Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Real Story of Norovirus & Flu

Hello all,

Norovirus was a really hard illness to get over I know the advice is it takes 75 hours but it didn't with me and not only that I got the flu straight after probably because my immune system was down because of the Norovirus.

Well the flu really did take it's toll on me maybe it was the fact my body was already dealing with the Lyme healing.

What I have noticed is my brain fog was real bad since January and it has only been for the last couple of weeks I can now safely say my brain fog has lifted once and for all.
My energy levels are better no more than better.
The annoying cough is going nearly has gone now.

 The Real Story...

The real story of the Norovirus and the flu is that both do last longer than is stated  and that some symptoms are harder to go than others.

I did not take antibiotics for either illness and maybe they would of gone quicker if I had of taken antibiotics but there is a part of me which does disagree.
No I just stuck to the MMS and I would say it probably worked as well as any antibiotic could of ever of done.

My Throat&Voice

What I also noticed was my throat and voice were affected by the flu now my job is a speaking job so became quite a challenge to say the least.
I will say it felt exactly as it did when I lost my swallow all those years ago only this time I did not lose my ability to swallow thank goodness.

My voice would come and go and the only remedy for this was Cadburys drinking chocolate. I am not advertising here not at all. I tried all sorts from luxury to cheap and the only one that worked for me and kept my voice working and my throat working was cadburys believe it or not.

Now I do not know why only this brand worked but hey at least I could do my job.
I thought I would post this in case anyone else had the same problem as myself and could not find a solution or anything to help.

Some may say it is pshcological some may not believe me I personally do not care if any one believes me or not Cadburys worked for me.

I am still drinking it and my voice is slowly but surely less affected I don't lose my voice as much as I was it is not as crackly as before.

Well maybe a lot of my symptoms were to do with die off of the Lyme/Spirochetes or maybe a lot had to do with the fact that Lyme does communicate with other bacteria and therefore made it harder who knows at least now I am back to normal and able to at least go through each day with more energy.

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