Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Battle rages on, Symptoms Old & New

"Battle of Symptoms rages on!"

Hello all,

I have found over the past year while I have been treating myself that the symptoms I had it seemed were going from the newest and as the months went on I got the older symptoms.
Now I am in month 14 I am having symptoms that replicate old symptoms I used to suffer from  in the mouth and throat.
My tongue feels as though I have burnt it, my throat is very dry.
The gums also feel burnt and the whole mouth area is very tender. I have to adjust what I am eating and drinking as I do not want aggravate it.
I am having less salty foods, no strong flavours i.e herbs and spices, anything  tomato, meats,some fish, chocolate hurts so that is out too!
Yep my diet at the moment is very bland and tasteless.

I know it is not forever and eventually the battle that is raging in my mouth and throat area will cease and hopefully I will never suffer from this again in my life 
Thank goodness for raw milk!
At least the raw milk is sustaining me and filling me up. It is bland enough for me to cope with and I am still able to swallow my vitamins & Minerals
A cup of raw milk is equal to a meal or equal to :
 41 bannans
84 tomatoes
I cannot remember what else but raw milk can sustain a human if need be.
These symptoms are not as bad as when I lost my ability to swallow or when my throat seized up all those years ago before I even had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.
Since I found out that Lyme lives in the mouth it is now all understandable what is going on in my mouth.
Yeah I could rush to a Dr for help but you know what there is nothing the Dr can do.
I could rush to a dentist but again nothing a dentist can do either.
I know the Dr /Neurologist would probably recommend steroids to abate the attack but steroids are not good when a spirochaete infection is involved.
As i am not starving and malnourished I shall ride out the battle my body is having along with the MMS to kill off the Spirochaete infection. I have suffered worse than this.
I feel that my problems got worse due to the fact that one job I was doing which was talking on the telephone (sales).
Not many career choices when one has an untreated spirochaetes infection is there.
My mouth and throat region got very weak due to overuse and the spirochaetes attack any weak parts in our bodies, or anywhere that is shall we say overused i.e computer, telephone, etc.
I have done physical jobs in the past and because the job was repetitive or I was standing for long periods of time yep sure enough either my legs would stop working or hands you name it.
Now since I have been treating the infection I have more physical strength and am able to stand for longer or sit at my computer without suffering any ill affects.
I am getting closer to my wishes and dreams every day of a normal life, a career that won't hurt me physically or in any other way  because of the spirochete infection and over use and strain on my body.

"Will I play tennis again one day?"

Wow maybe I'll actually be able to become athletic start playing tennis again, who knows

I am so grateful my children are not suffering like this, they seem to not have any bad symptoms in the mouth area i.e loss of ability to swallow.
Yes my youngest has always had a sensitive mouth but now her mouth is getting better.
She reports that  can now drink drinks with bubbles and they don't hurt that much anymore.
Can eat mild curry without it burning so bad that she felt like it was burning a hole.
She can now eat sweet and sour without having to drink 2 glasses of water she can eat more foods with ease.
Before treatment If she had eaten ice-cream or anything cold it used to burn, now it is better and does not burn.
In the past before treatment any new tastes or foods she was not used to her mouth would feel like it was burning now after treatment she can eat new flavours and foods with ease.
The eldest mouth has never been affected  just the sinus's and eyes.

My mouth will get better just a matter of patience and time.

 **Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care proffessional.**

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