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Nightmares & Lyme

"Nightmares can be confusing"

Hello all,

Nightmares are one of the worst symptoms of Lyme/Spirochete infection.
I say one of the worst because all the symptoms are quite bad as it is.

Not only can one suffer from Insomnia and when one finally does get to sleep the sleep disturbance can start from waking up or night terrors or nightmares.

I would suffer from nightmares that could be quite gory, also nightmares of being chased and attacked, nightmares of awful monsters and demons, how can a child explain that?

As I got older my brain was able to cope better but not much real scary stuff to say the least.

Sleeping Pills

After the horse fly bite age 9 my sleep pattern was so bad the doctor prescribed me sleeping tablets,
yes at the age of 10!

Sleeping tablets and Lyme do not mix, well they didn't for me anyway.

All they did was make me hallucinate during the day my nightmares just got more vivid and even more scary than before.

I was taken off them at age 12 at least somebody used their sense, I was sent to a psychologist as it was thought, my disturbed sleep was a  psychological problem.

As I have already mentioned on this page :

Treatment and Nightmares

I have found that when I first started taking MMS before bed,
the sleep disturbance , sleep talking, walking and nightmares did carry on for about 6 months.
Now I have found my sleeping pattern has vastly improved,  I do get a restful sleep.
I do not suffer from insomnia, except when I did contract Norovirus, then the insomnia did come back, while I struggled with that and the flu I had afterwards.
Refer to this page :

and this page:

Maybe the insomnia came back because well both illness's are quite a challenge, when one is trying to cope with treating an illness like Lyme/spirochete infection or even the fragments that have been left behind, it really is not surprising something has to give.

I am still recovering from the affects of the flu and slowly but surely am getting better, thank goodness the insomnia is gone.

Since treating the Lyme/spirochete infection the vivid nightmares have ceased.

I am not going to say yet, once and for all  as I am not 100% sure all the spirochetes are gone yet.
Still  the fragments are there which in themselves can be disabling, painful and the swelling comes and goes and yes I will say my condition does fluctuate but treating is oh so worth all of that.

After talking to those who are on antibiotics for their Lyme, they also suffer from nightmares,  most have been on antibiotics for a year or more.

So it seems no matter how one chooses to treat the spirochete infection, one can still suffer from the nightmares, night terrors, sleep walking/talking, insomnia and any sleep disturbance but this will pass eventually.

Don't give up

I feel the most important issue is treating theLyme/spirochete infection, whether one has been diagnosed with any autoimmune disease, which as Dr Lida Mattman said :
" The root cause of any autoimmune disease  is a bacterial infection"

Even if one has been diagnosed with M.S and as I have Quoted Dr Lida Mattman :
 " M.S should be renamed Multiple Spirochetes"
the main issue is treatment whether it be MMS or antibiotics, just be rest assured one day ones body will be rid of the infection for good,  the nightmares will go.

Just do not give up treating yourself.

Treating Lyme/spirochete infection is not a sprint it's a marathon.

I know how hard it can be and yes even when one is feeling better keep on with the treatment cos those spirochetes are crafty little devils.

There is many a time my children and I have given up hope or got fed up with taking MMS day and night but we gently motivate each other to persevere.

Lyme Girl x

**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**

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