Friday, 25 January 2013

MMS Update 17 Months and 1 Week

Hello all,

I thought I would do another MMS update.
Having reached 17 Months and  1 week I do report that the improvements I have written about on this blog have continued.
Yes I did have my doubts about MMS and the effectiveness with treating chronic Lyme, I did a lot of research about MMS before I even bought a bottle.
I am glad to say the research paid off.
My improvements have increased ten fold yes ten times even more so.
You may say could it be a sort of Placebo effect? or mind over matter?
I have to say categorically no.
How could it not be like a placebo affect? Well I am sure that you do not get things like the stripy leg I experienced refer to this page
Or I am sure you don't find improvements in  cognitive ability or balance or coordination.

I am sure the MMS has done it's job in getting rid of the parasite or parasites in my body.

My children's progress

My children as I have said before decided to take MMS to treat themselves and as they are Gilleck competent (know their own minds) and do have/had congenital Lyme or spirochete infection have also noticed a difference in themselves.
Their coordination is better by about 80% their cognitive function 80% their rashes 95%  this has been increasing over the time they have been taking MMS.
They have both reported that they no longer have dark thoughts anger has subsided.
They probably have a little more to go to become fully well to perhaps get to 100% we do not know we were banking on the MMS taking maybe 3 to 5  years seeing as antibiotics can take up to 10 years.
We are pleasantly surprised at how long or rather short the MMS has taken so far.
My eldest is due another eye test in February so we shall see if her sight has in anyway deteriorated or improved.

My Brother

My brother was actually lucky enough to have another MRI scan (very expensive in the UK) and he got his results back and there were no signs of spirochetes!
He also had a spinal tap and blood tests.
He just seems to have the fragments floating around and as I have said before he too is treating himself with MMS.

So all in all the MMS is working and we are all at last becoming fit humans after all these years of suffering!
Yes I have to say i was waiting for maybe the Spirochete infection to perhaps go dormant and then find I would have a relapse as the spirochete come out of dormancy but from the results of my brothers MRI and blood tests it looks as though this is not the case and the infection is gone for good we just have to get rid of the fragments from the dead parasites, now how long this will take is anyone guess as unfortunately there is very little research into this.

Do not give up!

Do not give up treating any spirochete infection that has turned chronic is a marathon not a sprint there are no quick fixes and it is worth treating rather than not treating the infection.
We have all been on a very long journey but compared to the fact I was bitten age 9, 17 months and 1 week is surely a breeze.

Lyme Girlx

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