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MMS treatment not just for drinking

Hello all,

I have just realised that I forgot to mention how else I am treating myself and how my children are treating themselves with MMS to treat the spirochaete infection.
As the spirochetes live in the mouth we do the mouth protocol about 3 times a week.
For brushing 5 drops of activated MMS and half a glass of water added and then brush teeth and gargle (as you would with mouth wash)
Then 3 drops activated MMS and place mouth over glass and breath through nose only very important (do not sniff MMS in glass) for 5 minutes only no more than that.

We also have MMS baths

The reason to have a MMS bath is because the Spirochaete could go under the skin to escape any other treatment one is doing internally i.e drinking MMS.
In addition to taking oral doses of MMS it is possible to absorb MMS through the skin directly into underlying muscle. Whereas oral doses provide Cl02 gas primarily to the red blood cells, MMS that sinks through the skin provides Cl02 gas directly to the liquid plasma of the blood. See 3000 protocol also. More Cl02 is circulated and more rapid benefits can be expected. If you are not acquainted with the reported benefits from taking activated MMS doses, read the article: "Introduction to MMS"  When using this bathtub strategy, your full skin surface will be in contact with Cl02 gas for 20 to 30 minutes.
 For some people this strategy has produced a breakthrough. By soaking for 20 minutes in tub water laced with activated MMS, people who had been unable to rise above a 7 drop oral solution were able to increase the supply of Cl02 gas in the blood stream without nausea. Rationale? Bacteria and pathogens on or below the skin level are killed by the MMS and they move outward, away from the body. Most debris moves outward and floats away rather than being adrift in the blood stream. Do not neglect oral doses during your occasional tub experiences. Take at least a six drop dose just before the tub bath. Don't worry about whether you just ate - or didn't eat. Any Cl02 losses caused by food in the stomach is minor and relatively unimportant.

Pathogens removed through the internal use of MMS (as when we drink it) can only get out of the body by passing to the liver and on to elimination. This works fine until you reach the (temporary) nausea barrier. Nausea indicates that MMS is killing more pathogens than the elimination system can handle, resulting in temporary-but-serious nausea.

Bathing in MMS water enables cleansing of pathogens that are on the skin surface or just under it. Cleansing at these outer levels seems to avoid overloading the internal elimination systems. Pathogens killed near the skin surface more-often move outward through the skin and float away. Do continue with normal MMS oral doses, of course.

1. WIPE OUT THE TUB. Otherwise the MMS ClO2 gas in the water will go to work on any soap scum and bathtub-ring, reducing or neutralising the Cl02 available to the body. By the second bath, the tub will be clean due to the MMS cleansing action. Put no soap or other chemicals in the water. Adding more water does not weaken the CL02 that is being generated. Some people add 1/4 cup DMSO. (Not required but it may assist deeper penetration of the Cl02 gas.)
2. ACTIVATE MMS IN A CUP OR GLASS before adding to the tub water. Place 30 drops of MMS in a cup. Add 2.5 teaspoons of lemon juice or citric acid (150 drops). Plan for a 20 to 30 minute minute tub sitting. If you have open skin sores or severe body wounds, consider reducing the MMS to 20 drops mixed with 100 drops of citric acid or lemon juice (1.5 teaspoons) so that sensations of heat or burning will be reduced. Open sores usually heal quickly due to the disinfecting action of MMS. The 1 to 5 ratio is the normal MMS protocol.
3. MIX THE MMS WITH THE ACID AND SWIRL IN A CUP Wait 3 minutes. While waiting, draw 5 to 8 inches of hot water for bathing. Do not add soap, perfume, shampoo nor children's toys. The amount of water doesn't matter. It is good to drink a separate 6 or 8 drop dose as well.
Diseases caused by bacteria or viruses will almost always be resolved through repeated exposure to MMS Cl02 gas.
Diseases caused by genetic or nutritional deficiencies may not be helped by MMS because MMS supplies no nutrients.
4. ADD THE ACTIVATED MMS into the tub water. Stir it. Almost immediately all germs in the water will be eradicated. Some companies provide swimming pool systems that use this same strategy. Water does not reduce the amount of ClO2 gas that is being produced. Tub half full or very full doesn't matter because the same amount of Cl02 gas will be produced by the activated MMS.
5. Get into bath. One side, then the other. Splash water onto the entire body - arms, neck, hair, face - all over. If a history of cold sores, then wipe tub water on the lips and nose repeatedly and wherever they were once visible. If water splashes in the eyes, just wipe it away. MMS doesn't harm eyes - unlike shampoo. With a cup pour tub water onto the scalp.
6. ADD MORE HOT WATER. Heat opens the pores and MMS penetrates into the muscles. Massage the scalp with tub water. By the 3rd bath, skin moles may begin to crumble.

In the presence of Cl02, parasites and germs will flee or die.

We also actvate 3 drops of MMS and dilute with water and use it as an eye wash, because the spirochete also live in the eyes and can cause blindness if left untreated. Also I feel that when treating the spirochete infection they will migrate to the eyes and it is best to treat all areas of the body to not give them a chance.

We have been doing all of the above and drinking the MMS for 14 and half months now. 
I am positive the MMS has helped myself and my children dare I say it the MMS has virtually cleared our bodies of the infection.
I cannot definatly say we are totally clear yet because well it takes time and the infection can go dormant so it is best to carry on treating for a least a year after one feels better and feels like they are cured.

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