Sunday, 1 September 2013

MMS Update 24 months 2 Years & 2 weeks Today !!!!!

Hello all,

I have waited for this day it seems for a very long time but yes I have made it I have reached 2 years and 2 weeks of MMS treatment!


No doubt....

I am so happy I have managed 2 years at last and I am glad to say the MMS has worked without a doubt.

If people still doubt the efficiency of MMS and the safety well that is their own opinion but I can say I am still here and am getting better.

Yes I doubted at first of course that is perfectly natural but I had to override my doubts and fears because of all the scare stories plastered all over the net.

Well the drugs I was being prescribed were not doing me any good at all in fact they were causing more

harm than good.

MMS on the other hand was doing me good and my Children are also still here as well.

Top of the Mountain...

I had to climb a mountain metaphorically speaking, well it felt like climbing a mountain.

The mountain was a hard climb yes there were parts that I felt I was going to fall,

but I hang on in there.

 Been unwell longer than well...

I have had the Lyme/Spirochete infections for the majority of my life.

I was thinking I was well for the first 9 years from birth and had the infection for 30 years so in my mind really what is 2 years or more of taking MMS so that perhaps I can be well longer than when I was disabled and unwell?

2 or 5 or even 10 more years of taking MMS is more than worth it if it means in the end I will be well enough to not have to call myself disabled or unwell.

I am not in any way putting down disabled people in anyway not at all it takes courage and strength emotional strength when one is disabled.

But for all those who have become disabled because of a diagnoses of M.S or an autoimmune disease, those invisible illness's that many do not understand because the affects cannot always been seen by others and if you are not always in a wheelchair or using a cane many do not believe there is anything wrong with you.

I've been there oh boy have I ever yeah sometimes I would look well on the outside but oh so much was going on on the inside that people just could not see.

I am hoping this blog will help to show that there is a chance that perhaps it's all because of an infection just like Syphilis that can be treated all is not a dead end, like the dead end I reached when the medical profession just wrote me off or when I had written myself off.

Good day...

Yes I think this is a good day my 2 year mark wow!

Good Luck


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