Sunday, 10 June 2012

Hushed truth about Lyme Disease

The journey continues...........

So, here I am again, with another installment in my narrative series on the Hushed Truth About Lyme Disease. Oh, and hushed it is! So much suspicion about the origin of the disease! Some say it was created/discovered as a biowarfare pathogen complex. Others say it's been around for over a century. Many indivduals have another view. I have my own suspicion. Regardless, it's here, it's real, & it needs to be investigated.
It's now more than 3 weeks into treatment & the symptoms are much worse. It's mostly concentrated in my left elbow, which often stabs me unexpectedly. The fatigue is up & down. I still can't seem to make my legs move out with the energy I once possessed. It almost feels as if there are lead weights attached to each leg. My mind & spirit say "run legs!"..... But they just won't respond in the normal, ignited fashion I'm accustomed to. It's frustrating. I was used to going about my daily activities with warp speed, often being labeled 'hyperactive'. I now trail behind the elderly shopper in Walmart who shuffles along behind the shopping cart.

Herxheimer Reaction

For therapeutic purposes, I'm sharing my account in the video at right.  Remember, a Herxheimer reaction occurs from the "die-off" of Lyme bacteria.  Once the antibiotic kills it, the beasts release toxins into the body that need to be 'flushed out' through detoxification.  Each night I soak in a tub of water, epsom salt, hydrogen peroxide, & ginger root.  This helps eliminate the nasty toxins from the body.  

Better in some ways.....

I'm not worse with ALL my symptoms. Some days feel 'normal' and others don't; with the exception of 'one good day verses 2 bad days' or '2 bad days verses 2 good days'. Let's not forget 'one good/bad day' split in half.
For the most part, I usually spend two days recovering after working two days in a row. So my three-day weekend work schedule sets me back a bit.
I'm continuing to exercise with a combination of strength training & cardio. The only difference is that I'm not pushing as hard for the cardio workout, it's too exhausting. As far as exercise goes, the most important thing right now is to maintain flexibility & movement in my joints.
The Lyme attacks the most vulnerable places in the body, joints being at the top of the list. Arthritis patients are given different forms of physical therapy to stay mobile. The same goes for Lyme patients: keep moving! Of course, there are times when it's impossible to do anything, due to the extreme fatigue & exhaustion (or the pain). But when I feel like it, I'm diving into my physical therapy with as much 'gusto' as I can summon. Continuing to maintain muscle mass & strength in my limbs is important to my recovery.


Let's be blunt. I've been depressed, but not all the time. The worst thing I've had to deal with is agitation during the workday. Little things, that don't normally bother me, set me off for no apparent reason. I become tense fairly easily.
I'm angry. I'm angry because I should have protected myself with insect repellent. But I don't continually blame myself. I'm angry at the Infectious Diseases Society for not recognizing Lyme for what it is: a continuing chronic illness. I'm ticked-off (ha) because there's no urgency to get to the bottom of this challenging disease. I'm raging over the fact that State Medical Boards are going after doctors who treat Lyme aggressively. What can I do about it? I can continually write about my own experience & post it for the world to see.
"Just for today, I will be unafraid. Especially I
will not be afraid to enjoy what is beautiful,
and to believe that as I give to the world, so
the world will give to me."

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**************I'm sharing my thoughts in the video below about starting a new antibiotic regime.