Thursday, 21 June 2012

Month Eleven of MMS

To all those who dismiss MMS which has completely changed my life!

'There is a principle which is a bar against all information which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance - that principle is contempt prior to investigation'

Herbert Spencer

Hi all,

I have now been taking MMS for chronic Lyme for eleven months my year comes up in July this year.

When I now look back at what i have been through I can defiantly say there has been improvements.
Yes I hate the taste like everyone who takes MMS, but in my mind I way up the pros and the cons.

The pros of taking MMS are well it is cheaper than antibiotics i mean pence per drop compared to a bill of perhaps £800 per month for antibiotics! Plus blood tests.
In the UK you can't get long term antibiotics
Considering it's not just me that has Lyme but my children too there is no way I could afford to treat all 3 of us with antibiotics.

Another pro of taking the MMS is that I can go out in the sun (you can't with some antibiotics).

I have taken pharmaceutical medication in the past and I will say I have had better results from the MMS than I ever have had with pharmaceutical medication.

I banked on the fact that Lyme is hard to get rid of  even on pharmaceutical medication there is no two ways about it Lyme is a crafty parasite that's for sure, I figure well this parasite has to go once and for all it's been in my body for 30 years enough is enough!

I either take zillions of tablets a day costing a fortune or drink down the juice with mms added twice a day that costs a lot less.

Well I thought I do not want to have to swallow zillions of tablets and for how long? some have to take the pills for five years to get well. I would rather take the mms any day especially as it could take half the time or even quicker and I prefer speed so to speak.(no not the drug!)

So after countless hours of research and communication with others who are actually taking mms i decided to take it myself. As I said this was eleven months ago.

Yes I read the scare stories, yes I know the FDA is trying to get mms banned yes I have seen what the naysayers say about mms but you know what there were lots of scare stories about the Atkins diet and all that scare mongering was wrong.

So how has MMS helped me?

Well my cognetive skills have vastly improved, my I.Q has increased, my strength has improved, my eyesight has improved basically the list goes on and on.
I have got colour in my face again i am not grey and from what I have seen a lot of people with untreated Lyme do have a grey pallor about them.

I have got my smile back which is nice and my temperature control in my body has vastly improved no i do not walk around my house in the summer with a woolen hat on all the time! I can actually wear summer clothes without my feet turning blue. Even when i used to live in the Middle East when i was 15 in temperatures that were excessively high my feet would turn blue!  Not any more.

I am going to do another I.Q test on myself just to see the improvement. I'll keep you all updated. One thing is for sure I can actually do word searches and crosswords now something i would never of been able to do before I was able to before the bite but unfortunately the Lyme started to take this ability away well now I can.

With the MMS I will say as with antibiotics one has to be determined and don't give up (that's what the Lyme wants).

You have to get through the herx's yes but hey not everyone does herx but some do even on antibiotics don't give up at the first hurdle or the second or even the fiftith make sure you understand how herx's work and how you can lesson the effects everyone is diffrent.

I have also been trying to exercise my brain the brain is the one muscle that gets forgotten I find Mozart helpful and of course word searches and crosswords i also do the brain trainer on nintendo Ds and i am finding with practice i am improving i could never of done any of this before the MMS I would get too tierd or my brain just would not be able to cope and i did not have the concentration. Yep that is what Lyme did to me for 30 years and as i said the mms has given me back my life and the most precious thing my Brain!

Well that is my experience with mms and Lyme I leave it to you to decide what to do.

I am taking 7 drops of MMS in the afternoon (because after much experimenting I find for me this is best) and 7 drops in the night before bed. so a total of 14 a day.I take the activated mms with juice.

I also take vitamin c and Omega 3 and Vitamin B and Vitamin E ( In the morning so there is a large gap before I take my MMS). People may say "well it's all those vitamins your taking making you better"
I say no it is not i was taking those vitamins before mms long before and to be honest they were not.

But taking the vitamins and mms is really helping me.

if I was to take long term antibiotics well not only would i have to deal with the herxing and the cost I would then have to cope with the infections that antibiotics bring on as well like candida overgrowth for example. I don't want that again.
So antibiotics make you herx mms make you herx one way or the other if you are going to herx you have to weigh up which treatment you would prefer you can't get around the herx it's a good sign it means something is working.

**Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.**