Sunday, 5 May 2013

Weight Gain & Lyme, Spirochete Infecton

Hello all,

The million dollar question is Does Lyme cause weight gain? the answer is yes it does. Lyme can also cause weight loss too.

What i have noticed is since treating the Spirochete infections I have gained weight some of this is probably due to inactivity.

Double edged sword....

This is a double edged sword because due to pain one can't be active and due to extreme tiredness one can't be active.

 If one does do some sort of exercise one could end up bedridden,
 the Lyme loves it when one is injured and goes to the places that have been injured .

Yep there is another flare up of pain and maybe swelling and then more tiredness.

So it goes on and on in a viscous circle.

Lymies can't do too much exercise but must try and keep as active as possible because Lyme/spirochetes love inactivity so moving is vital.

My own personal experience....

I have been treating the infection/s with MMS  some use antibiotics, now it is well known that medication can cause weight gain but I also feel that maybe there is also a connection to treating Lyme/Spirochete and the weight gain no matter how one treats the infection.

I am not a medical Doctor and i don't have a lab for testing all I can say is about my own personal experiences and speaking to other Lymies.

Seeing as Candida also can cause weight gain as well maybe when Lyme and candida get together well perhaps that causes the weight gain.


Weight gain can also be connected to Low thyroid so it is always worth while getting the thyroid checked as the spirochetes do love the Thyroid area and the spirochetes gobble up progesterone as does Candida.
I am going to try some natural remedies for my Thyroid gland as well.

Maybe when one is clear of any infection the body does get into balance eventually and the weight gain stops well here's hoping anyway.

It does seem protein is the key to helping with weight gain and cutting out all sugars in the diet.
I have been on the Atkins diet myself but I am afraid this has not helped my weight gain since I started treating the Lyme.

What I have noticed is since I increased my acidophiles I do seem to be losing weight now (thank goodness) and the symptoms of candida overgrowth have now all but gone.

I really hope I continue  to lose the weight I have gained since the start of treatment and I am sure MMS is not to blame and perhaps the antibiotics don't cause a lot of weight gain as we are lead to believe it could all be down to maybe Lyme die off who knows.

Early Days

It is very early days I am on day 5 now but I shall see if the weight gain starts to decrease further and my body gets into some sort of balance.

Boy isn't Lyme so multi- faceted and how it just about affects every part of the body it can drive one nuts but it is so worth treating it in the long run.

Lyme Girl x

 **Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**

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