Thursday, 16 August 2012

MMS Update

Hello all,

I thought I would give an update on MMS and my progress.
I have been taking MMS now since July 2011 and I will carry on taking it probably for 2 years maybe more because even if you take antibiotics one should carry on treatment even if one is feeling great and tests show Lyme has gone.
I am not taking any risks and giving the spirochete an inch!
How does any one know where it could be hiding.
Yes I am getting very tired of having to take the MMS day in day out I would feel the same if I was taking antibiotics it's only human to feel this way I know
I know it takes a human 40 days continually to accept a new activity  and if we break away from the 40 days we have to start the clock again.
The Spirochete infection does seem to make this even harder to stick at.
My brain is now used to the MMS as it is well past the 40 days thank goodness ( I never thought I would get past that!)
One thing I have noticed is I can tell when I am due the MMS I seem to get the starting of the Lyme symptoms.I say Lyme symptoms it could be die off symptoms or whatever Lyme is left in my body trying it's level best to survive and reproduce i don't know as I am not a scientist or Doctor of medicine. It is all basically a percentage of guess work and trial and error and research on my part and I suppose my own life experience of treating other ailments that I have had in the past plus also my own experience as a Psychotherapist and studying of homeopathic remedies.
Has the MMS actually helped? I will say a resounding yes in answer to that question It is cheaper than conventional medicine and it works well that is my own personal experience you will have to make your own choice to taking it or not I will say do not be scared off and run from the cure as many would want you to do.
I do not regret taking MMS in anyway and there are little side affects virtually zero unlike antibiotics just look at a side affect list on any antibiotics.
Ok i won't lie MMS tastes foul yes and the smell is foul but there are ways around this You have to drink plenty of water and if the MMS makes you feel sick (antibiotics do too) you can eat raw apple and this is very effective.
I am now starting to get my life, my mind, my body back after it was stolen by a parasite I do feel I am getting back my life to where i was age 9 only of course I am not 9 any more what I mean is the full working order of my mind, body when I was 9 but as i am a lot older and a lot taller now and stronger than a 9 year old now What I am getting back is more than i could of ever imagined and it is brilliant!
I did not realize how the Lyme had affected every part of my being I have a smile now yes a genuine smile, I can now keep eye contact with others when having a conversation I can see colours more vividly than before and i can hear things I never noticed before.
I can concentrate better without getting totally exhausted and having to lie down and sleep!
I can move more with ease and again if I walk to another room in my home I don't collapse with exhaustion!
Yes the MMS has given me my life back well the MMS aided my body to heal itself.
I have tried other drugs and homeopathic remedies but the results were never like the MMS results the MMS worked and of course is still working Oxygen alone was not enough although I would say Oxygen therapy and MMS together work like a dream.
My plan is to get well and actually have a career yes and a job I want to be able to be just a healthy, active, fit human being I want to be able to run and hop and skip am I asking too much?
I want to have restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed as though i have had a restful sleep not fitful and disturbed sleep.
I want to be as fit and healthy just like the people on the documentary film "Under Our Skin" who treated themselves with antibiotics and are now cured and are starting new careers even running up hills!
These people keep me going the sight of seeing the guy run up a hill with his kids and the lady who has qualified as a nurse keep me going and that is why I carry on with the MMS because there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Am I asking too much? No I am not it can happen and will happen i am 100% certain, i am almost there I am not where I want to be, I am not where I used to be but I am on way and i am almost there!
No one said it would be easy but there again disability and the Illness was not easy at all I would rather go on the path of healing myself herx's and all than the path of illness any day.

Lyme Girl

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