Thursday, 5 July 2012

Dehydration and Lyme

Hello all,

I never thought much about this not until I heard Tom Grier speaking about his experiences with Lyme and how he would forget to drink. Now since he has been diagnosed with Lyme and taken antibiotics for it he has to take sips of water every 10 mins or so.

When i heard this i thought about myself "Do I have this problem too?"
Now being completely honest with myself I have to say yes i used to forget to drink, I would not touch water very much and it was as though my body was actually rejecting fluids.

Now why would a human reject fluids to sustain their exsistance?

There has been many times in the past where i have actually suffered Dehydration and had to be given medical help.

Lyme seems to have this ability to affect the mechanism in the body that triggers the response to actually drink. it seems this response is shut down completely

Now i make sure i have a bottle of water beside me at all times and make sure i sip water every 2 mins or so.

So yes Lyme may want to stop me from drinking water but i am onto this now.

1point to me 0 to Lyme..
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