Saturday, 28 April 2012

How I got Lyme Disease

It was a lovely sunny day, I was wearing T-shirt and shorts just lke any 9 year old would on such a lovely hot day.

My  Mother, Father, baby brother  and I  were  visiting our dogs new puppies as she was at my aunts kennels and stables, my aunt was more able to cope with our pregnant dog and now new mother.

Of course I was very excited to meet the new brood little did I know this whole event would change my life forever.

Kneeling on the ground surrounded by all 7 puppies next thing I knew i had an explosion of pain in my bare thigh.

Screaming  in pain not knowing what this pain was being caused by, all I could see was  a large beast drinking my blood!

My father came running out to see what my screams were all about, I pointed to the offending beast he swatted it off my thigh he could of picked it off I cannot remember all I knew was i wanted it off my body.

I have no idea how much blood  the parasite  took out of my body, I now know the beast left me with a  very debilitating illness something I was not to become aware of many years later.

Asking  my father through my tears of pain what the beast was. he told me the beast was a Horse fly!

We all just got on with our lives after that fateful bite.not knowing how dangerous it actually was.
The puppy went to his new home in the same village of my Primary school.
There is a reason I am saying this and the reason is after about 6 months people in the village started to get sick at an alarming rate.
Could this be connected to the horse fly bite i had?
The illnesses the people got does all suggest yes.