Thursday, 7 June 2012

Connecting the dots...

Hello all,

I had found out about Multiple Sclerosis and the connection to a bacterial infection, I had answered many questions that had plagued me for most of my life, I had the answers I was able to connect the dots.

I had discovered MMS if I was to think that was it I couldn't of been more wrong.
There was still more information to come my way I started to investigate Lyme more and the more I delved into this subject the more questions were answered.
I discovered that Lyme can mimic Parvovirus in blood tests my mother was diagnosed with this.

My brother had been diagnosed with dyslexia my father had an autoimmune disease. The dots were connecting.
t all made sense why my mother and father would get these dis-eases and my brother would also be diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis.
My mother also had low thyroid again a connection to Lyme.
As I started to go back over my life history and then expand this to my family and friends a picture started to emerge.

It didn’t stop there though and I started to build a bigger picture so to speak and create a timeline from the time of my bite and the puppy arriving in the village.
What did not make sense to me all those years ago is why so many of the village were suffering and so many of the young were becoming disabled at such a young age there had to be more to this than just bad luck or poor genetics.

The village had clean water good housing good diet even good medical care so why out of a class of 30 did 2 walk away with nothing?
Why out of a school of 500 and staff did 25 walk away with nothing wrong with them?

There had to be an answer and many years later I found the answer Lyme.
Lyme did not just affect the pupils and staff at the school it affected the families as well.
Lyme is like an octopus and it is far reaching.

Because of it’s ability to mimic so many things nobody would possibly put two and two together.
Lyme is the great imitator just as syphilis is and it is time that we all faced the fact that perhaps when one gets diagnosed with a autoimmune dis-ease or cancer or dyslexia that we should first look for a infection.