Friday, 21 September 2012

Eyesight improvement

Hello all,

I just had to blog this information as well it is amazing news!

My eldest who has been treating congenital Lyme/co-infection with MMS for 14 months, went for an eye test the other day.
She has always had a problem with the right eye and for about a month could not see out of the right eye about 2 years ago.
We were expecting either the eyesight to have deteriorated or she would need glasses we really did not know.
She had an eye test age 8 (before I had even heard about Spirochete infection) and then eyes tested as 20/20 vision.
Then the right eye lost sight, could they find what was wrong? Nope.
Anyway right eye got better and sight was restored.
Then we started the MMS treatment and as I have said before it is her choice to take MMS because she is Gilleck Competent (Knows her own mind).
Well 14 months later eyes both of them have not lost any sight.
The eye test she has just had showed she has now above 20/20 vision!
This is amazing no glasses, eyes perfectly healthy and improved sight than when she was 8!!!!
All I can say is yep the MMS worked.
Even if we had not of taken MMS and chosen antibiotics I am sure we would of seen the same healing but maybe at a much slower rate who knows.
We are just so grateful that something that was passed on to her is now being cured by MMS.
Goodness knows what her sight will be like in 6 months as they just want to test her again just to make sure!

Lyme Girl

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