Friday, 21 September 2012

Congenital Lyme/ Spirochete Rash

Hello all,

I thought I would just blog this for others to see a congenital lyme rash something you would probably be hard pressed to find anywhere.

This rash is not the bulls eye rash as we are lead to believe what the Lyme rash should look like.
Also this rash is not from a bite no, it is a rash that appears anywhere on the body diffrent places and appears in cycles every 6 weeks or so.

"Congenital Lyme/Spirochete rash"

We thought before we knew about spirochete infection that it was an allergic reaction or something along those lines but no it is not know now.

Yes creams and ointments were applied but to no avail creams and ointments did not help.
The rash is not itchy or scaly it just come and goes in cycles.

Since treatment with MMS for 14 months the rash stopped until about a week ago and it suddenly reappered.

Maybe this is the die off like my stripy leg

At least we know now the mystery of the disappearing/reappearing strange rash that would appear anywhere on the body.

Well we shall monitor this rash and see how quickly it clears up.
My stripy leg took about 4 days and has not come back since.

Lyme Girl

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