Saturday, 28 April 2012

Teenage years

As I have said my I.Q rapidly declined and my health got worse and worse I became a teenager and my health just carried on down hill.

I was diagnosed dyslexic at age 15 now finally I had at least some sort of diagnoses.

This did not explain my declining  health though.
I had been signed off by the education system just another no hoper non achievier just a loser.
This did not do my self esteem any good at all i suppose if your told one thing enough times by enough people well, you start to believe it.

Before my bite I was a very active child able to play ball games ride a bike all the usual child stuff.but after the bite i became a very inactive child and unable to be as active with sports.
My ball skills became nonexistent!

We then moved abroad to the middle east when i was age 14 suprisingly my health got better and my brain function also got better.
Now if when I look back at my time in the middle east and my health all I can link to my better health etc is the fact the middle east is so hot and there is plenty of sunshine and i spent a lot of time swimming in swimming pools.
Lyme and co-infections hate high temperatures the one symptom i did get was my own body temperature, this did fluctuate, I would be very cold and could not sleep with the airconditioning on my feet would go blue!

We as a family came back to the United Kingdom when i was 15 and i went to a local secondary school, it was not long after that my old symptoms started to return.

Then my father got a very debilating illness it was an autoimmune disease his immune system started to attck him.
The doctors could not give a name to what he had then after some tests the diagnoses was PolyMyocitis.
No one ever connected that i had been bitten years before and now my father was about to die from the unexplainable.
There is a connection but more on that later.
luckily my father recovered from the illness and it took about 3 years for his full recovery but he wasn't the man he used to be.