Thursday, 28 March 2013

Painful Shins & Lyme

Hello All,

Boy when is Spring going to arrive here in the UK?

This ongoing cold freezing weather is going on and it's never ending!

The price I pay for such cold weather is my joints and bones. I used to go cold from the inside out this is hard to explain, now since I have been treating myself my internal thermostat seems to keep my body at a constant warmth even  when I venture outside.
This is a good thing.
Now since this Springs bout of snow here in the UK something we have not seen since the 60's, before my time, my shins have really hurt.

My shins feel as though I have done 50 rounds in a football match being constantly kicked! They feel bruised and battered.
This is impeding my walking ability (my legs are quite stiff).

Lyme Fragments

Now I know about the experiment with the mice refer to this page:

The fact the scientists found that even when the mice were clear of any living BB the Lyme fragments from the dead BB would still be present and wherever the fragments rested i.e joints the fragments would cause swelling and I presume pain but mice can't speak so we will never know if they actually experienced pain with the fragments and the swelling, I know I do!

Well my shins as I said are quite painful I do not have the stripy leg this time refer to this page :

Or the swollen foot bit I do have very sore shins!.
The bone does feel slightly swollen well the skin does there is really not a lot visible to the naked eye but I can sure feel something going on that's for sure.

I remember when......

Perhaps this is living Lyme causing the pain or perhaps it's the fragments or both I do remember after the bite from the horse fly, we used to visit my Great Grandmother in Scotland and the temperature change would be quite drastic for me, I would be rolling around in agony rubbing my shins tears pouring down my face for at least the first week of us being there, yes it would take me at least a week to get acclimatised to the temperature change.
The shin pain would come whenever I would have to go through drastic temperature changes mainly from warm to cold. My mother would take me to the G.P only to be told I was suffering from growing pains of all things!
How many other people suffering from a undiagnosed Spirochete infection are palmed off with such a load of twaddle
Most children who get Lyme do get swollen knees which become very painful I suppose for me my shins were the main problem area.

Maybe it was because I fell on my right shin when I was about 3 and had a huge gash a scar I have had since and perhaps because of this the Spirochetes have attacked the most.
Yes I have always had clicky knees (since the bite) and my knees have also been weak but I have not had what the children had in the towns of  Lyme and Old Lyme, Connecticut USA  identified in 1975.

Since Treatment......

Since treating with MMS my shins have only just recently flared up since this Spring snow but at least I am not rolling around in pain with tears pouring down my face could that be my age?
I know with the MMS this symptom will lift maybe when the Spring does finally arrive in the UK,  I will be mobile and pain free again and hopefully this will be the last time my shins will ever be affected again..... well here's hoping.

The stripy leg has not come back.......
No one said treating the spirochete infection/s would be easy or quick for that matter it defiantly is like running a marathon rather than a sprint!.
I will just have to keep on with the MMS even when I feel better and symptom free but you know it will be so worth it after having an undiagnosed infection for 30 years of my life, having so much stolen from me by the spirochetes! I will overcome this.
Keep on going never give up!

Lyme Girlx

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