Friday, 14 September 2012

Where have I been??????

Hello all,

I have not written for a little while because I have been unable to because my hard disk decided to give up it's existence and died on me!
It has taken all this time to get a new hard disk at least computer was saved to a point.
Always back up all your files as much as you can, believe me when the hard disk goes that's it!
Meanwhile I have been doing very well and I am still using the MMS every day twice a day and HBO (Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy). I am on 10 drops a day now and I am not noticing any ill affects from my reduction of drops from 16 a day. I reduced down to 12 a day and now I am comfortably on 10. I have been taking MMS for 14 months religiously so it would make sense to reduce the dosage.
Before anyone thinks that HBO will be enough to rid the infection well it is not just ask any M.S patient.
I feel HBO is good and in some way it keeps the infection at bay but it is not enough to rid the body completely of the infection.
With these infections one does need something powerful.

I have missed writing the blog, I think I started to suffer blog with drawl symptoms. Can that happen?
I really missed my computer I did not realise how much the computer was part of my life!
Anyway good to be back!