Friday, 21 September 2012

My Progress

Hello all,

I was a person who could not drive my car for long distances, i found it hard to move around my own home.

Cooking for myself was out of the question, dressing , bathing totally would wipe me out.

Working on the computer was a big no no.

Conversation very limited, my brain fog was getting worse by the day.

Muscle cramps were very bad and would cripple me to the point I would not be able to get out of bed.

Now I have more strength in all areas of my body, I can stand for longer, I do not have muscle cramps, conversation ability is now second to none (maybe some are not so pleased i am now a chatter box).

My I.Q has increased by at least 50% I am becoming more able to look after myself.
I can drive longer distances and do more around the home.

Pacing really helped me to increase my activities and i can now contemplate light exercise like Yoga or Pilate's or Tai Chi.

I have invested in a Wii, i use Wii sport and i find this has helped me to become more active and I am finding i can do more and more on the Wii than I could of ever of done before treatment.
I was in the shops the other day and I found my children were guiding me and speaking to me like I was a baby, I said "stop treating me like a child"
 my eldest said "sorry but you have never been able to do the things you are doing now we are not used to this"
I apologized and realized yes I am doing more.

Yes I am waiting for the other shoe to fall and that this is too good to be true but every day i am getting stronger and stronger better and better.

The other shoe is not going to fall off it is not all going to go belly up I have to trust this.

Yes my progress is very good and I would probably never be where i am today if I had not of found out about Lyme and Spirochaete infections and if I never connected the dots with the fact that I was bitten 30 years ago by a beastly horse fly.
I owe everything to MMS and Jim Humble and of course guidance I got from a higher source my angels.
Wrongs are being righted.

See for yourself if MMS helps you no matter what ails you.

You can either believe that an autoimmune disease is your body attacking you that something has gone wrong with your immune system or believe that there is something more and perhaps it's a parasite living off you.
Unfortunatley the tests for these infections are useless hopeless at best do not just rely on a positive test result go find a Lyme Literate doctor (LLMD) try the tests if you want.
It does not matter if one chooses MMS or antibiotics it's worth a go.
Yeah there is a lot of dis-information flying around out there, there is a Spirochaete/Lyme cover up yes, many do not trust MMS be careful who you do really trust and research for yourself.
I do not receive a cent/penny from Jim Humble or sales of MMS  
 I have written this blog for others to gain knowledge and know where to get help no one should suffer any longer.
With the financial climate the way it is at the moment, the rising costs in health care, the austerity being imposed on us all, benefit cuts, scrapping of disability benefits (UK), disabled hate crime on the rise.

You just need to look at this Blog to see how bad things are going to get for the sick and disabled in the UK at least. Or this blog

I wanted to help as many as I possible so that we can all not be reliant on government help, big pharma and lead normal healthy lives.
If you are already treating a spirochete infection excellant and you have done the right thing you will not regret it.

**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**

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