Friday, 4 May 2012

The Lyme Journey

I started to do some research on M.S and this led me to finding out about the connection to a bacterial infection and M.S.

As delved deeper and afetr watching Lida Mattman
amongst other things it very quickly all came together.

Yes I had been bitten age 9 years seven months and from that time my I.Q had been dramaticly affected.
Yes My health had dramaticly declined.

I had all the Chronic Lyme symptoms what else could it be?

After seeing the fact that well Lyme shows up on MRI scans as lesions  as does M.S it goes without saying in my mind they are one and the same.
I had a MRI scan that is how i was diagnosed with M.S all those years ago.
If I had been bitten age 9 and we took a puppy from the place where i got bitten this would explain all the other people over the years who all got very strange illnesses.
I then have found out that Lyme and co-infections may be connected to infant death syndrome well where i got bitten there was a cot death.
My father had his strange autoimmune disease, my brother was diagnosed with M.S my mother contracted Parvovirus (In blood tests Lyme can imitate Parvovirus).
(I was adopted btw).
In my class and school and village including staff at the school and family memebers:
7 schizophrenia
45 cancers
25 arthritis
10 endrometrisistis
5  lupus
4  manic depression
3 brain tumours
16 dyslexia
14 CFS/M.E
5  M.S
2 infant death syndrome.
17 Thyroid disease.
9 heart disease
4 Menegitists
3 Chrons disease
8 Bipolar

For me this list is quite alarming to say the least.
I do realise diseases are on the rise maybe i am stabbing in the dark but that is what Lyme is like stabbing in the dark looking for answers. It is all a bit too coincidental for my liking.
When I tell people the above list many ask what kind of place was this?
The place was a nice village good diets, clean water good medical care good housing. It was not the Bronx in New York or a slum.

But it was a place where everyone had become infected with a bacteria called Borellia.or a co-infection who knows one thing I am suspicious of is that as Lyme is the great imitator the above list and what has happened to me they are all connected to Lyme.
As Lyda Mattman said "Multiple sclerosis stands for Multiple Spirochetes".

Did that bite I got age 9 cause all of the above?
Did the puppy who could of been infected?

The young of this village were all struck down at a young age and most if not all are now disabled in one way or another, very suspect.