with antibiotics.
I am glad I got out of the denial mode and trusted my instincts.

Lyme girl.
**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**
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