Sunday, 30 September 2012

More eyesight improvement wow!

Hello all,

Just to keep you updated my youngest who was born with congenital Lyme had an eye sight test just like the eldest.
Well the vision is above 20/20!!!
So those blasted spirochetes also have not caused irreparable damage to the eyes.
In fact the eyesight is better than ever before. Last eye test the vision was just 20/20 but now better!
We are sure this is because of treating the spirochete infection.
I could not be more pleased as in my extended family that were infected all had eyesight problems that were getting increasingly worse most were becoming blind and not one member of the medical profession put two and two together.
My brother was told he was going to have to have an operation because he had the start of Cataracts and could become blind!
Now he has been treating himself with MMS because he was infected his eyesight is 20/20!!!
Not a sign of a supposed cataract at all!
This is all very good news for us.
Those blasted spirochetes cause so much long lasting damage if left untreated, we are all just so glad we are all being treated now and cleared of the infection.
Lyme girl

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