Friday, 21 September 2012

Exercise, Healing from Lyme & Co-infections

"No I do not mean vigorous exercise like tennis"

Hello All,

I was in a quandary about what exercises are OK for those who are taking medication or treatments to heal from Lyme and co infections.
As one can herx which can be very debilitating on it's own seeing as one can suffer from old symptoms or new symptoms which can last a few hours up to a month or more.
It depends on each individual some herx some do not.
If I do repetitive exercise or exercise too vigorously or put too much stress on the limbs I suffer very badly.
When I was younger after the horse fly bite, I used to horse ride regularly and after a month or two of horse riding I would end up in hospital the doctors had no idea what was wrong with me and basically put it down to me being either lazy or trying to get off from going to school.
I could not walk my hips were extremely painful.
Everyone wrote me off.

Now I am treating myself I would like to do some form of exercise to keep me mobile and I decided to see how people with M.E and CFS keep mobile and active if possible.
After researching M.E and CFS I discovered that most of the medical profession do not believe M.E/CFS is an illness that it is caused by the the sufferer because of their belief, basically it does not exist All made up.
I am shocked and dismayed by this how dare anyone suggest M.E/CFS sufferers make it all up!
The sufferers are not treated properly and told to exercise the illness away!
Also have cognitive therapy and talk about the belief!
No one can exercise an illness away especially the type of exercise regime M.E/CFS sufferers are recommended to follow, if anything this type of exercise could be potentially fatal in some cases.
The exercise regime is G.E.T Graded exercise therapy which is just impossible for anyone with an autoimmune disease which is what M.E/CFS is one of the many.


I found a website that recommends "pacing" exercise.
 This I felt was more like it for anyone who has a autoimmune disease or anyone who is treating the spirochaete infection.
Now I could be wrong don't hold me to this.
Pacing is when the sufferer basically paces themselves to remain as active as possible, but to avoid relapses with  too much over exertion.
To try to increase activity levels every few days as long as you remain within the limitations the disease imposes.
Pacing in practise means stopping an activity as soon as it becomes unpleasant not a nice tiredness, or when arms and legs begin to feel weak, or when one begins to feel ill or sick
It is advisable to rest for a while at the first sign of muscle weakness. Learn to listen to your body.
You must rest when you need to this is very important.
See your energy levels like a bank so lets say you have an energy level of £500 and every day when you get up assess your amount in your bank.
So if you do find getting dressed and bathing very tiring and lets say it depletes £100 out of your energy bank make sure when you do these activities you rest for as long as it takes to build up your energy again.
As you take breaks and rebuild your energy bank any amount left over from the previous day can be added to your total.
If you use up the whole £500 in one day you will work in a minus or debt and that cannot be recouped.
allow space between your most tiring activities .
If you deplete your energy account too much or you have a busy day make sure you have at least 3 free days to recoup your energy bank.
You want to make what limited  energy you do have go further day by day. Be patient with your body as it has a lot to deal with if you are treating yourself with MMS or antibiotics or other treatments. Your Immune system needs a helping hand from you.
You may find you need to limit the amount of time you spend on the phone or computer or T.V as all these are energy zappers.
Or limit the amount of time you spend with others ie. spouse, children etc.
 If you have just started treating the Lyme/co-infections be very aware of your limits, yes it is very exciting when you do start to get your energy back and strength but do not make my mistake.
When i first started to take MMS wow I felt great but I did not listen to my body and I paid for that and it took a good 3 months to recoup my energy bank.
I do use walking poles to prevent tierdness if i have a lot of walking to do or if I go shopping in the supermarket I do borrow the electric scooter as I do not want to deplete my energy bank too much.
I have learnt to be patient with my body and I know after treatment with MMS I will eventually not need to use the walking poles or electric scooter. I will be able to be as fit and active as "Mandy" on the film "Under our Skin" I keep that in my mind so I carry on treatment.

Listen to your body
Take rest days 2 or more if you need to.
Be patient with yourself don't run before you can walk.
Experiment with what you can do and what works for you.
Keep a diary of your daily activities include your emotional state, foods eaten, any stress you had.
If you have started treating yourself and are dealing with the Herx's be extra kind to yourself.
You will see with perseverance you too will be active and fit and stronger but treatment takes a long time and antibiotics can take 5 years or more.

MMS well I do not know exactly how long that takes with chronic Lyme and co-infections I am a test case I suppose and from my experience so far of 14 months and HBO it would seem the time is probably 1/2 the time of antibiotics.
Could be that it is different for each individual.
I do work part time from home, have two children so I suppose I was a little more active than some. I am not saying working part time was doing me any favours before treatment and my children were doing more and more for me before treatment with MMS. i was having to get my food delivered to my home and I was getting to the point where I was going to give up working all together.
happily those days are now long gone thanks to MMS!

**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**